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How to Find Loose Slot Machines in Casinos?

Slot machines are frequently maligned by gambling writers. In reality, though, slot machines are the ideal form of gambling for some sorts of individuals. They are straightforward to learn, simple to play, and provide the opportunity for large payouts.

The unicorns that most gamblers want at a casino, however, are the most generous slot machines. What does this entail?

When a player refers to a slot machine as “loose” or “tight,” she is often referring to the game’s payback percentage. Slots with a higher than average payback percentage are loose, and slots with a lower than normal payback percentage are tight. In general, loose slots have a greater hit rate than tight slots.

There is an abundance of incorrect information on how to locate the loosest slot machines at a casino. In this piece, I attempt to avoid the most of these misconceptions, but I do want to start with a warning:


You are aware of the payouts for the various winning combinations. Since that is just half the equation, it is only via anecdotal evidence that you can determine if a game is loose or tight. I will accept that anecdotal evidence has some value, but in arithmetic, science, and statistics, anecdotal evidence has no value whatsoever.

1- Search for Loose Slot Machines in Areas Where Loose Slot Machines Are Present

Casino mapping is not as straightforward as some gamblers would have you think. If locating loose slot machines was as simple as playing the games closest to the walkways, everyone would play only those games.

Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to give those games a shot if they appear to be entertaining. They are not more likely to be tighter than other machines in the casino than any other game.

I’ve read that some regions of the casino contain machines with lesser games than others, so it may be prudent to avoid playing in these places. These could consist of:

  • The principal slot machine area. It would make sense for these games to have lower payback percentages, as they likely receive the greatest action.
  • Near the gaming games. These games also witness an excessive amount of activity. The identical logic would apply.
  • In close proximity to the poker room. Some gamblers have sworn that these machines are the worst in the casino. A poker player who spends a great deal of time playing slot slots is puzzling.

Obviously, there are further areas where the most unreliable machines might be found. Depending on your source of information, they may include:

  • Anywhere with increased foot traffic. For instance, if a slot machine is positioned near the elevators, it may have greater payouts to entice players who would not often participate.
  • Anywhere recommended by another gambler. Obviously, this is the standard error: relying on anecdotal evidence. However, it is feasible to identify a slot machine player who has been paying careful attention and knows where the loose machines are located.

Indeed, this brings me to my next point…

2- Ask Without Hesitation

A casino employee is the most apparent person to question the location of the loosest slot machines. This is not a guarantee that she will be able to point you to a malfunctioning machine but based on her observations, she may have some insight. Depending on how long she has worked at the casino, she has likely encountered tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of gamblers. She may have noticed that a large number of individuals appear to be winning at slot machines in a certain spot.

Some casino personnel even have their own preferred slot machines. If they play slot machines, they may know more than you think about where the most popular machines are. Pay little heed to the employee who informs you where last week’s jackpot was won. This has zero predictive value.

When dealing with a cocktail waitress, it is prudent to leave a hefty tip. Regardless of the casino employee’s actions, tip them if they assist you in locating a loose gambling machine. In certain casinos, workers are prohibited from recommending certain games. Occasionally, casino staff just do not wish to be bothered with such difficulties. If so, refrain from being a jerk.

3- Do Not Use Slot Machines Outside of Casinos

In cities such as Las Vegas, slot machines may be found in various types of businesses. It appears that every establishment in the city has slot machines. The airport is also filled with slot machines. There are slot machines even in petrol stations and convenience stores.

There is one thing we know for certain regarding slot machines outside of casinos:

They have low payouts. Airport slots in Las Vegas have the lowest percentage of payback in the city. Bars aren’t any better, either. The owners and operators of these businesses believe they have a captive audience since they are the only game in town. Consequently, the payback percentages for these games were adjusted correspondingly.

On the other hand, casinos compete with one another for the attention and hard-earned money of casino gamblers. Since they are in competition with other casinos, they must provide payback percentages that are comparable to or better than those of their rivals.

This is an absolute guideline for locating the most generous slot machines in the casino:

ONLY play slot machines at a casino and NOT in other establishments. That is a sufficient beginning point. The gap may be comparable to the difference between a 94% payback percentage and a 74% payback percentage.

Assuming you are a cautious, low-stakes player, the difference in expected hourly loss between these two scenarios is as follows:

  • Assume 400 spins per hour at $1.25 per spin for an hourly action rate of $500.
  • A game with a 94% payback percentage is expected to incur losses of $30/hour.
  • A game with a 74 percent payback percentage is expected to incur losses of $130 per hour.

If this disparity doesn’t seem important to you, why are you playing penny slots in the first place?

4- Search for the most unappealing games with the fewest paylines

Slot machines with several paylines often have lower payoff percentages. They are able to mentally compensate for this by having a high hit rate. With 25 paylines, it is possible to win practically every spin, even if the payout is less than the whole amount wagered.

For instance, you may be playing a penny game with a maximum bet of five coins and twenty-five paylines. When the reels are spun, you wager $1.25 per spin. Frequently, one or two paylines may win, but the reward for those wagers may only be 50 cents. That’s a lot compared to the nickel you bet on that particular payline, but remember that you wagered on 25 paylines.

