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8 of the Most Eco-Friendly Casinos in the World

When I would have friends from out of town visit me in Las Vegas, they were often taken aback by one of the city’s beauties that do not receive the respect it deserves — the gorgeous mountains that encircle the valley. Mount Charleston is the eighth highest mountain in Nevada and is located immediately to the northwest of the city. In the northern United States, the cities of Reno and Tahoe are famous not only for their casinos and hotels but also for the mountain resorts in the area, where visitors can ski and snowboard.

It should come as no surprise that having the public view a firm as being “friendly to the environment” is helpful to the public’s goodwill toward that company. Some businesses go so far as to include their dedication to environmental preservation in their overall brand identity. Implementing methods that are good for the environment also has a positive impact on one’s casino account, and this is especially true for casinos. A casino consumes a significant amount of energy due to the fact that it is open around the clock. In Southern Nevada, you also need to factor in the enormous cost of maintaining an air-conditioning system to keep the home comfortable over the sweltering summer months in the desert. Because of this, the cost of electricity is a considerable portion of the overall operating expenses; hence, even a little reduction in energy use can result in a sizeable improvement to the bottom line. The annual cost of MGM Resorts’ corporate energy bill dropped by $10 million as a result of the company’s decision to replace 1.3 million inefficient incandescent light bulbs with newer, more efficient LED counterparts.

This is not to argue that a company’s commitment to sustainability is solely motivated by concerns over its public image and financial performance. A great number of businesses sincerely desire to fulfill the role of “corporate citizen” and contribute positively to the communities in which they operate. This is especially true in a natural environment that is breathtakingly gorgeous and untouched, such as the Lake Tahoe region. Taking a strong public stance in support of safeguarding the environment is not only beneficial to a company’s financial bottom line, but it is also unequivocally the moral thing to do. MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are just two of the many major firms in the gaming industry that are committed to implementing environmentally responsible practices as an integral part of their overall business philosophy. There are also a number of more modest gaming companies that are similarly committed to doing their part to protect the environment.

The following is a list compiled by CASINO INSIDER that details the seven casinos that are the most kind to the environment. This is by no means a full list, and it does state that its primary concentration is on the huge gaming companies listed above. There is a strong explanation for this–large corporations have a vested interest in making the public aware of their environmentally-friendly mindset. They make it a big component of the marketing and public relations activities that they put forward. Smaller sites, especially the numerous tribal casinos found in the United States, do not have the same resources or the focus necessary to create a ‘brand identity for a huge firm. This is especially true of the larger corporations. There is a clear concentration on Nevada due to the fact that the headquarters of many of the world’s most important gaming businesses are located there.



MGM Resorts has established a commitment to environmental responsibility at the corporate level, and as a result, 15 of its resorts have received Green Key Global Eco-Ratings. The City Center project is the focal point of MGM’s attempts to reduce its environmental impact and has been awarded the highest ‘5 Keys’ grade possible. Both the Vdara and the Aria Resort and Casino have been awarded the coveted ‘5 keys’ certification, which is only given out to a fraction of one percent of all Green Key graded establishments. The entirety of City Center project is one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable projects ever undertaken anywhere in the world. It is comprised of six structures, all of which have been honored with a LEED Gold Award by the United States Green Building Council. Despite its commitment to environmental responsibility, the Aria remains one of the most impressive hotels in Las Vegas in terms of overall quality. Another noteworthy property owned by MGM is the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, which features one of the most extensive rooftop solar systems in the country.


Another major gaming conglomerate that places emphasis on environmentally responsible business practices is the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. This is represented all around the world in their resorts, such as the Venetian Macao, which was the very first establishment to win the Macau Green Hotel Platinum Award. The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas also earns very high scores for its commitment to environmental protection. The Palazzo Tower at the Venetian is the building that has the title of being the largest LEED-certified building in the whole world. It is four times as large as the structure that holds the position of second place. Solar energy is used to heat the swimming pools, and technology is utilized throughout the property to cut down on energy waste while maintaining a high level of lodging quality.


You can now add Caesars Entertainment to the list of gaming companies that have made a commitment to promoting environmentally friendly practices. This is evident in how all of their properties, as well as the company as a whole, are managed. They also have an incentive scheme for workers who go above and above the company’s commitment to sustainability and adopt ecologically friendly measures in their own homes. Although we had the option of choosing any of the company’s locations, we went with Planet Hollywood since it has long been a fan favorite. The Rio, the Flamingo, Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, The Cromwell, The Linq, and Bally’s and Paris are some of the other Las Vegas hotels and casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment. Caesars Entertainment should also be commended for the company’s unwavering dedication to serving the LGBTQ community, which makes up a significant portion of its clientele.


