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Best Casino Quotes and Most Inspiring Sayings About Luck and Winning

Some say that being lucky is not just about the luck you are having, it is about the attitude you bring to your situations. In life, there are a million different opportunities for you to become lucky. Luck is not about what you have, it is about how you handle the situations. To be lucky, you need to know how to play the cards you have been dealt. If you don’t understand how to make your own luck, someone will always be able to take it from you. In this guide, I will write 80 of the most popular quotes and most inspiring sayings about sports and casinos. Let’s begin now.

Casino Quotes
  1. You either win or you learn. – Lucille Ball

This quote by Lucille Ball tells us that we either win or learn. There is no room for idleness in this world of opportunities. If you are planning on winning, you must strive to win and you cannot allow yourself to take the game for granted. The game can always be won or lost at any point.

  • You have to know how to play the cards that are dealt to you, or you can’t play at all. – Unknown

People are always scheming and they want to win every time they play the game. Although there are a lot of cards dealt to us, it is your choice how you play the game. If you believe that you have an unfair advantage over others, you can’t play the game at all.

  • The price of being lucky is to be bored most of the time. – Unknown

I find it really interesting to see that most people’s lives are the result of a series of events that are most likely completely random. We never know what will happen or where we will be tomorrow. Be sure to plan and invest in yourself.

  • Winners are those who have mastered the art of luck. – Unknown

This quote by Aladdin conveys the importance of luck. It is important to understand what to do and when to do it, because when you play the game right, luck can make a big difference. To be a lucky person, you must become a specialist in winning.

  • All players are winners until the blind win. – Chinese Proverb

In the game of life, no one can win alone. In the real world, there are many situations in which people can’t afford to lose. For example, if you want to make money you must spend it. In order to be a lucky person, you must be willing to lose at times.

  • You should know what you can control and what you can’t. – Unknown

Most of the time, we cannot control other people or events. Sometimes we are not even in control of our own bodies and we have no way of changing what is happening in our lives. All we can do is control ourselves. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the things you can’t control.

  • If you aren’t willing to learn, you’ll never master a thing. – Albert Einstein

We always need to learn and improve. You should never stop learning about life or your profession. Life has a million ways to beat you. To be a lucky person, you need to know what can cause you to fail and you need to take responsibility for it.

  • Magic has two rules: Be spontaneous and keep the cards close to your chest. – Unknown

The power of this quote is that it is an in depth explanation of the winning philosophy. The important thing in this saying is that you need to keep your cards close to you. You must be careful with your thoughts and don’t reveal them to others. You should be creative and clever when you deal your cards.

  • Even if it isn’t in the cards, you still have to play the game. – Unknown

Most people tend to overthink. They believe that if they are planning on winning, they need to take the right steps. There is no point in taking the wrong path. You should keep your hand close to your chest because you don’t know what will happen next.

  1. Learn to accept your fate and look for the good in everything that happens in your life. – Corinne Hirsch

This quote illustrates the importance of thinking positive and taking action when things go wrong. People who are always negative will never win and there is no point in expecting bad things to happen because it will only make them feel worse. Look for the good in your life and you will always be successful.

  1. We must stop and count our blessings every day, even if we can’t always find reasons for our good fortune. – Jim Rohn

Most people are so focused on thinking about the bad that they forget to focus on the good. By focusing on the bad you give them power over your thoughts. Instead, look at the good. Take it one day at a time and you will make it.

  1. No matter how hard the odds, you must always think positive and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. – Oprah Winfrey

To be a lucky person, you must always look at the glass as half-full. You should never let the fear of failure stop you from trying something new. You should never let things go to waste.

  1. Find your own little voice, your own spirit, and your own light that you carry in your heart. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Most of us walk around with a little voice and a little spirit. It is up to us to listen to it and follow it. When we follow our inner voice we will be successful. By following it, we will find our inner light.

  1. You can’t buy luck. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. – Mike Tyson

Don’t rely on luck. By nature you will make more mistakes than other people. Think positive and if you want something bad enough, you will get it.

