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A Comprehensive Overview of V.Partners Program


The well-known online casino Vulkan Vegas has partnered with V.Partners to provide direct advertising services. While some people learned about Vulkan (also known as “Volcano”) while land-based casinos were still very prevalent, others found out about it when it was introduced as a high-quality online offering. Vulkan Vegas is a product that is popular all over the world and was built specifically with an international audience in mind. The casino runs under a Curacao license. The website for the product is available in nine different languages and accepts a number of different payment methods. Players are given the opportunity to join a loyalty program, receive customized incentives, and access over 3,000 games and slots developed by some of the most well-known software developers in the world. In addition to that, it is really unlikely that you will come across someone who is unfamiliar with this gaming product. When seen from the perspective of an affiliate, this indicates that the Vulkan Casino offer is a lucrative one that generates significant revenues.

V.Partners Program

Affiliate programs make it possible for website owners to get commissions on the traffic their sites generate. Affiliates have the ability to post unique links on their websites, and when visitors click on those links, they will be sent to the main website of the firm. Affiliates are eligible to get a share of the income earned by the firm if the visitors sign up to become members or purchase something from the business. A promotion of this nature is often good for both the involved parties. Gambling online is one of the activities that may be utilized by affiliates in order to sign up new players. Continue reading our in-depth review of the V.Partners affiliate program to learn everything there is to know about the affiliate program that has been around the longest.


  • Bills Must Be Paid Once a Week
  • Sub-affiliation
  • No bundling
  • There will be no accumulated negatives
  • Multiple payment methods


  • Cannot be sold to players in the United States and the United Kingdom

V.Partners Program Overview

This review will begin by stating that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Curacao eGaming both recognize this affiliate program as being in possession of the appropriate licenses. Therefore, V.Partners is a trustworthy and lawful program that enjoys a stellar reputation. The major goal of the organization is to keep its operations straightforward by offering a reasonable commission from the earnings of freshly enrolled players for the rest of their playing careers. All affiliates are treated fairly under these terms, which also makes it possible for them to progress along with the program. The primary gambling website, which is the V.Partners online casino brand, is divided into four categories. These sections provide players with opportunities to wager on sports, play table games, and access excellent slot machines. You have the option of marketing either one of the services or combining all of them into a single offering. In addition, in the event that you own many sites, you are free to use any and all of them within the program.

The provision of a revenue split is perhaps the most significant benefit offered by this affiliate program. It is equitable, and the relationship that exists between the affiliates and the players who were referred will go on forever. In addition to this, the firm enables affiliates to get their monthly revenues through their accounts, so allowing them to avoid incurring any banking fees. Stay tuned since we are going to discuss more fundamental aspects of this affiliate program, such as the percentage of the commission, the software, the brands that are included, and the financing methods. In the future, we will go through further particulars on the income split, as well as what is expected of you. Aside from that, we will discuss the options available to you for dealing with the negative carryover.

How does V.Partners Program work?

In 2016, the V.Partners affiliate program was introduced; shortly thereafter, the company went online and made its gaming website available. V.Partners is the finest option for you if you are looking for a seasoned platform that possesses both creative and innovative promotional expertise. Prior to the introduction of this affiliate program, the only product that the firm offered was an online casino that went by the name V.Partners. People that manage publicity sites, blogs, or other online businesses that receive a sufficient amount of traffic are ideal candidates for participation in this affiliate program. According to the organization, in most cases, all of the sites are eligible, and they are excited to continue developing the program with you. The most advantageous thing about this affiliate program is that each and every affiliate is provided with the necessary promotional tools and resources to start earning right away. The most significant benefits of joining this affiliate program are outlined below.


  • Electronic payment solutions that have a low required minimum for monthly payments
    • a plan for sub-affiliates and equitable income splits
      • The lack of a negative carryover from the previous period

The payment processes and terms, as well as the compensation package, are the primary aspects of the program that are being offered. Because the related brand is likewise of the highest quality, you will have no trouble advertising the product in question. Keep in mind that there is only one brand available for promotion through this program altogether since that is the thing. Despite this, you shouldn’t let it bother you because it has a large number of functions and provides excellent assistance. The majority of the time, players search for a reputable gambling venue that offers a wide variety of games and generous bonus offers. A significant benefit has the ability to provide various types of casino games on a single website. However, before you sign up for an affiliate program, you should make sure that you have carefully read all of the terms and conditions that govern it so that you are aware of what is expected of you. The terms are reasonable, but you need to check that you can fulfill them before agreeing to them.

