Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

Chinese lucky charms for gambling are not considered as good thing. Many Westerners find these charms disgusting and are even repulsed when someone would offer them. Many young children are supposed to make some lucky charm to receive treat from Father for their good progress and to get good job. We can know the popularity of such lucky charm in China by the Google search of “Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling”.

It is no wonder that this subject seems to be a huge taboo in Chinese culture. Some commentators in China argue that it is wrong to make or give lucky charms for gambling because they might serve as a hooligan or other street criminals for money. Many Chinese people also argue that it is wrong because the lucky charms are made from poor people’s spare time and could not guarantee anything for them.

There are also some Chinese people who do not find them useful to win. For example, in recent news in the US, it was reported that American mobsters are now using fortune cookies to choose which mark in the betting tables they wish to back.

However, you will still find luck charms for gambling on China’s online forums. Many people might be interested in knowing how to become a lucky gambler and to learn more about the origins of such charms, how to make and how to use them.

We will discuss the top buying Chinese lucky charms for gambling.

Red Envelops

All Chinese people love red envelopes. Nowadays, it is hard to find young children without a red envelope in their hands. As we know, it is a traditional gift to give during Chinese New Year. And that is why we find a lot of red envelopes sold during the holiday period.

However, even during the Chinese New Year, red envelopes are also commonly given to greet somebody or as a blessing. It is an easy and quick way to make a fortune and many have learned this skill during their childhood.

Especially, young children have not stopped learning this skill as we can see in Chinese schools. Red envelopes are usually divided into three parts and all are alike. They are usually filled with either money, sweets or nuts. Some older people prefer a red envelope filled with money so they can buy something they need.

Fortune Tea

Fortune tea is popular for Chinese people. It is believed that the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” actually comes from consuming this tea. It is believed that it will bring luck and fortune to you. Fortune tea is supposed to have luck powers and people believe that the tea has healing powers.

But, there are also some negative effects associated with drinking it. Like some other Chinese traditional beverages, this tea can cause diarrhea and may result in intestinal obstructions. A few fortune tea shops are still operating in China and they sell different kinds of fortune tea such as health tea and luck tea.

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Zodiac animals are often used to make lucky charms. It is the twelve zodiac animals’ function in Chinese astrology that make it one of the most popular superstitions. If the person have a zodiac animal as his or her lucky charm, he or she will be blessed with good luck and fortune throughout the year.

Chinese people usually pick a dog, dragon, horse, snake, rat, rooster, ox, tiger, rabbit, monkey and pig to wear in their lucky charms to bring them luck. The zodiac animals are also sold in traditional shops. They are usually featured in China’s funny fortune cookie often issued during Chinese New Year.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is not uncommon to find people buying charms and lucky foods on the Chinese websites. Many people choose fruits and vegetables to make charms. The Chinese zodiac animals are also the most popular charms for fortune hunters. It is believed that different fruits and vegetables bring luck and fortune to people.

Vegetables and fruits are also used to prepare Chinese lucky foods, which are believed to bring good fortune. Some lucky foods are actually foods that we often have in our kitchens. We are familiar with cabbage, beans, chestnuts and others. Some lucky foods and charms are different depending on the color of the objects.

For example, red apples bring good luck and good fortune. So, red apples are considered to be very auspicious and lucky. People prefer them during Chinese New Year. Vegetables such as red onions and green beans are also considered to be auspicious and lucky.

Some people also believe that carrot, potato and beans are lucky. People sometimes put them inside a red box. Some vegetables are also blessed in a bowl with an apple, yuzu fruit or salt.

Jin Chang (Three – Leged Tod)

In China, Jin Chang (sometimes written as Xin Chang) is the tradition of making charms in red paper. Jin Chang (Three – Legged Bodhisattva) or Jin Chang is the Chinese symbol for the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. In Chinese mythology, Avalokiteshvara is a hero who has four arms, six legs and a staff. He is the protector of the Bodhisattva.

Traditionally, Avalokiteshvara is depicted as a four-legged Bodhisattva in a paper sash that represents himself. However, many Chinese charm making websites depict a three-legged Jin Chang which is believed to bring luck.