Our establishment, which was once known as Terrible’s Hotel Casino and, prior to that, Continental Hotel & Casino, could come as a surprise to some people when they see it included on this list. Affinity Gaming is the owner of the property. The corporation may trace its origins back to the gaming division of the parent company that is responsible for the ownership of the ubiquitous Terrible Herbst gas stations located across Southern Nevada. Additionally, Affinity has real estate in the states of Colorado, Missouri, and Iowa, in addition to four casinos in the city of Primm, Nevada, and one casino in the city of Sparks, Nevada. After having undergone renovations for more than a year, this establishment was renamed the Silver Sevens in 2013. A major commitment to sustainability has been made by Affinity, and this includes the installation of updated heating and air systems to preserve energy, as well as recycling initiatives and waste reduction measures. In general, the Silver Sevens provide a satisfactory experience despite having a smaller size than is typical for a casino in Las Vegas. A helpful hint: in comparison to other establishments in the neighborhood, the William Hill race and sports book at the Silver Sevens is far more convenient to reach.


The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is the destination with the most gaming space in Northern Nevada. They have made it one of their top priorities to position themselves in the Reno region as the most responsible and environmentally conscious business in the corporate sector. They want to put this dedication into effect at every level of their operation, including improving water conservation, cutting down on wasted energy, and reducing the amount of garbage they produce. The Grand Sierra has further made investments in innovative technology to improve energy use, in addition to installing charge stations for electric vehicles. When it comes to the amenities offered by the facility, they have wonderful eating options, a pool in which to unwind, and a William Hill Race and Sports Book that is really well done. There are several “Best of Reno” awards and lists, and the Grand Sierra consistently cleans up in these competitions. This is for a good cause, as it offers an incredible variety of accommodation, eating, entertainment, and gaming opportunities.


Eldorado Resorts, whose three Reno locations score top rankings for environmental friendliness, has acquired the MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa, which was formerly owned by MGM Resorts International (Circus Circus, Eldorado, and Silver Legacy). Eldorado started out as their eponymous facility in Reno and has since expanded to control 26 properties around the country. As a result of MontBleu’s unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible business practices, the establishment has been singled out for special recognition. They have a significant program for recycling, have prohibited the use of Styrofoam, and have modified their lighting to use LED bulbs in order to conserve as much energy as possible. In addition to being an excellent custodian of the environment, the MontBleu continues to be one of our favorite locations to stay and play in the lovely town of Stateline, Nevada, which is located on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe.


It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that the majority of the homes on this list are situated in the breathtaking region of Northern Nevada. One of my go-to spots, whenever I’m in the general vicinity of Lake Tahoe, is the Lakeside Inn and Casino. The Heavenly Valley Ski Resort and the Lake are both the same distance from the Lakeside Inn, which is considered to be a tiny hotel or casino by today’s standards. The Lakeside Inn has 124 rooms, all of which are furnished in a “Tahoe Style.” They have a casino that is equipped with all of the required amenities, including a race and sports book operated by William Hill. In addition to not charging resort fees, they welcome guests’ four-legged companions. They are also popular among people living on the Stateline and the South Shore. Lakeside is committed to doing everything it can to preserve Tahoe’s water supplies. This includes fundraising for environmental problems that are specific to Tahoe and doing all in their power to reduce the amount of water they use themselves. There are a number of hotels that make an effort to get visitors to reuse towels, but if you stay at the Lakeside, you will receive a $5 dinner ticket for each day that you do not request cleaning service.


Even though it is ranked eighth on our list of the “Top 8,” Peppermill Resort Spa in Reno really deserves to be included. They have a long list of “green projects” that they’ve implemented, such as a program for composting waste, reusing water, and installing charging stations for electric vehicles. The fact that the Peppermill relies only on geothermal energy for its heating needs is easily the most impressive aspect of this establishment. Yes, having a geothermal well beneath your property is advantageous, but they’ve accomplished a lot with it already:

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino has been acknowledged as the first resort in the United States to employ geothermal energy to power its facilities and create heat for its visitors. This accomplishment was awarded to them by the Geothermal Energy Association. In order to accomplish this goal, Peppermill had to construct a well that would tap into the geothermal aqua filter. This would enable the company to collect water and transform it into energy via a series of loops. The geothermal well that was constructed for the purpose of tapping into this source of energy goes down to a depth of more than 4,400 feet, making it the deepest geothermal well in the city of Reno. As a result of this, the Baseload Renewable Energy Summit has presented them with a Special Recognition Award as part of its festivities. The resort’s water and the mechanical heat of the 2.1 million square foot building are both heated by this energy source to a one hundred percent efficiency.

In addition to being the first resort in the United States to be geothermally heated, the Reno Peppermill is one of my all-around favorite casinos in the country. It has luxury rooms, fantastic dining, and a very remarkable sportsbook. The Peppermill has already been recognized by CASINO INSIDER as the “Best Casino for Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts,” and there is little doubt that it will be the recipient of many more awards in the years to come.

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