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7 Animals Believed to Bring Good Luck around the World

For millennia luck has been part of people’s everyday existence, and they have come up with many notions of how to attract it. Many cultures believe that there are not only specific fortunate symbols such as the four-leaf clover but also many animals with particular energies that might attract good luck. We have chosen to study further this idea and have conducted a brief tour around the world to find out about each culture’s fortunate animals. Want to choose your fave one? Stay with us and uncover your fortunate sign.

Top 7 Lucky Animals from Around the World

Looking for a specific animal? We have compiled a list of the top 7 fortunate animals and three mythical creatures that might help you attract prosperity. For simple access, we have produced a list of all lucky creatures included in our story, which you can view below. If you are a proud owner of one or more of them, we would recommend that you must try your luck, so give a check to our pages about the top slot sites.

1. Rabbit

For centuries, the Rabbit has been the most coveted animal in English cultures. According to an old English superstition, if you say the word “Rabbit” three times in a row on the first day of the month, you will have good luck until the end of the month. The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and prosperity in Western culture. As a symbol of good fortune, it is customary to give a young child a white stuffed rabbit as a present. It is also one of the most popular casino-related gifts!

The rabbit is also a symbol of prosperity, but you do not need to keep one as a pet to attract wealth. Americans have developed a far more convenient method for attracting good fortune. You may have heard that many of them carry a rabbit’s foot as a lucky charm. For the fortunate symbol to function, however, it must be the left foot of the rabbit. An intriguing truth is that for years the rabbit’s foot has been gamblers’ favourite fortunate sign, and many of them would not have stepped into a casino without having one in their pocket. Want to try whether it works for you? Pick up your rabbit’s foot and head over to Mansion casino — the paradise of good fortune.

2. Dolphin

The dolphins are believed to be lucky creatures by various civilizations, including Ancient Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and the USA. For millennia Christians and Native Americans have considered the dolphins as good luck symbols of protection and have used their pictures as a symbol of good luck. Sailors were thrilled to discover a dolphin in the water as the animal signaled that the land was near and that good fortune was impending. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there are many myths and stories suggesting that dolphins are people’s saviours and protectors.

For example, according to a Greek tale, Dionysius changed himself into a dolphin to carry to the shrine of Delphi. It is also thought that the term dolphin derives from the word Delphi, which translated from Greek means womb. The connotation accords more tranquil and feminine characteristics to dolphins. Contemporary belief is that displaying a porcelain dolphin figurine in your house is one of the simplest methods to bring good fortune.

3. Cricket

There is nothing more lovely than a nice summer evening accompanied by the cricket’s melodious singing. Numerous societies acknowledged the singularity of this paradise and viewed cricket as one of the creatures that brought prosperity. In addition, cricket is one of the most well-known Chinese good luck creatures. It is especially illustrated in the Disney movie Mulan, where the protagonist’s lucky animal is a cricket. However, China is not the only civilization that considers cricket a sign of good fortune. Many European nations have believed for years that crickets might bring success and money to the family. As a result, many homes still possess a cricket memento as a good luck charm. In Ireland, where crickets are especially revered, it is thought that speaking negatively about them may upset them and bring ill luck. They will bring you good fortune and keep the fairies away at night if you cherish them.

4. Goldfish

In Slavic traditions, the goldfish is well-known as a sign of good fortune. There are several fables in which a goldfish grants three wishes to the person who catches it. Even while the goldfish may no longer possess its purported magical qualities, it might nevertheless bring you good luck. It is one of Buddha’s eight holy symbols and denotes fertility, harmony, and prosperity. Even the ancient Greeks believed that goldfish might bring good fortune and strengthen connections. Ancient Egyptians held similar beliefs and kept goldfish in their homes as a symbol of good fortune.

In addition to being present in Feng Shui, the goldfish is also an interesting fact. According to numerous Feng Shui experts, the goldfish brings good fortune because its movement resembles chi energy. There is no specification on how many goldfish you should have. However, it is thought that numbers are not even attracting more good energy. Do you want to know if the goldfish will also bring you good luck? Try your luck at  Casino after purchasing a pet or memento from the store.

5. Elephant

The elephant is one of the most widely recognized symbols of good fortune throughout the world. People frequently purchase porcelain elephant figurines and position them facing the door in order to attract good fortune and ward off bad luck. In Asia, where many business owners have two elephants at their buildings’ entrances, the elephant is a particularly coveted and revered good-luck symbol. The statues are believed to protect the company from misfortunes and bring good fortune and stability.