Chinese Dragons Signs Lockets

Chinese dragons are a favorite animal for Chinese charm makers. A person who has a dragon sign (such as a dragon, snake, or horse) is believed to bring good luck. Chinese dragon charms or locket (jin zi) usually come with red envelopes (guotie) or coins as well.

While a Dragon coin or red envelopes are meant to bring good luck, a jin zi usually gives good luck to both the person who owns it and to those who are supposed to receive it. However, some of the jin zi have small charms inside them which are meant to bring good luck.

Gold Jade Necklace

Jade is one of the most popular symbols in Chinese culture. A jade necklace is believed to bring good fortune. It is believed that jade has great power and benefits. It is believed that jade has healing powers. According to legend, it is the metal most suited to protect us from the evil forces and will protect us from other accidents.

Jade is a precious stone which is widely used in Chinese culture. This precious stone also symbolizes masculinity in Chinese culture. Gold is a common decoration material and symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. Gold is considered to be a good fortune. The best way to wear a jade is to wear it on the necklace itself. Alternatively, jade can be attached to earrings, bracelets, or bangles.


Chinese charm makers like coins as charms. They believe that the coins bring good fortune. People are quite familiar with using coins as talismans or charms. The coins usually have big, round, and shiny surfaces. The coins are mostly used in the form of two dragon heads. One head is said to represent wealth and the other head is said to represent fortune.

It is believed that the two dragon heads represent the wealth that we will receive in the next year. Coins with a dragon head on both sides is believed to bring good fortune. Some coin charms are made of gold and silver and have unique patterns on them. The coins are also rich in gold and silver and are marked with Chinese zodiac signs.

Pinyin – Chinese Symbol for Luck

The Chinese character Pinyin which has an “u”, is used as a placeholder in Chinese in writing words and expressions. It has two meanings, which is “good luck” and “good luck charm”. It is believed that the character in itself gives good luck and offers protection. It is also believed that when writing or using the character, one has to write very carefully.

The Chinese character has a tendency to vanish from the page or has a tendency to get smaller. It is believed that this is a sign of good luck and protection. So, it is believed that the character for “good luck” will stay in the book or does not get lost even if the sentence has been erased.


Chinese charm makers like bracelets. The Chinese bracelets usually have colorful designs and are worn by both boys and girls. People mostly buy them to give them as gifts. It is believed that Chinese bracelets bring good fortune and protect people from dangers. It is also believed that Chinese bracelets have protective powers against diseases and bad luck. The Chinese believe that bracelets, which come with lotus flowers, are brought from the sacred land. The flower brings good fortune. It is believed that the flower contains herbs which makes people healthier and longer.

Some other bracelets that are believed to bring good fortune are the Zhaotong bracelets which have green lizards on it. The name of the snake is “Pinyin”. The Chinese believe that the name of snake brings good luck. A bracelet made of deer antlers is believed to bring good fortune. It is believed that the antlers help men find a mate. A bracelet made of lotus flower has lotus leaves on it. It is believed that lotus plants are associated with harmony and peace. A bracelet made with Tibetan prayer wheel is also believed to bring good fortune.

Lucky Golden Cat Statues

The statues of this precious creature are believed to bring good luck to the people who own them. The statues of this precious creature are made in the shape of a green cat. These statues are often decorated with gold and blue colors. They are mostly used in the house as decorative decorations. People use them as house charms.

If a house is owned by a person who owns the golden cat statue then the chances of there being a child are also quite high. There are also some luck charms that are believed to be lucky for women. One of the lucky charms is a bell, usually made out of copper. When it rings, it is believed that someone has gotten married. There are also a lot of locket charms that are believed to bring good fortune.


According to history, it is believed that there were a lot of charms or talismans used to help people make the right decisions. Over time they have also become an important part of our daily life. All these charms/talismans play an important part in helping us make wise decisions. The Chinese charm is considered to be a good luck charm and brings prosperity. If one were to wear the charm every day, they are likely to have a healthy and prosperous life.

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