  1. All good things come to those who wait. – Chinese Proverb

Most people think that things will always come to them if they just wait long enough. This is a mistake. Most of the time the best things in life come to those who never give up. You must never give up even when things don’t seem to go your way. There are great things coming your way.

  1. Don’t stop believing in yourself. It’s not that I don’t believe in you. It’s that I know your mind and body can’t let you. – Anonymous

It is important to never lose faith in yourself and your dreams. If you think positively and work hard you will achieve the things that you are capable of achieving. Never forget that you have the power to be whatever you want.

  1. To everyone who has a dream, keep your dream alive. To everyone who has lost a dream, find new dreams. To everyone who is no longer living a dream, let it die. To everyone who is living a dream, never let it die. – John Lennon

If you aren’t living your dreams then how can you even tell people about them? You have to follow your dreams even if others don’t believe in you.

  1. If you wait for luck, you will be very disappointed. You will never know how good you have it. Have the courage to do what you can and never let anything stand in your way. – Thomas Edison

Most people are waiting for someone or something to bring them luck. But luck is out there, you just have to find it. Luck is what you make of it. It is not something that will just appear, you have to make it happen.

  1. Accept things – unknown

Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you have to accept that things aren’t always going to be as good as you want. It may not seem like it, but it’s true. Don’t let someone else define what your luck is. You should define what your luck is.

  • One man’s misfortune is another man’s good fortune. – Confucius

When someone else is in trouble it can help lift your spirits if you think that someone else may be better off because of your misfortune. When you have a hard time in life remember that there are others worse off than you are.

  • There’s no wisdom that comes with age. There is just experience. – Benjamin Franklin

The older you get, the wiser you become. The older you get, the more you realize that nothing in life is predictable. You just have to be willing to learn from your mistakes.

  • Luck is about preparation meeting opportunity. So prepare to meet luck. – Bruce Lee

There is no good luck or bad luck, there is just luck. You can’t depend on luck or bad luck, you must create your own luck. Never give up hope.

  • Don’t wait for the storm to pass. Prepare for the storm. – Debra Wakefield

Most people wait until the last minute to prepare for the bad weather. Most people think that bad things only happen to others. The thing is, bad things happen to everyone. By preparing now, you are better able to get through the worst of it when it happens.

  • There is only you and your dreams. You have everything you need to reach for your dreams. You must simply be willing to do whatever it takes. Never be afraid to take a step. – Rosa Parks

When you make the decision to pursue your dreams, there is nothing that can stop you. There will be times when you feel like giving up but keep pushing on and the universe will come to your aid.

  • For every failure, there is an equal and opposite success. – Thomas Edison

If you are willing to take the leap, and fail, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. If you fail, it does not mean that you were unsuccessful. It means that you were creative enough to fail.

You have to fail in order to be successful. It is part of the process. If you want to succeed then you must fail. And if you can fail in life then you can be successful.

  • Surround yourself with happy people. – Robert Collier

When you surround yourself with people that are constantly complaining, no matter how big your success is, it will bring you down. Surround yourself with people that are successful and positive.

  • If you are where you are today, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Don’t be afraid of who you are or where you are. Just focus on where you want to be. – Kathy Fish

The time to be afraid is when you are starting out. It is easy to get discouraged when you have nothing to show for your efforts. Don’t let the fear of failure bring you down. Have the confidence that you will get there.

  • The mind has all the strength of a spider’s web. – Chinese Proverb

An obstacle is something that will stop you if you let it. Stay focused and you can overcome anything. Let the obstacles stop you if you let them. Do not let the small things of life get in the way of your success.

  • Believe in yourself. There is nothing the world can’t do, if you believe in yourself. – Rachel Carson

The power of positive thinking will help you overcome your challenges. When you are confident in yourself, you will be able to take bigger and bigger risks. The fear of failure is often what stops people from achieving their dreams.

  • The moment you stop dreaming, is the moment you stop living. – Eileen Caddy

When you feel like you can’t do something, and you are scared to try, then it is time to wake up and face reality.

  • Don’t wait for the world to change before you do something to change it. – Muhammad Ali

Becoming a great leader and achieving your dreams are not going to happen unless you take the first step and change your mindset.

