Multipliers in Online Slots

Why It’s Useful to Have Multipliers in Online Slots?

Can you recall the first time you discovered a multiplier while playing an online slot game? The joy when your winnings exceed your expectations? Everyone who has played online slots has at some point experienced multipliers. What are multipliers, and how do they work? They can make a big difference in your slots game.

What exactly are multipliers?

As their name indicates, multipliers are situations in which a spin or sequence of spins are multiplied. This might occur at random or after obtaining specific win lines or symbols.

Typically, multipliers are activated if a certain level is achieved or a trigger is triggered in slot games featuring multipliers. These multipliers may improve the winning potential of impacted spins by up to 50 times the bet. Let’s examine when and where multipliers are likely to appear in slot games.

Base Play

Unless multipliers are added randomly, it is quite improbable that you will encounter them when playing slots. Typically, neither a specified sequence of symbols nor a specific number of symbols must be displayed on a spin in order for a random multiplier to be triggered.

Free Spins

Slots with free spins are more likely to feature multipliers than those without. Once free spins are activated, the multiplier takes effect, and all free spins are multiplied by the corresponding number. Quite frequently, a successful first free spin might result in a larger multiplier on the second. Some games continue this after the third free spin. Numerous games permit the player to produce a fresh set of free spins while continuing to utilize the existing set. Depending on how the game’s producers structured it, multipliers can also serve as the trigger for free spins.

Scattered Multipliers

There are games that feature multipliers that are dispersed. Multipliers that are scattered will appear as random symbols and are not required to appear on a payline. Typically, scattered multipliers double the payline by a certain amount, and the presence of many multipliers increases the win even further.

Typically, multipliers operate as triggers for larger features, including free spins, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpot qualifying. Typically, this is triggered by the presence of three or more dispersed symbols on a game with five reels.

Wild Symbol Multipliers

Numerous slot machine games feature a wild symbol, which often substitutes for a number of other winning symbols to form a winning combination. In slot machines with multipliers, the wild symbol may also function as a multiplier for the whole spin. The most typical multiplier for wild cards is two times the value of the bet. In certain games, if multiple wild symbols appear during a spin, the multiplier may be enhanced. In most slot games, just one wild symbol appears on each reel.

How Do Multipliers Work?

There are two primary ways in which multipliers in slot slots function. Either the bet is multiplied, or the payline is multiplied. Doesn’t it sound like the same thing? However, there is a distinction; occasionally, your win might be less than your bet.

For instance, you bet three credits on a spin. Three of the symbols with the lowest value will reward you with three credits; however, two of the same symbols will only reward you with one credit. Each is still considered a successful payline. If you were playing with a 2x multiplier on a payline and two of the lower symbols dropped, you would win 2 credits. However, if your multiplier was dependent on your bet, you would gain 6 credits. This can have a significant impact on your game and your wins.

Once the multiplier has been activated, some games allow you to select its size. This may have something to do with the number of spins. Selecting a multiplier with greater strength would often result in fewer spins. Alternatively, if the number of spins is fixed, selecting a larger multiplier may result in fewer winning spins during that round.

Before beginning to play, it is usually advisable to review the game’s paytable and regulations. Typically, the game screen will have an icon that will launch a new screen. This screen will feature a table listing all the winning symbols and combinations per bet, as well as multipliers, their payouts, and the activation requirements.

Do you think your slot game is missing a multiplier? You will undoubtedly recognize when you have activated a multiplier. The introduction of multipliers will be signaled by flashing symbols, loud noises, and other techniques by game designers. Multipliers are intended to pique your attention and encourage you to return for more.

Should I engage in slots with multipliers?

When we encounter a multiplier feature on a slot machine’s paytable, we feel both delighted and wary.

Excited because it indicates that there is a prospect for a massive payout in future spins of this game. Caution is advised, however, because this may be the only option to obtain large wins, meaning that the rest of the game will consist of a gradual loss of funds.

