Casino Affiliate

How to Become a Casino Affiliate?

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will teach you how to become a successful online casino affiliate.

Approximately six years ago, I began working as a casino affiliate.

On my path to becoming a successful casino affiliate, I’ve trodden on many slippery stones, but with education and experience, I’ve been able to overcome them!

I will teach you all you need to know to get started as an affiliate in the online casino niche in this guide.

Therefore, let’s get started!

1. How everything works

A casino affiliate is a person who, in some way, refers new depositing customers to an online casino.

How then is the tracking of new customers conducted?

When signing an affiliate program as a new affiliate, you will obtain tracking links. These links will monitor the registrations and activities of players who follow the link.

This enables the operator to determine your commission and track the deposits, bonus expenses, and income made by each client.

2. How to get people to use your links to sign up?

So, we deemed the science underlying how money is truly created to be excellent.

How can we get actual individuals to sign up using my link?

Very nice question!

Now is the time to be innovative, although there are typically a few popular, labor-intensive, very rewarding approaches.

These are the most popular methods for recruiting new casino depositors:

SEO affiliate (Search Engine Optimization)

This implies that you create one or several websites that you wish to rank in Google for casino-related search terms. (This is the ideal approach to thrive in affiliate marketing since, aside from the website, hosting, and link acquisition expenses, the traffic you create is FREE.

(I am also a pure SEO casino affiliate; thus, the focus of this guide will be on this technique.)

Thus, the advantages of SEO affiliation:

  • Organic traffic is complimentary.
  • Since nobody understands the Google algorithm, you can successfully compete with any firm.
  • Your SEO plan may be implemented for any product or niche. If you quit, you may have gained sufficient experience and track record to continue working as an SEO, even if you have a great deal of knowledge.
  • It is possible to make money without working.
  • When you rank and send customers, the business is fully passive if you so want; nevertheless, the vast majority of individuals desire to expand and continue expanding the revenue flow with new projects or by enhancing existing ones.

Negative aspects of SEO affiliation:

  • Protracted learning curve
  • Requires a great deal of time, even if done well, and it’s difficult to determine if you’re doing everything right, which is part of the “sport.”
  • Google’s algorithm is always evolving, which means you must keep up with new instructions or face penalties and a drop in rank if you don’t (Google doesn’t always make sense).

PPC affiliate (Pay Per Click)

A PPC affiliate, often known as a “media buyer,” is a person who purchases traffic for money and then seeks to convert that traffic to earn more money than it costs.

As an affiliate, it is extremely difficult to maintain a good margin in the casino industry or in any industry because you compete with the operators themselves (the product owner), who have better margins than you on the final products and can therefore place a higher PPC bid than you and still maintain a margin.

It can work, but in my experience, PPC marketers are incredibly secretive about their exploits and techniques, and if someone discovers a money-making loophole, they exploit it until it’s closed and then move on.

It is unquestionably a very difficult market and takes a significant amount of cash to begin; therefore, it is not suggested for novices but rather for professionals who have a thorough grasp of PPC campaigns and how to utilize them effectively.

Benefits of PPC affiliation

  • If you succeed, it is arguably the quickest method to make a living from casino connections.
  • If you locate a money-making opportunity, you can typically make a lot of money quickly by using it.

Disadvantages of PPC membership

  • Extremely challenging; demands in-depth understanding of PPC, Google/Facebook Ads, etc.
  • High danger of losing money when experimenting.

3. Establishing your initial website

Rarely does a casino affiliate create only one website over their career (unless they have a good developer or team of developers)?

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if your first website doesn’t seem spectacular

It won’t look spectacular, but if you ask enough people, you can frequently obtain parts and pieces for it.

Accomplish only what is necessary to get money, since with money you can do everything.

Enough with the tales now!

To get started, you must get a reliable web hosting service, a domain, and a WordPress theme.

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) you should choose to create your website due to its usability and compatibility with Google. Some of the world’s largest websites, like and similar sites, are designed with WordPress.

For assistance with setting up your domain, hosting, and WordPress, simply initiate a live chat with your hosting provider.

Personally, I would utilize 4UKhost for UK domains and hosting and Misshosting for domains and hosting in all other geographies.

If you choose these hosting, their excellent customer service will assist you in installing WordPress on the domain you purchase from them.

Learning WordPress and preparing your initial site

I suggest using WordPress for your casino affiliate website. It’s an excellent CMS that provides you a great deal of flexibility in creating and expanding your site over time.

