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Best Songs About Poker

While poker may not be the most popular card game around (Someday maybe it will get that recognition but not now), it has had a huge impact on the world of poker and its players. The internet has made a huge difference to poker since its inception, as players can now play against each other without ever going to a physical location. Poker fans can now watch their favorite players play live with a live stream on the internet, no matter where they are in the world. These songs tell the story of some of the world’s biggest Poker players, and help us to learn more about their characters. But before that, ask the following questions to yourself:

Is Playing Poker Good?

No, it is not good. There are a lot of health issues that come with playing poker, such as the loss of sleep, the pressure of making a move at the last minute, and the possibility of being unable to finish a tournament because of the stress that comes with playing against others. Not to mention all of the injuries that can be caused by bad slides or cheap shots, so you should definitely play with a loose wallet.

Does Everyone Play Poker?

The answer is no. Most players do not play a lot of poker and some are even unlikely to go all in in a hand with a lot of money on the table. The majority of poker players are to be found playing in tournaments where they can focus on making moves at key points in the tournament, whereas casual players are often at the poker table for the craps tables that they are not actually playing on. The poker community, though, is thriving and is full of passionate players who are keen to play.

Are You A Professional?

There is no professional poker player. The most important aspect of being a professional poker player is to be able to play, not to make a lot of money. There are still some professional poker players, however, who can make good money from playing the game. Professionals can make the big bucks from tournament play, as well as from wagering. However, unless you are one of those professionals, and you make a living out of playing poker, it is unlikely that you will be any good at the game.

Why are There So Many Poker Songs?

Poker is huge in poker-mad countries such as South Korea, which means that there are loads of amazing musicians making great songs about the game. In addition to the music, many poker books have been written, and even poker merchandise, such as T-shirts and bags, have become an important part of the poker world. The popularity of the game means that there are plenty of ways for the players to show off their love for the game, which is why so many poker players and fans alike love these songs.

This is not to say that there are not any bad songs about poker, such as those that take cheap shots at the poker players, or that the songs are exclusively about poker, but the majority of the music that is available about poker is really bad and destroying the minds of youngsters. Even the fact that I am a professional poker player does not make me immune to terrible songs about the game, as I had to play a song that started with the lines “Poker is for kids.” This is terrible.

The theme from The Hustler, featuring the Temptations

This is one of the most famous songs about poker. The original “the hustler” is not only a good example of the character of one of the poker world’s biggest players (Phil Ivey), but it also depicts the games he plays.

Somewhere between the boat and the rail, he’ll hang ’em high

Leaving his foes empty handed

For they never know when to quit

“The Hustler” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

Poker Face by William Henry featuring Poker Face

Poker is a huge part of the life of Lady Gaga and poker is no exception in this song. The lyrics highlight the player’s ego as well as his devotion to the game, and compares poker players to song writers and artists.

Poker face is all it takes

To get in the money

I’m a real guy, I live in a man

Poker, poker face

Poker, poker face

Living life for all it’s worth

Eyes wide open, they’re glassy

Like a fool, I’m in love with my hand

I hit my limit, I hit my limit

If my eyes are open they’re open

And I don’t have to count the money

Cause, baby, poker face

Poker face

Rocker by Lenny Kravitz

This song has come to define the life of the legendary poker player, Daniel Negreanu. The original version of this song was released in 2010, during the real money tournament in Caesars. It has been since recorded a second time featuring Lady Gaga.

What do I know? All I know is how to play a game

Of money, which isn’t playing at all

I love playing poker with people with chips

And they love playing with me

I’m on the stage all the time

My poker face is absolute art

Most of the time I make no bones about it

All of my cards are shown on stage

And the fans would come and say to me

“I’ve never seen a person play like that”

He has my heart and it’s a real game

And we take care of our family and our children

And we take care of our family and our children

So you know we’re not walking away

Because this is the game we like

And we’ll do it till the end of time

My song in a heartbeat

Something to Believe In by Bruce Springsteen

This song about poker reflects the life of Johnny Chan, a member of the International Poker Hall of Fame. It chronicles his rise to prominence and the cash games in Asia.

Never quit until it’s done

After all, it’s life’s how you play the cards

That counts in the end, kid, it counts.

I have enough for a cup of coffee and a doughnut

And it’s going to cost you a hundred dollars to buy a doughnut

I just want to have it one more time.

It’s enough for a cup of coffee and a doughnut

And it’s going to cost you a hundred dollars to buy a doughnut

I just want to have it one more time.

I have enough for a cup of coffee and a doughnut

And it’s going to cost you a hundred dollars to buy a doughnut

I just want to have it one more time.