The secret is to discover slot slots for real money that strike the ideal balance. Games such as Ladies Nite, which is a slot machine with a low volatility and a multiplier on the wild symbol, as well as a multiplier during the free spins, have a low variance.

In both the regular game and the free spins, there are two opportunities to get decent wins.

Grid slots are also fantastic value for money since they provide avalanching wins, multipliers, and a plethora of features to keep you amused while maintaining the possibility of snagging larger wins with multipliers.

Advantages of slot slots with multipliers

  • Increases the excitement when the multiplier appears
  • Typically indicates that you may enhance the volatility of a free spin slot game.
  • Multipliers on wilds are a straightforward approach to add excitement to the fundamental game.
  • Multipliers improve the slot paytable’s value.

Negative aspects of slot slots with multipliers

  • The multiplier may be required for the slot to generate ANY win.
  • It may be difficult or impossible to activate the multiplier, rendering it useless.
  • If the avalanche slot is too unpredictable and you can’t obtain the wins, you may become upset since you aren’t capturing the multipliers you need.

In conclusion, when utilized effectively, multipliers in slot slots are a fun and simple method to add excitement to games. However, if you want our advice, you should constantly examine the paytable, and the 5 of a kind wins.

If the payouts without multipliers don’t appeal to you, the mobile casino game you’re considering is probably not for you. Any slot feature should enhance the game, not diminish it.


Gonzo’s Quest – NetEnt

Gonzo’s Quest is a 5×3 reel cascading slot with 20 paylines that offers a return to player percentage of 95.97 percent and medium-high volatility. Its avalanche reel is the game’s primary multiplier feature, with each winning combination increasing the bet multiplier from x1 to x2 to x3 to x5.

If you match at least three Free Fall symbols, you will receive 10 free spins. This mode is intriguing because of the progressive slot bet multipliers up to x3, x6, x9, and x15 of your wins.

Red Wizard – Rarestone Gaming

Red Wizard is a 50-payline jackpot slot with an emphasis on red and a return to player percentage of 96.49 percent. In the slot machine’s free spins mode, the wild symbol on the third reel awards an arbitrary multiplier. Matching symbols with a wild symbol on the third reel can result in a multiplier of 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x.

Another noteworthy feature is the Fire Blaze Respins mode, which is activated by landing seven or more red symbols on the reels. These symbols award instantaneous cash awards at the conclusion of the mode. If you are fortunate enough to load the full reel with the red symbol, you will win 2,000 times your wager as the Grand Jackpot award.

Mental – Nolimit City

Nolimit City’s Mental is a horror-themed multiplier slot with a dynamic reel structure and a progressive ways-to-win mechanism that offers a 96.09 percent RTP. There are various aspects in this game that are guaranteed to drive anyone insane, such as the Fire Frames mechanism. On landing on a Fire Frame, a symbol will split into two, allowing you to make more matches.

The multiplier for Mental’s slot machine is represented by the Dead Patient symbol. When two of these symbols appear on the reels, a random multiplier of up to x9999 is awarded. Yes, you correctly read that number. This is one of the rare game slots with a four-figure multiplier.

Reactoonz 2 – Play’n Go

Play’n Go Reactoonz 2 is a 7×7 slot with a 94.2 percent RTP and a cluster pay mechanism in which a match is created when five identical symbols are next to one another. The Fluctometer displays one of the game’s symbols in a highlighted state. Matching a highlighted symbol awards you with a wild symbol. By matching 11 of the highlighted symbols to fill the Fluctometer, you will receive one, two, or three wild symbols.

Matching wild symbols raises the Quantometer; 55 symbols yield 1×1 Energoon Wild symbols, while 85 symbols yield 2×2 Energoon Wild symbols. Upon charging the Quantometer with 110 symbols, a 3×3 Gargatoon Wild symbol with an x2 multiplier will be released.

Beavis & Butt-Head – Blueprint

Beavis & Butt-Head from Blueprint is a 5×3 multiplier slot with 20 paylines and a 95.49 percent return to player percentage. This licensed slot machine is loaded with features and provides enormous 3×3 mega symbols, stacked wild symbols, and mystery symbols.