It is essential that you master the fundamentals of WordPress in order to administer your website. If you have a lot of time and love creating websites, you may practice your web construction abilities by creating your own affiliate website.

Our official content partner is, where you can sign up to receive affordable SEO casino and gambling content.

My suggestion, however:

Regarding your greatest prospects of succeeding in casino association as a newcomer, I counsel that you acquire inexpensive assistance for the creation of a four-template website.

The four types of pages necessary for a site are:

  • Homepage template (displays what content is on the site) I do not utilize this page as my primary rank page, as do others.
  • Subpage template (these are the pages you want to rank in google, they should be the best pages and, of course, contain casino listing tables.)
  • Blog article layout (Blog articles are great for targeting smaller words and keeping your site updated with new content every now and then). Don’t mix this with the content freshness you’re aiming for; keep your subpages updated with new content as frequently as possible.
  • Blank page layout (Good for the boring stuff like about us pages, privacy policy, terms of use, contact page, etc.)

I suggest hiring a freelancer on for the most affordable web developers.

I believe it should be rather simple to complete this for between €$£ 200 and €$£ 400.

If you devote yourself to being a casino affiliate, this will probably be the finest investment you’ve ever made.

What to inform the web designer who will create your site:

You may just show the developer samples of high-ranking affiliate sites that you would like your new site to resemble; the simpler the site, the cheaper it will be.

I would advise not replicating other affiliates in a manner that is too similar since they may become irritated if your site grows and becomes profitable.

On your website, you must be able to create content and include a list of casinos with the ability to display features and terms and conditions, as well as a play button that you can use to transfer customers to the casinos.

These are the bare minimum requirements for an affiliate site. Google the keywords you wish to rank for to get ideas for more content to include on your new, amazing casino affiliate site.

Learn the fundamentals of WordPress as quickly as possible since this will make your life as a new affiliate much simpler.

4. Form alliances with casinos and get tracking links

You are almost ready to become an online casino affiliate!

You have a site with a casino table, but no partnerships are available yet.

If you have reached this far in the guide, you are already one of the few individuals I know who I feel will achieve greatness.

Therefore, it is time to find some casino partners. I’ve established a referral offer that is beneficial for both you and me for a few casino affiliate programs; when you sign up through the link below, you’ll receive a 45 percent Rev Share bonus. As a referral incentive, I will receive 5 percent of the money you make EXTRA at the casino (It is not taken from your rev share reward)

(You will receive 45% of referred players’ losses minus the casino’s and market’s administrative fees and taxes)

Simply contact the affiliate program and inform them that you were recommended by “Dreamlead” to have the rev share automatically established.

Skype is used by everyone in this field, and you can also add me on Skype (carlmansson92), so I can provide you with the contact information for each program’s affiliate manager.

These links are then to be placed on your website; to improve the appearance of the tracking links, and I recommend using a WordPress plugin such as a beautiful link.

This is how tracking links seem without a nice link.

How a tracking link will seem when using attractive links:

Time to make it rank

You now have a fully functional website and have included tracking links to several online casinos.

What should be next?

This is the part that nobody completely understands, yet many of us succeed. Making a successful SEO plan.

It is not totally accurate that SEO work begins immediately. SEO encompasses the entire website, including how you bring customers to online casinos and how you establish backlinks to your site.

But in order to comprehend SEO, you must consider rationally how Google might possibly choose which website is the greatest for searchers.

Pogosticking is a significant aspect that I frequently consider when trying to rank my websites.

This is the percentage of clicks on your website that result in the user returning to Google in an attempt to discover the solution on another website.

You want to avoid at all costs the possibility of searchers not finding anything useful on your site and returning to search results. This is a factor that allows for considerable creativity.


In a highly competitive niche such as gambling, you need backlinks and must acquire them in any manner imaginable. However, you must ensure that the backlinks are related to your topic, which is gambling, or find out how to make the backlinks relevant.

Oh yes, if you don’t know what a backlink is, it’s a link from another site to the website you’re attempting to rank in the search engines.

So how do you gain backlinks?

Numerous affiliate programs include so-called testimonial links, where you may write a few lines about your affiliation with the program, and they will link back to your site.

Some affiliate programs will need placements on your site or that you send them a certain number of customers prior to participation. In most circumstances, though, you may simply convince them to include your link on their website.

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