According to several myths and tales, elephants are among the brightest and most intelligent creatures, and they have been revered by humans for millennia. Thus, it is not surprising that elephants are represented as holy animals in Hinduism and are associated with some of the most powerful gods. You have likely heard of Ganesh, the Hindu god with the head of an elephant. Other gods are also depicted with elephants. As a symbol of protection and good fortune, you may encounter numerous elephant statues and images in India. Some Indian players take their good fortune to the top live casino India sites. You could even use your lucky elephant charm on Indian roulette websites. Oh, and if you ever travel to Thailand, you must visit the elephant at the open-air Erawan Shrine and pray for good fortune.

6. Horse

Horses have been among the most cherished animals for centuries, renowned for their pride, strength, and speed. Therefore, they are frequently viewed as a sign of liberty, strength, and power. Their involvement in several Greek mythology tales increased their esteem, and people began to assume that horses were fortunate creatures. You have certainly heard the tale of the amazing birth of Pegasus, the renowned winged horse that participated in several epic exploits in Greek mythology.

Moreover, according to certain traditions, horses could see what people could not and would defend them from bad spirits. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the horseshoe is still regarded as a fortunate sign and that many people hang it over their front doors to welcome wealth and fight against misfortune. You may also attract good fortune by keeping a little horseshoe keepsake with you at all times.

7. Pig

You may be shocked to learn that many cultures consider the pig to be a lucky animal. The pig represents prosperity, good fortune, and fertility. It is part of the Chinese zodiac, and its symbolism is cherished in Germany, Ireland, and the Nordic nations. People do not keep their money in piggy banks by chance. Putting coins into the piggy bank represents our efforts for a happy future. According to the Chinese horoscope, 2019 is the year of the pig, which is an intriguing fact.

You may draw its positive energy into your life by wearing colors that represent metal and fire, such as white and gold and red, orange, and pink, respectively. Additionally, in China, it is thought that the pig may bring entrepreneurs a great deal of good fortune. Carrying a piggy talisman with you at all times is another way to bring good fortune. Want to determine whether or not this lucky animal will bring you success? Try the themed video slot Piggies and the Wolf by Playtech.

Beneficial Mythical Creatures

Was your favorite animal among our top 10 most fortunate species? Do you require other options? To improve your luck, we have compiled a list of three mythical animals that may be used as talismans.


There is a reason why the unicorn is Scotland’s national animal. In many regions of the world, the mythical creature is regarded as a bringer of good fortune since it represents power and purity. In Vietnamese culture, for instance, the unicorn is revered as a mythical creature. It is considered that this animal is a sign of mercy due to its strength and loyalty. It is also an intriguing fact that many civilizations thought the unicorn to be a real animal for many years.

Even the ancient Greek scholar Aristotle, according to some accounts, believed that unicorns existed but lacked magical abilities. It is also true, however, that according to several stories, whether factual or not, unicorns were responsible for numerous miracles and the successful resolution of numerous difficult circumstances. You may now try to attract its positive attributes and good fortune by maintaining a porcelain unicorn statue in your house or by wearing a little unicorn pendant.


The dragon is an integral aspect of Chinese culture and one of the “lucky” symbols used in the Chinese horoscope. The Ancient Chinese thought that the emperor was a direct descendant of the dragon, according to their tales. The dragon is the master of rain and water, according to traditional Chinese beliefs. Today, dragons are thought to offer protection, power, and good fortune. Numerous dragon statues that promote good fortune may be bought in Feng Shui shops, as the dragon is one of the lucky Chinese animals.

Numerous Feng Shui dragon sculptures and carvings may be found in stores. To attract good fortune, prosperity, and money, position your dragon statue in an open area with its head facing the room. This stance is likely to attract positive energy to your space, residence, and life.


In Greek and Chinese mythology, the Phoenix is a symbol of great significance. The Phoenix is thought to attract love and good fortune. According to tales, the creature represents rejuvenation, rebirth, and triumph over darkness. In Feng Shui, the dragon (ying) and the Phoenix (yang) are frequently shown together because, according to folklore, they compliment one another and symbolize marital love.

By installing a phoenix figurine in your house, you can draw the bird’s beneficial energy. According to certain Feng Shui practitioners, if you wish to attract fame and fortune, you should select a red phoenix figurine. Place the figurine of the Phoenix in the south region of your home or business to attract wealth and more possibilities. Place a figurine or image of a phoenix in the southwest corner of your bedroom for marital happiness.

Frequent Questions Regarding Good Luck Animals

Do you have any queries regarding the world’s lucky animals? Check out our area devoted to the topic’s most commonly asked questions. We hope that the answers we’ve provided will pique your interest and prove useful and enlightening.

Which animal’s foot is considered a lucky charm?

It is a widely held belief that a rabbit’s foot is a lucky charm. And when it comes to rabbits, it is not only their feet that are deformed. According to an old English fable, if a person says the word “rabbit” three times on the first day of the month, he will have good luck for the remainder of the month.

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