  • The secret to success is believing in yourself. – Abraham Lincoln

Believe in yourself when no one else does. When you don’t believe in yourself then you will give up too quickly and leave yourself vulnerable.

  • Dreams don’t come true unless you do. – Nora Roberts

If you truly want to achieve your goals then you need to set them and then take action towards them. Don’t think about what the result will be because if you do then you will never achieve it. The more you think about the outcome the less likely it is to happen.

  • You’re not defined by your past, you’re defined by your choices. – Vivian Greene

The only person you can change is yourself. You are responsible for your actions and your choices. If you want to change your life then you need to do the work.

  • Do something today that will make you feel good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, then you’ll do great. If you don’t do something for yourself then you will go downhill and it will feel horrible. – Charlie Peterson

It is very important to do something for yourself that will make you feel good about yourself. You need to create positive thought patterns to inspire yourself.

  • Don’t let yourself look back and regret what you didn’t do. Because the things you regret the most are the things you didn’t do. – Muhammad Ali

Don’t look back and regret not achieving your goals. That is not a reality check. You can achieve anything that you want to achieve, if you really want to.

  • It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. – Mark Twain

Nobody is perfect and there are no mistakes when you are doing something with your life. Don’t take people’s opinions of you seriously. Instead, use that information to improve and take the next step.

  • You don’t develop real self-confidence by asking other people for approval. – Richard Branson

Developing self-confidence is more about your mind than it is about other people. If you believe in yourself then you will achieve your goals.

  • You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always control what happens to you right now. – Jim Rohn

Instead of worrying about the what-ifs in life, choose to focus on the now. Remember, all you can control is what you do now.

  • There is no excuse for being in poor health and having no money. It’s not an excuse for not achieving what you want. – Steven Pressfield

Achieving what you want will give you the motivation you need to continue taking action in life.

  • Your dreams can be as small or as large as you want them to be. If you really want to achieve something, no matter how big or small, you have to start somewhere. – Roseanne Cash

Don’t put off what you want until tomorrow, think about the small steps you can take today to achieve your dream.

  • It’s not what you have, but what you are, that counts. – Coach Jocko Willink

If you feel great about yourself then you will give off positive energy to people around you. If you feel bad about yourself then you will bring that negativity out in others.

  • Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Be yourself because everyone else is taken. – Drake

Being kind to other people will change their lives in a positive way.

  • Every night before you go to sleep think of a person who you have harmed in some way and ask yourself why you did it. Then send that person an e-mail saying, ‘I’m deeply sorry. I hope you can forgive me.’ – Dale Carnegie

It is important to own your mistakes and make amends. Remorse is an important part of growing and maturing.

  • You’re in control of your own mind, you can choose to create your own reality. – Deepak Chopra

You control your thoughts and you can create your own reality. Don’t take other people’s opinions of you seriously. Your opinions of yourself will show on the inside.

  • God didn’t make a mistake when he put in on your shoulder to remind you that you’re worth something. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.

  • On the flipside of success is failure, but if you don’t fail, you can’t win. – Vince Lombardi

Failure is not the opposite of success, but just one of the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

  • Each of us is obligated to become our own news cycle. – Hunter S. Thompson

We are always being monitored by other people so be yourself and do your own thing.

  • I did not realize that I was poor until I got here. I thought I was rich, but I am poor. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Successful people feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t care about what other people think. This is the only way to succeed.

  • Once you are educated, seek opportunities to use it. – Muhammad Ali

Education is your biggest asset and one that you can do whatever you want with. What matters most is the amount of education you have.

  • Most people don’t live the life that they imagined they would. One way to ensure you will never experience a moment of dissatisfaction is to always do more. – Tom Hopkins

Take responsibility for your life and achieve your goals.

  • While it is vital to strive and reach beyond what is normal, the mark of true greatness is the ability to fall when you must, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to go forward. – Elbert Hubbard

Most people are motivated by the idea of success but not the reality of it. To reach a higher level in life, you need to do more than what is normal.

