Casino Games in China

Most Popular Casino Games in China and Asia

Casinos in China and Asia are at the top of the list for being the fastest growing casino gaming markets in the world. The Chinese and Asian players are newbies to casino gaming, compared to the player base in casinos in the US and Europe. While casinos in Asia are popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, China is the most popular casino gaming country.

Casino Games in China

Gambling is illegal and that’s why it is restricted in these countries. However, the government provides licensed casinos to tourists and businesses who are allowed to operate online gambling websites. This is where a lot of the growing market is happening.  Here are 7 most popular casino games played in casinos in China and Asia:

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Online Roulette

One of the most popular casino games in China and Asia is online roulette. This game has over 8.5 million active players in China. This is a free-to-play casino game which uses an in-game currency to buy in-game objects and features. The in-game currency is called “Roulette Cops”, and it can be earned by regular users as well as other players. However, unlike the traditional roulette machine, the main goal of the game is to collect the cash limit in order to win the jackpot and other bonuses. Unlike the real roulette machines which use 12 sided dice, the online roulette game uses 3D-directional dice.


Cembo is another popular casino game in China and Asia. It is a two-player cashier. Unlike the online roulette, this game also uses virtual currency to buy in-game items and features. The player with the higher real money chip stack wins.

Roulette Extreme

Roulette Extreme is a virtual slot machine game. Unlike the virtual slot machines, which are usually designed for playing real games, Roulette Extreme has special feature which give a great advantage to the player. It can be used to earn virtual cash through several “tips” given at random. It is basically a virtual roulette game, which is free to play.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack game is also one of the most popular casino games in China and Asia. This game has 5.5 million active players in China and 3.5 million players in Singapore. The online blackjack game has a unique feature. The virtual casino used in the game has a casino on Las Vegas on the big screen. This makes it a great choice for tourists.

Holdem Poker

Online poker games are mostly played in the US and Europe. In China, there are two very popular poker games. Holdem Poker and Limit Texas Holdem Poker. Holdem Poker is a free-to-play casino game where all the players are pooled together. Each player has just a set of chips which act as the money in the game. This game also offers 10 different game rules that the player can choose from. Holdem Poker is a free-to-play casino game and each player needs not to pay a registration fee in order to play.


Over and under is a traditional slot machine game. The amount of bets is divided into categories and each category is divided into three pay lines. The winner is determined by a formula and the payout depends on how many bets you win from this number. It is illegal to bet in the Over/Under slot game.

3D Beat It

3D Beat It is the most popular 3D-visual-based casino game in China and Asia. It is free to play and is available on iOS and Android platforms. This game is inspired from the pop star Lady Gaga’s hit song “Paparazzi”. The winner is determined by the number of points he gets for hits from the 3D-points. The 3D Beat It game offers a different game experience to the players and there is a possibility of winning a large jackpot in the game.

Casino Games to Play Online in China

So, these are the 7 most popular online casino games in China. The games of different types can be played and the rules can be customized according to the player’s interest. These casino games are available for mobile devices and mobile games. Therefore, players should stay up to date with the newest casino games and try out some of these casino games in their mobile devices. These are also the best mobile casino games in China and Asia. However, you must play for fun not for money, as gambling is illegal. You may want to contact your local gambling police or head office in China for any further information.

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