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What to Do if an Online Casino Blocks Your Account

An online casino is one of the most relaxing methods to earn money while still having fun. Everything is enjoyable until something interrupts your enjoyment of your favorite slot machine.

However, there is no danger associated with taking advantage of the numerous freebies and incentives online casinos provide.

As the cliché goes, there are no guarantees in life, and occasionally we all experience unanticipated events such as having our online casino accounts blocked. This may be a difficult experience; therefore, we have provided you with the following advice should you find yourself in this situation:

If You Think Your Account Has Been Blocked! Never Panic

Imagine you’ve had a fantastic day playing slots at your favorite online casino, and after logging off for the night, you eagerly anticipate another day of slots. Unfortunately, the next time you attempt to access your account, it will be completely disabled, along with your hard-earned winnings.

At this point, the majority of players will panic and become excessively worried, with some even launching Live Chat to express their rage at the customer service staff. This move might just complicate or postpone your efforts to resolve the issue at hand. Start by considering the following:

Major Casino Account Management Issues

There are several apparent reasons why an online casino would block your account. And the most prevalent are:

Failed login attempts

This is the primary reason online casinos block gambler accounts. It is also the simplest to reverse, but how is this accomplished? Well, this occurs because you have repeatedly supplied an incorrect login or password. At this time, the casino is uncertain as to whether the account’s legitimate owner or an unauthorized individual is attempting to access it.

Verification problems

Failure to submit the required verification papers is another typical cause for having your online casino account blocked. You may have requested a withdrawal but failed to provide the required verification document. According to the casino’s terms of service, your account might be blocked as a result. On the other side, failing the verification might result in the failure of your account.

Abuse of the terms and conditions

To avoid this, make sure you’ve read the casino’s terms of service. Before making a deposit, you should check the bonus’s terms. Former Harvard University President Derek Bok famously stated, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

Casino detected a duplicate account

This is also a typical occurrence, and most casinos only permit one account per player. If you attempt to cheat the casino by creating several accounts, you risk having your account blocked. The majority of casinos can identify this, particularly during the withdrawal procedure. Some casinos may also identify the IP address, and if you share it with another player who has an account at the same casino, your account may be blocked.

Fraudulent activities

If you provide the casino with false information, your account will be blocked. Similarly, if the casino discovers fraudulent activity on your account, they will block it.

Gambling while ineligible

Another reason why an online casino is likely to block your account is if you join up before reaching the minimum gambling age in your country.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the most prevalent reasons why an online casino may block your account. However, online betting accounts vary, and there may be further underlying causes behind this.

Follow These Steps to Unlock Your Casino Account

If the cause is not significant, you must learn how to unblock it if you find yourself in this situation. It is reasonable to feel stress, especially if there is money involved, but be as patient as possible as you figure out how to get out of the situation.

Contacting customer service

This is the best course of action, and it is even better if the casino in question offers live chat. This will provide you with an instant account for why your account was blocked, as well as a straightforward method for unlocking it.

Most respectable online casinos have extremely knowledgeable customer service representatives who can explain why your account has been blocked. If the issue is minor, such as an incorrect PIN or password, they may also be able to unblock it.

For a more specific cause, such as a verification issue, they may request that you provide additional papers to establish your identity. If all the information is valid, they will regain access to your account.

However, if the issue is more serious, such as a violation of the casino’s terms and conditions, you may not have the same luck since the majority of casinos take such violations extremely seriously and seldom unlock the account.

File a complaint with the complaints service

Occasionally, you may face a casino that refuses to listen to your case, and this is when an online gambling dispute begins. If you have exhausted all options and believe that the casino is unfairly limiting you, you can always seek aid elsewhere.

There are a variety of online platforms that serve as intermediaries between the player and the casino in question. It is reasonable for a casino to treat you fairly as a player, given that you choose them and they did not. You also deserve a fair game, and a quick Google search will provide the most appropriate forums where you may voice your complaints.

These respected complaints boards serve as mediators between you and the online casino in the hopes of resolving the issue in the most equitable and expedient manner possible. The majority of the time, these online mediators offer you and the casino in question 96 hours to react, after which the complaint is closed.

Prior to using the services of online mediation platforms, however, you should check their “Complaint Guidelines.” Furthermore, the majority of these sites request as much information as possible concerning the ongoing complaint. Information should also be backed by supporting proof, which speeds up your complaint considerably.

Account blocking by online casinos is one of the most prevalent complaints among online gamblers; thus, you should not feel embarrassed to seek assistance.

Contacting the online casino’s licensing agency may be necessary if you’ve exhausted all other steps.

Why an online casino may fail to pay winnings?

There are numerous reasons why a casino may refuse to release your winnings. If you have requested a withdrawal and the funds have not yet reached your account, you may need to be patient because some casinos send a customer service letter.

However, if this question takes longer than usual, you must explain the situation in writing to the casino’s customer service department. Typical causes of such a delay include:

Payout limitations

Within this industry, there is always a maximum payment. If your bet winnings exceed the casino’s payment limit, they have every right to withhold payment (the amount above their cap).

It is common for gamblers to overlook the fact that the majority of online casinos prohibit wagers with a stake that exceeds their maximum.


Similar to other industries, betting is governed by a set of regulations. For instance, if you self-exclude from a website (as part of responsible betting/gambling), you must first check if you have any live bets, as the casino would not pay you even if you win. However, in the majority of casinos, you may only recover your initial wager, not your winnings.

Offer abuse

The majority of online casinos and online betting platforms provide several bonuses to both new and veteran players. However, most gamblers find these bonuses too enticing and end up abusing them.

When utilizing free offers, you should pay close attention to exploiting weak lines, matched betting, squandering bonus cash, and creating duplicate accounts. If a casino discovers you engaged in one or more of these activities, you risk being blacklisted or having your winnings confiscated.

Remember that the majority of these promotions are performed at a significant expense and that casinos are seeking methods to attract more players to their platform. Additionally, they know every trick in the book and will not allow you to escape with your money quickly.


Enjoyable is online casino gambling. To succeed in the sector, you must be exceedingly disciplined in financial matters and view it as a long-term investment rather than a get-rich-quick scam. After winning a particular amount of money, players are frequently tricked. Obviously, regulated casinos do not deal with this, but we are aware that the Internet is rife with scams. Be cautious when enrolling and selecting a casino, play only when you are in the mood, and never wager more than you can afford. Avoid consuming alcohol when gambling and be aware that it might lead to addiction. Not your lifestyle, but your entertainment and interests that help you relax.

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