There is an inner certainty

That has been there in the back of my head

It’s been there all my life

And it’s goanna be enough for a cup of coffee and a doughnut

And it’s goanna cost you a hundred dollars to buy a doughnut

I just want to have it one more time.

Desperado by Eagles

This song chronicles the life of Doyle Brunson, the Poker Hall of Fame inductee and author of multiple poker books. The lyrics remind poker players to be fierce when playing poker.


That is the price I pay

It is up to you to decide how

The love you give will be returned

The hand of the cards you pick is all that’s in it

The hand of the cards you pick is all that’s in it

I know you can’t defeat me

But that’s alright.

Go ahead and take your best shot.

Take your best shot.

You’ll never beat me

And that’s alright

Work Hard, Play Hard by Randy Jackson

This song describes the life of professional poker player Phil Hellmuth. It chronicles his father’s love for the game and his own path as a poker player.

Take me to the river and I’ll bet it all

You can’t stop me from going down

I’ll make you laugh with my song

No one else in the room

Will know what’s on my mind

No one else in the room

Will know what’s on my mind

Temptation by the Foo Fighters

This song describes a successful poker player’s life:

I think of you while playing all the right hands

I think of you when I’m looking down at the cards

I think of you when I’m winning and I think of you when I’m losing

I think of you and I forget

When She Smiles by The Blind Boys of Alabama

This song chronicles the life of Billy Boyle, a former racehorse jockey who was told he’d never ride again. His talent was discovered, and he became a world champion.

She can smile when you kiss her head

She can smile when you ask her to sit beside you

She can smile when you pull the pillow close

She can smile when you give her a kiss

She can smile when you give her a hug

She can smile when she hears your voice

She can smile when you’re with her

She can smile when she hears you say her name

When she smiles when she’s with you

When she smiles when she hears you say her name

She can smile when she’s with you

She can smile when she hears you say her name

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This song chronicles the life of professional poker player Phil Hellmuth.

Play the cards you’re dealt

Play them well or you can’t play

Play the hand you’re dealt

Because the hand you’re dealt

Will decide where you go

You may not win

But that’s alright

Smoky Mountain Rain by Anderson East

This song is about a young man who decided to follow his heart and run away from home to become a country music star.

Walk out the door of my office in Nashville

Take that first step

Walk out the door of my office in Nashville

Take that first step

Into the night

With every note

I’m gone

Into the night

What are the Disadvantages of Playing Poker?

Let’s discuss the five worst things about playing poker.

Feeling of Loneliness

Although you can share your poker experience with other people at a table, you don’t really get to talk to anyone about your love for poker, which is incredibly lonely. Perhaps it is because, even when you are out with your friends, you are still thinking about the game and what you should be doing to win more money, which means that there is often nobody to talk to. It can be incredibly difficult, sometimes, to try and forget about the game, especially if you are not making good money, so you often end up missing other people a lot.


Because poker is a game of risk, some poker players are far more susceptible to losses than others, and even at the top levels, losing money is almost inevitable, so you can’t really win. You have to play your cards as they fall to get the best out of the game, but if you are playing an opponent who has an advantage, then your chances of winning are low. The best thing to do if you lose is to keep your head down, keep working hard, and do your best to move on.

The Possibility of Failure

Nothing is certain in poker. All the games are played blind, so there is nothing for you to base your strategy on. You are gambling, as usual, but you are also playing a game that is based on complete and utter randomness, which makes the games completely unpredictable. This means that even if you have the best poker hand, you can lose, and this can be extremely frustrating.

The chances are that most players won’t ever be able to reach the top, so they are left hoping that they win enough money to be able to afford a nice dinner, or help pay for their kids’ education. It’s a lot of pressure, which means that many players get to the stage of playing so much that they are close to breaking down.

Lack of Competition

Some people will always want to play poker, but there is nothing like playing against someone who has been playing for longer than you have, so you can try and push yourself to improve. It is great if you are able to play in tournaments, but if you can’t find any then you will struggle to get any practice. This is not to say that you should give up, because it is a fantastic way to improve, but it would be a lot better if there were more players in the game.

Lack of Popularity

A lot of people think that there is no glamour in playing poker, and that it’s all about the games, but actually that is true. When you watch poker, people do not look rather attractive, and they also do not seem to be eating McDonald’s while they play. However, this is what makes it so popular. It is the drama and excitement of the games, and the fact that they are so random, that makes poker so fascinating.


Poker is bad to play and poker songs will make you feel alone . But most of the time, they do not affect you too much, and if you love the game, then they are worth the bad memories.

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