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Casino Songs: 10 Popular Songs of All Times About Poker, Dice, Cards and Addiction that are Ruining the Mindset of People

We will discuss popular songs of all times on the topic of addiction, poker, dice, cards and many other topics about which people try to seek refuge. These songs have made their entry into the music charts more than a decade ago and they became hits.

Some of these songs contain many memorable phrases on the topic of addiction and gambling. Gambling is illegal and so the songs to make people addictive to gambling are also bad. These songs should be banned because they are ruining the minds of people to attempt some way to be addicted to gambling and addiction.

Many people are addicted to these songs, which is totally unfair because these are not songs for everyone.

The 10 Songs About Addiction

10 songs are included in this list of 40 songs which contain lyrics that talk about addiction.

Let’s have a look at these 40 songs.

Drug (“Drugs”)

The lyrics to the song are, “Drugs are a lady in the sky

You take her anywhere

Just call me the junkie

Like there’s any other way to die”

In this song, a heroin addict talks about how he became addicted to heroin, and how the rest of the world is addicted to the drug as well.

Need You Tonight (“Need You Tonight”)

The lyrics to this song are, “I know you’ve got to ask

And all your friends they know that I’ve had you for weeks

It’s all got to end sometime

I need you tonight

But don’t think that I don’t know

What it means to need you tonight”

This song was a hit back in 1991 when it was first released. The song is about a heroin addict who is about to overdose and he’s about to admit that he’s addicted to heroin.

However, his girlfriend takes pity on him and gives him heroin. The song ends with the music and the lyrics repeating “Need you tonight.”

This song gives a clear indication about the nature of addiction. The heroin addict knows that the song is about him, and he also knows that he needs to stop.

I Wanna Live (“On A Rainbow”)

The lyrics to the song are, “All my friends, they all live in a kaleidoscope, I have a bull’s eye on my forehead. Life is too short, I wanna live it tonight”

This is a single from 1990 and the song speaks of the addict who doesn’t understand that the current lifestyle he’s living isn’t good for him. He’s about to have a heart attack, he thinks he’s bulletproof, he believes he’s invincible, and so on. The lyrics are the life in the drug addict’s life.

Walking On The Moon (“Walking On The Moon”)

The lyrics to this song are, “Walking on the moon is where it all began, my only friend is falling away, I walk on the moon and I’m going home”

This is a song by Bob Seger and it’s a really popular song. The story of the lyrics are that a singer is walking on the moon when he suddenly realizes that he doesn’t have his girlfriend. He also realizes that he’s addicted to heroin and heroin and the drug is what’s keeping him alive.

The Addict (“The Addict”)

The lyrics to this song are, “The worse that I did the better that I felt.

My friends, they all got bigger and better guns, The same way as my craving became a need.

My friends, they all turned on me, I wish I could get the chance to do it all over again.

I wanna live it tonight, I don’t know if it’s heaven or hell

I just know that I can’t make up my mind.”

In the song, the addict is struggling with his addiction. He wants to do it, but he doesn’t know if it’s heaven or hell. He doesn’t know if he’s going to heaven or hell.

The Loneliest Man (“The Loneliest Man”)

The lyrics to this song are, “I sat alone in my room waiting for the devil to come calling, No one was left but the devil with his loaded pistol in his hand, with all his followers and the darkness.”

The song speaks of the addict who sees that there is no one to help him, no one to save him, and no one who cares. The addict realizes that he’s trapped.

Fake One (“Fake One”)

The lyrics to the song are, “I know that I’m living in a fake world, I’m making my TV come alive, It’s as if we were doing something together, This would be the ultimate deal, Then everyone would be happy and we wouldn’t have to pretend to be something that we’re not.”

This song is the final song on the album and it shows the world what the addict goes through in his life. The addict is trying to cope with the reality that he knows that he’s in a fake world, and he’s just fake. He realizes that no one cares about him. He’s a fake, a phony, and he doesn’t even know why he’s alive.

I’m On Fire (“I’m On Fire”)

The lyrics to this song are, “I just heard you breathing,

You’re drinking another bottle of red wine and you’re looking me right in the eye, You’re seeing me and you’re laughing, You know that you don’t love me but you’re gonna try.

I know what’s in your mind but you’re going to go ahead anyway, You’re going to walk down the hallway and go outside, That’s when I saw the light and it lit me up like a fire, That’s when I realized that I wanted to die.”

The addict is seeing that he can’t live without the drug, and he sees that he can’t be himself with no drug.

Dancin’ In Circles (“Dancin’ In Circles”)

The lyrics to the song are, “I could’ve died for your money, but I wanted your love instead, I wasn’t ready to die for that, you wanted the same things, and I walked away just as sure as I could, But my heart was broken,

When I saw how we were never going to be right.”

The addict realizes that he’s better off without the addict. The addict realizes that they’re not right for each other.

I Get Lost (“I Get Lost”)

The lyrics to the song are, “I know this might sound crazy but, if I just lay down on the ground right now, I might just die of a heart attack. I know that I’m about to find out, I don’t really care that I’m going crazy. The only thing I need is that I find my way out of here, This place that I don’t know what to do, I know I’m not right.

I didn’t know who I was or where I was, I lost all my faith in God, and I gave him everything.”

The addict knows that he’s going to die and he’s afraid.

These are 10 bad songs that have been featured on Recovery Rocks, and the descriptions are all true. The addicts of the world have been exposed to these songs, and they have come to realize the harsh reality of the addict’s life.

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