Beavis & Butthead’s Customer Sucks bonus game adds a novel twist to multiplier slots by requiring players to select one of four food boxes. Each box contains an x1, x2, x3, x4, or x5 cash prize that is equivalent to your wager plus the multiplier you earned.

Wild Bandito – PG Soft

Wild Bandito by PG Soft has the highest RTP on this list, with 96.73 percent. It is a 5×4 cascading reel slot machine with 1,024 ways to win. This Mexican Day of the Dead theme is complemented with a progressive slot machine multiplier that increases with each subsequent win.

If you match three scatter symbols, you will receive 12 free spins with a progressive multiplier active for each free game. Wild Bandito is generous with its free spins, awarding two free games for each matching scatter symbol in bonus mode.

What the Fox Megaways – Red Tiger

Red Tiger’s What the Fox Megaways slot machine has a big dynamic reel with a cascading wins mechanism that enables successive wins on a single spin. With an RTP of 95.66 percent, this game is loaded with bet multipliers like the Wily Wilds symbol, which awards up to 7x. In addition, the multiplier of Wily Wilds symbols stacks. When three Wily Wilds symbols with an x7 multiplier are matched, a 343x multiplier is available.

Foxy Spins is an additional bonus feature with tremendous multiplier potential. At the beginning of this mode, you spin a bonus wheel that awards free games and a multiplier. During the bonus mode, a progressive multiplier is active, with successive wins increasing its number. Obtaining many consecutive matches during this extra feature might result in a multiplier of up to 20x.

Irish Pot Luck – NetEnt

NetEnt’s Irish Pot Luck is a 5×3 jackpot slot with 20 paylines and an RTP of 96.06 percent. Its theme is Irish folklore. A random multiplier of x1, x2, x3, or x5 is awarded by a spinning signpost in NetEnt’s game, which is a nice example of a multiplier feature within the main game. During the mode of free spins, the multiplier grows from x2 to x4 to x7 to x15.

As a progressive slot, when the Leprechaun tosses three Jackpot symbols onto the reels, you can access a jackpot wheel mini-game. Not only may you win any of the three jackpots, but the two inner wheels also include multiplier squares for the lower prize.

Legend of Athena – Red Tiger

Legend of Athena by Red Tiger is a 5×3 slot with 10 paylines and a 95.75 percent RTP. Following the game’s concept, Athena Wilds are the main attraction. This wild symbol may substitute for other wilds and offer a 3x multiplier.

Upon activating the free spins feature, all wins are multiplied by three. This feature stacks with the Athena Wilds symbol, enabling you to get nine times the payout for each wild symbol combination.

Star Clusters Megaclusters

Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters Megaclusters, which offers the second-highest RTP of 96.54 percent, employs a dynamic reel with a cluster pay function. In this game, when you match at least five symbols, each symbol space divides into four halves, allowing four additional symbols to enter. If you’re fortunate enough to match symbols in every place, the structure of the reels will expand to a 16×16 grid.

When a Gold Multiplier Wild symbol completes a winning combination, it boosts a progressive multiplier for subsequent matching of this rare symbol. When the multiplier meter reaches 10, two free games are awarded.


Slot slots have been the cornerstone of online gaming and continue to be one of the most popular casino games. Constantly, designers improve the time and entertainment value of video games. The more the game appeal to potential gamblers, the greater its success for the casino. The game of multiplier features in slot games is to increase the game’s appeal by attracting new players and maintaining existing ones.

Once multipliers are activated, there is no possibility of losing. You already won the bet. The multipliers will simply decide your winnings. There are no disadvantages to multipliers. Additionally, multipliers are independent of the magnitude of the bet being played. Minimum wagers have the same bet of activating multipliers as maximum wagers.

Slots games with multipliers are more likely to award larger payouts than those without multipliers. They are also more entertaining to play, and you do not need to wager the maximum amount to win. If multipliers are included, landing in a multi-free-spin situation might result in enormous wins.

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