  • To get a job done well, do it yourself. If you want to be successful, don’t let anyone else get a penny out of your success. – Warren Buffett

Do things yourself and never give to other people what you want for yourself.

  • Keep close friends at a distance, and keep strangers within earshot. – Oscar Wilde

If you trust someone, have them do a task for you so you can get paid for your time.

  • I have met more successful people who’ve had less talent than people who have had a lot of talent. – Bill Gates

Successful people know how to use their talent and don’t squander it.

  • Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Thomas Edison

You can always do something more with what you learn from failure.

  • Our minds are our own highways to nowhere. – Ayn Rand

Focus on what you want to accomplish and not on obstacles.

  • The strongest foundation is a healthy mind. – Anthony Robbins

If you are happy with who you are and what you do, success is just around the corner.

  • Greatness is the ability to change. Greatness is the courage to change. – Lee Iacocca

You have to want to change in order to change.

  • Life isn’t about thinking of the future. Life is about making the most of the present. – Will Rogers

Look at all you can do in your life, and then make it happen.

  • If you concentrate on doing the right thing, you will be successful because you will be doing the right thing. – Theodore Roosevelt

Remember to always live and work by your morals and values and you will always be successful.

  • When you choose the right person to be your enemy, you’ve picked your life long enemy. – Larry the Cable Guy

The hardest part of succeeding is to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

  • Action taken is confirmed action. – J. Robert Oppenheimer

Show others that you are an active participant in your own life.

  • The successful man is one who at thirty receives a letter from his grandfather. – Napoleon Hill

The early bird gets the worm, but if you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself.

  • What you focus on expands, while what you ignore remains forever small. – Muhammad Yunus

Get focused and set a goal for your life.

  • Surround yourself with people who love you – unknown

In every walk of life, there are those who always want to lead, and there are those who want to be led. In every venture of life, there are those who come prepared, and there are those who come unprepared. When you have a goal and are ready to achieve it, you’ll have your fair share of the opportunity.

  • It’s far better to be of use than to be of value. – Helen Keller

Learn to listen to people who are smarter than you.

  • Success is not what will make you happy. You must decide what is going to make you happy – Katy Perry

Success is relative. To me, success means I’m having fun.

  • Everything that can go wrong will go wrong if you let it. – Wilfred Gordon McDonald

Whether you’re being hired, fired or promoted, when you’re at work, be committed.

  • I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison

Don’t get so focused on your goal that you don’t see opportunities.

  • If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you. – Richard Branson

Be true to yourself and love what you do.

  • In a hole, everything looks bigger. – Yogi Berra

When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Everybody has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t let a pursuit of money or power put you in bondage.

  • I have regrets and I’ll continue to have regrets, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop living my life – Larry King

You can only change your life if you start making changes.

  • I’ve seen too many people waste their lives on pessimism and small dreams. – Bill Gates

One man’s down is another man’s up.

  • You can’t get something for nothing in this world. – Bob Dylan

Think outside of the box. Think like a leader. It pays to be different.

  • A true gentleman is one that opens the door for women, holds the elevator door open for a lady and speaks to her with respect. – Robert Clary

One of the most important things in your life is the level of respect you give others.

  • The best is yet to come. – Arthur Ashe

When you’ve gone as far as you possibly can, you must go the rest of the way.

  • My father said to me, “Son, you have two roads in front of you. You can be successful or be kind.” I made the right decision. – unknown

Always follow dreams and make right decisions.

  • Just because you’re not successful, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get what you want. – Bill Gates

People don’t remember what you did for them; they remember how you made them feel.

To sum up…

If you can control your thoughts and consistently take action then you can control your life. Never give up. If you want to live a better life, then do something about it. Have you had any negative self-talk in your life that you needed to overcome? Do you have any helpful tips or tricks to add to this list?

Understand what it takes to be a lucky person and you will be able to start your own luck cycle. Instead of looking for ways to change the future, focus on making the present a great experience. You should give yourself plenty of opportunities to be successful. If you do that, the future will become a lot more predictable.

Have you ever applied these rules to your life? What is your favorite quote and why? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Have a great day, everyone.

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