The human brain receives the same endorphin surge from such a “win” as it does from a lucrative win that exceeds your stake. Brain chemistry cannot distinguish between the two. Therefore, it is up to you to make intelligent selections regarding the games you play. Find an old-fashioned slot machine with a single payline along the centre, if possible. Even though it is driven by the same random number generator computer program as the other slot machines in the casino, it should appear mechanical.

Since these games lack extra features and bells and whistles, the casino can afford to pay out more on them than on the more elaborate games. I just had a great time playing The Big Lebowski slot machines, but I can’t fathom how much such a large and sophisticated game must cost a casino. The machine’s price alone must be exorbitant.

5- Retain your Flat Top Slot Machines

Slot machines may be roughly divided into two categories:

  • Progressives
  • Flat apexes

A flat-top slot machine is a game with a set jackpot (grand prize). This sum is about 1,000 times the magnitude of your bet.

Progressive slots, on the other hand, include a jackpot that increases as you play. The casino can increase the size of the jackpot by contributing a small percentage of each bet to the jackpot total. This payment is directly deducted from the payback percentage of the game. Even though that isn’t exactly how it works, if you consider how a payback percentage works, it could as well operate in this manner. You will not get wealthy by playing flat-top machines, but you will lose less money over time.

Similarly, you are unlikely to get wealthy by playing progressive slot slots. The chances of winning the jackpot are comparable to those of playing the lottery. Certain individuals do win the lottery. I cannot imagine playing a game with such a high house advantage hundreds of times every hour.

6- Bet the Most Expensive Denomination You Can Afford

You would likely be astonished to learn that penny slots are frequently as costly to play (or even more costly) than dollar slots. This is why:

The majority of penny slots need a stake of at least five credits every spin. It is also difficult to refrain from wagering on many paylines. It is simple to locate a game with 5 coin wagers per line and 25 paylines. Before you realize it, you’re wagering $1.25 each spin.

However, if you switched to a dollar slot machine, you would likely do much better. For starters, you may just bet one dollar every spin on a single payline. Now, your wager for each spin is smaller than it was on the quarter machine. But what is truly remarkable is the change in payback percentage.

The average payback percentage for penny slots on The Strip in Las Vegas, per The American Casino Guide, is 88.49 percent. In contrast, dollar slots on The Strip return an average of 92.63 percent. It’s around a 4% difference, but what does that mean for your bottom line?

Suppose you play this penny slot machine 600 times each hour. You wager $750 each hour, which is $1.25 per spin multiplied by 600 spins per hour. In the long term, with an 88.49 percent payback percentage, you will earn an average of $663.68 each hour. This is an average hourly loss of $86.33

Play the same 600 spins on a machine that accepts only a dollar every spin. That is $600 in activity multiplied by 92.63 percent, yielding an average payback of $44.22. The dollar slot will cause you to lose HALF as much as the penny slot! This is an important distinction, and you should take note of it.

Simply exercise caution and study the pay tables. Slot machines vary greatly between machines, and you should always wager enough coins to unlock the largest jackpot. If the odds fluctuate dependent on the bet of coins wagered, you should skip the game or wager the maximum number of coins. You may be astonished by how many slot machines DO NOT need you to wager the maximum bet of coins.

7- Play Slot Machines Online

Due to the fact that online casinos do not incur the same costs as land-based casinos, their games may offer larger payback percentages. You must weigh this against the casino’s credibility, though. Some online casinos are notoriously difficult to withdraw money from.

Obviously, if you stick to the casinos suggested on this site, you won’t have to worry about this. Our team of casino reviewers and researchers has scrutinized the establishments listed on this website.

And if you use their competitiveness as a proxy for how loose their games must be in order to attract clients, you’ll discover that online casinos are even more competitive than Las Vegas casinos.

Where and how to locate loose slots at online casinos?

Knowing what loose slot machines are is one issue, but finding them will frequently be another. First, seek out online casinos with an independently certified RTP. This allows players to select an online slot based on its payout percentage.

Find online casinos that disclose their payout payouts.

Some of you may have deduced that loose slot machines with low volatility provide the ideal opportunity to capitalize on casino bonuses. This is feasible because if you choose the slot machine with the highest RTP and combine it with bonuses and comp (loyalty) points, you may be able to alter the odds in your favor.

Lastly, game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are renowned for creating online slots with a high RTP percentage, while reputable online casinos strive to lure players by providing the same. Therefore, best of luck locating loose slot machines in online casinos. Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas on our forum; we’re always eager to hear from you!


There is no scientific method for identifying slot machines with the highest payback percentage, sometimes known as “loose” slot machines. We have some thoughts that are more than mere speculation, but they are a long way from being scientific. You may follow every piece of advice in this article and yet lose more money than you ever thought imaginable with slot machines. My recommendation is to maintain a strict gambling budget and to only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Casino gambling, particularly on slot machines, should be categorized as an amusement cost. Budget properly, and if you sometimes win, that’s fantastic. But do not rely on it.

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