V.Commission on the Partners’ Program, as well as CPA and Revenue Share

The V.Partners commission policy is straightforward and easy to understand. Affiliates are entitled to a continuous cut of the revenues generated by the players they are responsible for bringing in. Your share of the pot will be twenty percent of the total bets placed by players are twenty thousand dollars. The subsequent 25 percent, 30 percent, and 35 percent shares are offered by the subsequent three levels. In order for an affiliate to qualify for the 25 percent share, the affiliate’s revenue must fall anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000. You will receive a share of 30 percent of the income for revenues ranging from $30,001 to $40,000. When affiliates earn revenues worth more than $40,001, they are eligible for the final share, which is 35% of the total. The best thing is that you will continue to receive these commissions for as long as the players that you recruited continue putting money into their accounts. This is the condition under which you will be paid.

Unfortunately, neither CPA plans nor any other kinds of payment plans are offered by V.Partners. The greatest affiliate programs out there typically provide at least one-off payouts as a reward for completing the duties, referring players, and carrying out other activities. In most situations, this is the case. When it comes to V.Partners, however, this is not the case. The platform, on the other hand, is extremely adaptable and includes a sub-affiliate program. You will receive five percent of the commissions made by the affiliates that you refer to the program. In addition, the terms and conditions of this affiliate program state that there is no provision for a rollover deficit. Before the beginning of the next month, any and all unfavorable profits are cleared away at the close of each month. Because you will only be promoting a single online casino company, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of receiving several commissions for the same transaction. In addition, there is no high roller policy, which means that if high rollers have a lot of success, it won’t affect your profits in any way. Their guidelines are straightforward: all you have to do is refer new players to earn commissions.

Casino Brands Associated Together

When you join up for this affiliate program, the Vulkan Vegas online casino will be the primary product that you will have the opportunity to advertise. This is a powerful brand that was launched in 1996, and ever since then, it has demonstrated significant growth. The year 1996 marks the beginning of this trajectory. This particular online casino is both imaginative and focused on the casino. Because of the extensive game library, generous and continuous bonuses, and relatively low wagering requirements, promoting this casino will not be difficult at all for you to do. In addition, the Vulkan Vegas casino is home to more than 300 high-quality slot machines that have been provided by RTG and WGS Technology. In addition, players may choose from several variations of blackjack and roulette, each of which provides a fun and exciting opportunity to gamble.

In spite of the fact that it was established many decades ago, the online casino has demonstrated that the basis of a successful enterprise is a process of continuous improvement. Having said that, the website of the casino may be viewed without any difficulty using portable devices as well as desktop computers. The casino is also optimized for mobile gaming, so players who like to place bets using their smartphones are able to do so. In addition to the faultless operation of the platform, this is a significant benefit. The players can use the sports betting portion, but unfortunately, the really well-liked live casino is not offered through this particular component. The website is broken up into four distinct sections: the Sportsbook, the Poker room, the Casino Classic, and the Casino Red. Affiliate affiliates may often cash out tremendous commissions on a monthly basis because of the enormous potential offered by this extensive selection of services.

Various Methods of Payment

The V.Partners affiliate program uses a number of different banking procedures to provide revenue shares to its affiliates. You should make a request to the site to transfer your money to your casino account if you do not wish to incur any fees associated with banking transactions. On the other side, affiliates have the option of withdrawing their monthly profits using either Neteller, InstaDebit, or Skrill. Additionally, checks may be sent using the platform, albeit in a time-consuming manner.

Despite the fact that this is only our viewpoint, we find that using an electronic wallet is the most convenient manner of banking. E-wallets are well-known for being safe and secure banking solutions, and they are also regarded for being easy to use. Having said that, V.Partners deducts administrative costs from all of the commissions based on the payment option that you choose the most. Because of the philosophy of the organization, as well as the low monthly minimum thresholds, you may reliably expect to receive your commissions on a monthly basis. However, you need to be aware that the corporation won’t give your monthly commissions to you unless they are at least $10 in total. However, the bank transfer is an exception to this rule; hence, you need to make sure that you consult with your account manager in advance about the various banking options that are accessible.

Additionally, you are free to switch from the banking method that you are now using whenever you see fit. You will, however, be forced to get in touch with the management of your affiliate program in order to make such adjustments. In addition, the only money that may be used is the US dollar. It is imperative that you research the current rate of currency and select the most appropriate banking options.

