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What is Craps?

Craps is arguably the most popular game in casino history. This game has fascinated and entranced gamblers and gamblers since its emergence at the turn of the 20th century.

Despite the fact that all that makes craps appealing is real-time feedback, not only the basic rules of this game are complex and elaborate, but also the odds!

In this article, we will teach you how to play craps perfectly and we will be adding new rules and terms over time.

The game – Basics

In craps, players take bets, take shots, and roll the dice. The game ends when all the dice are rolled (game over). Unlike roulette, a craps player doesn’t have to identify the number rolled and they don’t have to choose which dice to roll.

Think of craps like playing football, but on a roulette wheel:

There are only 8 numbered targets, so it’s much more fun. As opposed to football, the ball moves continuously, never stops, and the object of the game is to select the number of your choice.

You will also notice that there are no restrictions on a player’s hand. You can bet on anything. To see exactly what you can bet on, take a look at this visualization.

There are 4 basic moves:

Score – The key decision point for the player (often referred to as “The Mark”). It is also a common term for “the dice”.

Move – Following the Score, you can make two more moves:

Turn – Similar to the Score, but you can’t decide where you want to put your bets until you can see what the dice have done.

Update – Similar to the Score, but you can make a bet at any point in time.

How to Play Craps: 10 Proven Steps

This guide will show you how to play craps perfectly in the most simple, yet effective way.

Just follow the 10 steps below and you’ll be playing craps like an expert in no time.

  1. Start by laying down your bet and moving your chip to the opposite side of the table. You should aim to spread your bets as far as possible over the table to maximize the points you will gain.

The more chips you place in one area, the more potential you have to gain at the end of the game. Spread your bets out evenly on the table and you’ll build a lot more value and make your bets more profitable.

You can do this 2 times, or you can do it 4 times (as described in 2). This is known as the 3D pattern, and it is how we determine the outcome of the craps dice roll.

  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 every time you want to make a bet.

This is an essential skill to learn. Once you know how to place your bets correctly, you will make better, more profitable bets in every game that you play.

  • Roll the dice exactly as described in 2, and place your bet as follows:

You can do this 2 times or 4 times (as described in 2). This is known as the 7D pattern, and it is how we determine the outcome of the craps dice roll.

  • As you play craps, you will notice that you need to make bets of different amounts. Each player is dealt 2 dice, and this is the number of bets you can make per roll.

So to put this into practice, you will need to predict which score the dice will make. Once you’ve placed your bet, go to step 7 and roll the dice again, counting the bets again.

Your best bet should be the bet you have, not the bet you rolled. Use the most conservative bet, in the roll you think the dice will make the largest amount of points.

  • Don’t use your dice to make your bets, instead place them on the table in front of you.

This way, you can bet on multiple dice and can keep track of their movements more easily.

  • Make sure that you are betting only on the numbers in your hand, and never in any other categories.

This will make it easier for you to win more games and make a lot more money when you win.

  • If you win, leave some on the table in front of you and pick up your bet.

If you are not happy with the way you have played, it is fine to move your bets up to the next roll. Keep them in front of you, rather than putting them in the crows or the cashbox.

  • If you lose, leave a small bit of money on the table and move your bet to the next roll.

If you lose after you make a couple of good bets, it is ok to go back to making more of the same. Take risks in the hopes that you’ll get lucky.

  1. Don’t chase the dice. Keep your hands on the table.

Use your hands to get the dice closer to the crows and cashbox, and if you can, get them out of the middle of the table. This will ensure you have a greater chance of winning the roll.

Best Strategies in Craps

So, now that you know how to place your bets in craps, you need to know how to maximize your profits. There are some very straightforward and easy to understand strategies in the craps game.

However, some of these strategies will not give you the most profitable outcomes every time. It’s important to understand what you should and shouldn’t do in order to get the best returns.

Every game is different, and the way that you play is essential to getting the most money and success. Let’s look at some of the most important strategies.

  1. Stop-longer strategy

When you have made a couple of winning bets, you should stop betting and take your time, placing your bets as long as possible. This will cause the dice to roll over more often and give you more points. The only exception to this is if you have made very few bets. The longer you take your bets, the more you pay for each roll. This will have a greater impact on your winning ratio.

Here are some rules to follow:

When you get to the point that you know you have made enough money from your bets and are close to being in a winning position, stop and think about what you want to do.

For instance, if you have made many high-score bets, then you should continue making bets, as long as they don’t cost too much. If you are still ahead on points, but behind on the dice, you should take your bet off the table, and take a short break.

  • You should take a longer break if you are still behind, and in an unlucky position.
  • You should take a short break if you are ahead on the dice.
  • You should stop for as long as you have won money or if you are in an excellent position.

There are times when you will know that you need to take a stop-longer. This can happen after you made a big win and need to take a little break to recover your appetite for more.

2. Bluffing for extra money

Making bets is a big part of any craps game. However, the money that you bet is only part of the game. You need to take a lot of care when placing bets. This means that you need to make sure that you are going to win the bet that you have put on, in order to maximize the profit.

However, there are a few ways that you can make some extra money, by bluffing. Bluffing should be done when you know that you will lose the next roll. This means that you are sure that you will lose the next roll. This will allow you to place a lower bet. You will need to continue bluffing until you are sure you will win the roll.

The best part about this strategy is that you will be able to hold onto your bet until you feel confident that the dice will fall in your favor. Be careful with this strategy and be aware of what you will lose if the dice do not fall in your favor.

3. What you should NOT do:

  • You should NEVER place a big bet if you have made many loses. The main reason is that the more you lose the more you will lose money. This will mean that you will lose a large amount of money from your total profit, which is never good for your bankroll.
  • You should also NOT place a big bet if you feel lucky. You should only make this bet if you are sure that you can win the next roll. If you do make this bet, try not to make it too late in the game. You should continue to play until the game is over. You will lose money if you do make a huge bet too late in the game.
  • Remember to always keep your balance in mind when placing a bet. Make sure that you have enough money to cover your bet and winnings.

Some Ways To Play

There are many different ways to play craps, but the ones that you can most likely relate to are all the same rules. Here are some of the different ways to play:

  • Single players: The single player game of craps is a very common way of playing. You can place bets against your friends or a random player on the table.
  • Teams: This is a variation of the single player game. Teams are two people who place bets, and take the dice.
  • Heads or Tails: This game is known as Heads or Tails. This is a variation of the Heads or Tails game.
  • Peeks: This is a simple game in which one person goes in front of the game and one person comes in behind. The one who goes first peeks, and the one who comes in behind peeks. The person who peeks before the first person can place bets, if they choose. This can make this the most popular game of all, because it is the most difficult to play.
  • No peeks: This is the easiest game to play, as one person peeks. The person that peeks last peeks.
  • Odds: This game is easy to play, but not so easy to play for Odds. It will take a lot of time and efforts. You need to be vigilant and interested while playing.

These are few tips and strategies along with the method of playing craps. We hope you get a lot while reading this article. Share your views in the comment section.

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