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Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Even for the most experienced gamblers, online slots with colossal reels might be difficult. So let’s find out what all the hoopla is about today. If you’re an experienced player, we’ll also discuss where you may find slot machines with colossal reels.

You may anticipate larger-than-life wins from slot machines with colossal reels. These groundbreaking slot machines were created by WMS and have a 512 grid in addition to the standard 54 main slots. The fact that these wilds from the main grid clone themselves and arrive on the huge grid is much more intriguing. With 100 paylines and transferable wilds, there are twice as many chances for players to earn large prizes.

What are Colossal Reels?

No longer can you simply play a regular video slot, since as technology improves, so do slots! Undeniably, you are beginning to encounter an increasing number of WMS colossal reels. WMS is one of the main software vendors in the market. Massive reels from WMS may look confusing at first glance. With a little experience, though, you will be able to take advantage of an entirely new universe of winning chances.

If it is not clear, the reels identify a slot machine with colossal reels from a conventional video slot. WMS (Williams Interactive) was the first to create colossal reels, which consist of two sets of reels instead of one. These two distinctive qualities will be displayed on the game’s screen.

  • The reels are arranged in three rows, similar to a standard video slot machine.
  • A twelve-row, five-reel set is also available.

You may wager on up to 100 paylines on a slot machine with colossal reels. You now have a greater chance of winning large thanks to the time to spin many reels simultaneously.

On the first giant slot machine, accessible games were Van Helsing and Forbidden Dragons.

Moreover, the gigantic reels generator employs two distinct sets of reels. It has a primary reel set with four rows and five reels, as well as a large colossal reel set. On this massive WMS reel, there are 100 paylines. It also features more content and a wild substitution in bonus slots.

How do Colossal Slot Machines work?

To aid you in comprehending how a colossal slot machine operates, let’s examine an example. Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome Slot by WMS has 54 reels on the main grid and 512 reels to the left. This is a conventional configuration for colossal reels.

Typically, slot machines with colossal reels provide 100 chances to win and stacked symbols. This feature can increase your odds of winning even further. In addition, you may also modify the amount of active paylines in your game.

In addition, shifting wilds is another feature that distinguishes slot machines with colossal reels. Therefore, if you earn a stack of wilds on the primary grid, they will clone and transfer to the subsequent grid, doubling your winnings. In any case, there are two sets of reels. This implies that your odds of winning are also doubled!

What could possibly go wrong?

Keep in mind that if you’ve never played them before, it might be daunting. Therefore, you should take advantage of the opportunity to play free online colossal slots. Therefore, you may grasp the game and become an experienced slot player on a colossal slot machine. In addition, you may experiment with several platforms of online colossal slots. Consequently, you are aware of the numerous attributes associated with them.

Colossal Symbols

The presence of stacked symbols indicates the chance of frequent modest wins. You may already be familiar with scatter and wild symbols, which are popular in slot machines. Colossal reel symbols, often known as transferring wilds, provide a new dimension.

They are slightly distinct but function nearly identically to wild symbols. Transferring wilds are really game-changers since they may transform into symbols other than scatters. How these wilds appear on the reels varies as well. They are then copied onto additional colossal reels.

With these transferable wilds, you may win massive amounts. When they do arrive, however infrequently, they alter the course of the game. They are precious and will increase the enjoyment of the game by allowing you to spin more.

How these symbols work?

Consider playing with these reel symbols in addition to the standard scatters and expanding wilds since they might assist you in winning. The winning formula is identical to that of other slot games. Since you spin, you should wish for a greater number of high-winning symbols to align, as this frequently results in larger winnings. More identical symbols on any of the activated paylines are better for you.

These stacked symbols appear on the 54 reels, and the wild symbol “transfers” to a comparable reel in the 125 reel set. Imagine having twelve wilds filling every row. Clearly, the likelihood that it will result in greater and better victories is considerable.

The reel symbols are somewhat bigger than standard symbols; therefore, they cover more than one reel position and improve the likelihood of a winning combination when they occur. They can cover as many as four adjacent reels. Due to their size, it is simple to identify them anytime they are spun in.

Notably, some slots grant access to the colossal reel symbols throughout the regular game, but others only do so when the bonus game is triggered. As you attempt to boost your chances of winning, you shouldn’t neglect such enjoyable aspects. Choose slot machines with a high percentage of long-term payouts. Slots with an RTP of above 96% are worth considering, as you will have more winning spins in the long term.

How Do You Play a Colossal Slot Machine?

As stated earlier, gigantic reels provide 100 opportunities to win. In addition, the game has stacked symbols, which increase your odds of winning. Additionally, it lets you select the number of paylines to activate.

Do you wish to learn how this slot machine operates? Continue reading for more information.

  1. Launching your favorite colossal slot machine game is the initial step.
  2. Once the game has begun, you will observe that the primary grid consists of 5×4 reels.
  3. Then, examine the left-hand grid, where you will locate the 5×12 reels.