Software for the V.Partners Program

In most cases, the software plays a significant part, and as a result, you need to be certain that the affiliate program you wish to join makes use of reputable and dependable software. Income Access is a well-known and well-regarded software business, and V.Partners makes use of it. V.Partners is aware of the significance of software. Affiliates are able to acquire information on requests made of them and to watch the activities of referrals in real-time, thanks to a very powerful piece of software. The Income Access software offers search engine optimization (SEO) services, as well as business information and automation solutions. Affiliates are granted immediate access to all promotional materials, including banners and links; in essence, they are provided with all that is necessary to sustain development. Both the Income Access and the V.Partners programs provide knowledgeable help around the clock. Having said that, the proprietary software, Cake Network, and RTG are among the well-known software providers that power the V.Partners casino brand.

Affiliated Organization

Affiliates with V.Partners have the option to participate in sub-affiliation if they want to increase the amount of money they get from either CPA or revenue sharing. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the rate is only 5%, which is slightly lower than what is provided by other programs.

Marketing Tools

V.Partners takes great pleasure in being one of the top platforms, thanks to the extensive selection of promotional materials, reliable tracking, and thorough data that it provides. Simply logging into your account will get you access to a variety of resources that you can put to use in developing and executing your marketing strategies.

Emails and banners will be included in the materials that you get.


The V.Partners affiliate program gives, without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal opportunity for every online business to be a part of the rapidly increasing gaming industry. The revenue-sharing arrangement is quite appealing; however, hybrid and CPA deals are not currently being offered by the company. In addition to this, affiliates have the program to earn additional cash by participating in sub-affiliate programs. The V.Partners income share is comparable to those of other best casino affiliate programs; it falls somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, there are other aspects of this organization that shouldn’t be undervalued, such as the absence of a negative carryover and the fact that lifelong commissions are offered to participants. Additionally, the banking procedures meet expectations; nonetheless, the administration costs deter the majority of potential customers. In addition, promoting the high-quality services offered by an industry-leading casino website is always great, which is why we have made the decision to promote this affiliate program.

Our primary objective is to provide our readers with information that is completely truthful. As a consequence of this, this review of the V.Partners affiliate program wouldn’t be comprehensive if it didn’t identify some of the primary shortcomings of the program. The first one is that there is just one brand of online casino available to play. The portfolios offered by platforms such as Ivy Affiliates and Affiliate Edge are more diverse. The second disadvantage is that there is no CPA agreement available; however, this is somewhat offset by the fact that there is no negative rollover. Nevertheless, the majority of sites offered both. Betway Affiliates is the perfect illustration of this because it is a casino affiliate program that is generally acknowledged by many. However, it is imperative that you participate in the program due to the straightforward nature of its terms and regulations.

Questions That Are Typically Asked

What exactly are these V.Partners?

This is an affiliate program that was developed specifically for affiliates with an online presence who are interested in making substantial incomes. Affiliates will essentially be expected to generate a significant amount of traffic to the featured online casino brand by including specific referring links on their own sites. If the customers join up and start playing, then you will get a percentage of the money that is generated by those consumers.

What kind of income split do participants in the V.Partners affiliate program receive?

Affiliates are given the opportunity to get a revenue share equal to 45 percent for the rest of their lives. However, after that, the percentages go up from there, with the lowest starting point being twenty percent. On the other hand, the sub-affiliate plan enables affiliates to recommend other individuals or an online business in exchange for a portion of the income share that they produce for the firm. This plan is similar to the affiliate plan described above.

What kinds of online gambling establishments are associated with the V.Partners affiliate program?

This affiliate program is only associated with a single casino establishment at this time. The Vulkan Vegas online casino is distinguished from its rivals by providing players with a wide variety of games, fantastic bonuses, and an impeccable reputation. Players will enjoy a satisfying time at the casino regardless of the technology they use, be it a mobile device or a desktop computer.

What kind of software does V.Partners utilize?

The V.Partners affiliate program is powered by a piece of software called Income Access. Affiliates are provided with a personal account via which they may monitor the activity of the users they have referred and send out reports.

What kinds of banking options does the V.Partners affiliate program provide its members with?

The payment options available at Vulkan Vegas Casino are still quite good. Players have access to a wide variety of trustworthy payment options, which they may use either to deposit or withdraw money. Affiliates have the option of receiving their profits through a check, bank transfer, or one of a select few electronic wallets.

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