The Benefits of Colossal Slots

At least with 100 active paylines, more reels equal more winning potential. Slots with colossal reels may be a game-changer for gamblers seeking to elevate their gaming experience… Especially considering the added benefit of moving wilds. Not only are colossal slots extremely lucrative, but they may also be an exciting experience for many individuals… For big rollers who like playing on a greater scale in particular.

The Drawback of Slot slots With Huge Reels

This sort of slot machine may not be the greatest option for individuals who are more frugal. Playing slots with enormous reels need large wagers. Moreover, this might be financially draining for some recreational slot gamers. Despite this, it is still a rare alternative since it is a type of online game that requires extensive upkeep.

Top Online Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Epic Monopoly II – Colossal Reels from WMS

Let’s begin with an outstanding game from WMS, the inventor of huge slot slots. Epic Monopoly II is the extended and enhanced sequel to the popular slot machine Epic Monopoly. Feel like a billionaire when you win jackpots that are up to 1,500 times your initial wager.

Each winning payline contributes to the overall win, making it easy to amass substantial sums of money. Getting wilds on these slot slots is more exciting since the wild reels will migrate to the gigantic reel, increasing your chances of winning. On the other side, what makes Epic Monopoly II so distinctive are the additional features.

For significant prizes, such as free spins or a fixed jackpot, spin the wheel for a random reward, select a card, or play Monopoly. Depending on your luck, you may even be able to combine the additional bonuses to receive very incredible prizes. It comes as no surprise that this is one of the best online Monopoly slots.

Spartacus, Roman Gladiator

Enter the coliseum with the legendary WMS colossal reels and fight for your freedom and big wealth. A themed slot machine greets you, replete with battle sounds and Roman symbols to set the mood. Spartacus himself is the highest-paying insignia, guaranteeing respect for all who fight beside him.

The gameplay for enormous slot slots is usual. In addition, acquiring a stack of the game’s logo, which functions as a wild symbol, will shift it to the enormous reel, providing for enormous rewards. Due to the time that each winning payline contributes to the jackpot, you’ll soon be showering in money from your hard-fought battles. In addition, remember the extra benefit.

If three or more Coliseum symbols appear on both grids, up to 20 free spins with a 20x multiplier will be awarded. This, in conjunction with the stacked incentives, might result in enormous payments for all fortunate participants. In addition, despite its absence of further features, the Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot is a legend among massive slots.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold – Colossal Slot Machine by Barcrest

WMS is not the only manufacturer of slot machines with enormous reels. Barcrest, a company that makes incredible slot games such as the Rainbow Riches series, has also merged with SG Interactive. This slot is the massive reels form of that popular series of games.

As the Leprechaun guides you to his pot of gold, you will enter a wonderful environment. In addition to benefiting from the wilds, there is a chance that a fairy will grant you one of seven random qualities. Possibilities include more wilds, a respin, and perhaps activating the bonus game.

Three or more bonus balloon symbols will activate the free spins bonus round. If more bonus symbols appear, there will be more options and spins. After the spins conclude, you can wager your winnings for the opportunity to win further funds. With so many bonuses and games, you will certainly begin dancing to Irish music with excitement.

Li’l Red Riches – Free Colossal Slots to Play Online

On WMS’s colossal reels, you may also find fable-based themes. Little Red Riding Hood has matured and is returning to her grandmother’s home. As you meet the many characters from the narrative and make your way to the cottage, aid her in safely navigating the path.

The highest paying symbols are the story’s characters. Little Red will reward you with up to 500 coins for your aid, while the Wolf, Granny, and Woodcutter each have their own prizes. Stacks of wild symbols are equally as profitable as they are in other giant slots, increasing your odds of winning.

At the conclusion of your trip, finding three or more cottage symbols will provide you with up to 20 free spins and a 20x multiplier. Obtaining an additional symbol combination during the bonus game will grant you additional free spins, allowing you to play for longer.

Colossal Reels FAQs:

What Exactly Are Online Colossal Slot Machines?

Colossal reels are a one-of-a-kind feature exclusive to WMS slot machines. These distinctive slots are protected by a patent. Then, in addition to the standard 5×4 main slot, add a 5×12 grid. This game has 100 paylines and Transferring Wilds.

Is Playing Colossal Slots Safe?

Because the games are developed by reputable companies with years of experience in the business, you can be certain that they are absolutely safe to play. Due to the fact that the games are hosted by reputable casinos, your personal and financial information will not be compromised or stolen. Try Zeus 1000 to get your journey off to a wonderful start.

Can Free Colossal Reel Slot slots Be Played?

Yes, there is no time limit on playing free colossal reel slots. However, after you have mastered a game, we encourage you to explore the best online slots in Singapore to expand your experience.

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