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10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

You will be able to discover exactly what you are looking for in Las Vegas, regardless of whether you and your company want to dance until the sun comes up or you like to relax and sip champagne while staring at a fantastic view. Las Vegas has something to offer everyone. This list has you covered no matter what you’re looking to get into, from hip-hop DJs to live pianists and everything in between.

You can go out on the Strip, chill in downtown Vegas, or go out someplace in between since Las Vegas has no shortage of renowned clubs and high-class lounges. You can party on the Strip, chill in downtown Vegas, or go out somewhere in between. Sin City is known for its glitz and glamour, which can be experienced by visitors through activities such as dancing the night away, listening to fantastic music, and more. Continue reading to get a rundown of the most popular nightclubs and lounges in Las Vegas, which will help you make plans for a fun night in the state’s most well-known city.

Both a beach club and a nightclub, Drai’s

The atmosphere at Drai’s remains lively throughout the night thanks to the presence of several pools, palm palms, comfortable booths, and a lively dance floor. This well-known hip-hop club can be found within the Cromwell Hotel, and on the weekends, it frequently hosts performances by well-known rappers and hip-hop musicians.

Please be aware that the performances of the major performers do not often begin before the 2 a.m. hour. Nevertheless, there will invariably be a hip-hop DJ blasting top songs before the well-known artist takes the stage in order to get the audience pumped up and dancing before the performance begins.

You can keep the party going all day and night, and even until the next morning if you want to! Even though the big-name musicians normally perform between the hours of 2 and 4 in the morning at Drai’s famed after-hours club, it is still a popular venue. Even if there have been complaints about the sluggish service of drinks or about the VIP packages providing a less than VIP experience, this is still without a doubt one of the top nightclubs in all of Las Vegas.

EBC During the Night

This pool party is held within the Encore hotel, and it is not uncommon for internationally renowned DJs to perform both during the day and at night. You are welcome to party in the open air, take a dip in the pool, and relax on one of their amusing pool floats. This club, which during the day is known as Encore Beach Club and during the evening as EBC at Night, caters to customers who are ready to spend a bit more money on a VIP experience by providing them with special cabanas tables, and bottle service.

Even when they have a table reservation, clubgoers describe having to wait in insanity-inducingly lengthy queues throughout the summer months. Unfortunately, as was just discussed, the fact that Las Vegas is one of the most popular summer locations in the world means that lengthy lineups are quite usual there; nonetheless, this is something that may occur at any club. Even now, EBC is considered to be among the top nightclubs and lounges in all of Las Vegas.

We can’t get enough of EBC’s famous DJs and laid-back summer atmosphere. The months of March through October in Vegas are dedicated to pool party season. Therefore, if you find yourself in Las Vegas between these two months and are interested in seeing famous DJs and other musical artists perform in a setting that is quintessential “Vegas,” this is the venue for you. At any time of the day or night, Remember to bring your bathing suit!

Hakkasan Nightclub

The Hakkasan Nightclub, located within the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, is well-known for its enormous light sculptures, which dazzle the audience when world-famous DJs do stage performances. Hakkasan is the name of both an upmarket Chinese restaurant and a club that spans three floors and is attached to the restaurant. The main area showcases some of the finest artists in the world, while the other rooms feature generic DJs playing top tunes from electronic dance music and hip-hop.

Be aware that the main act won’t be performing until 1 or 2 in the morning, as is the case with the majority of the larger clubs on the Strip. Hakkasan is the place to go if you want to party till the wee hours of the morning, be showered in confetti, and dance the night away to some of the most famous musical performers on the globe.


OMNIA is, without a doubt, our top choice for a nightclub on the Strip. Caesar’s Palace is magnificent on the interior in every manner imaginable, from its movable sculptures to its ceiling that is always lighted like the daylight sky to its world-class club that has an enormous moving chandelier. In addition to that, there is a separate hip-hop lounge where a DJ will be playing Top 40 hits.

On the weekends, well-known DJs specialize in electronic dance music performances in the main area beneath the chandelier. On Sunday evenings, rather than featuring a well-known DJ, OMNIA instead puts on one of the most exciting Latin music nights in all of Las Vegas.

OMNIA, much like other famous Vegas clubs on the Strip, may get quite packed, and the drinks are costly; nonetheless, we believe that it is worth it for a traditional Vegas experience to groove to a great performer under a revolving chandelier. As a result of this, we consider this venue to be among the top nightclubs and lounges in the Las Vegas area.


Marquee, like many other clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, features both an outdoor pool party during the daytime and an inside nightclub that draws world-renowned DJs and other top musicians. A portion of the Marquee can be seen within the illustrious Cosmopolitan hotel, and certain areas of it have a subtle retro aesthetic about them. The layout and overall enjoyable atmosphere of the club are favorites among the clientele.

Customers that enter the club through a promoter are granted entry into all of the clubs located on the Strip without charge. But for those that don’t, the Marquee is one of the nightclubs on the Strip that offers one of the lowest cover charges. Additionally, the prices of the cocktails are often lower than those found at other nightclubs located on the Strip.

It is important that you are aware that in order to reach Marquee, you will need to ascend a winding internal staircase that is located throughout the Cosmopolitan. Those who are wearing heels can have a difficult time!

Zouk Nightclub

On the Las Vegas Strip, the most recent hotel to open is the Las Vegas Hilton at Resorts World. And everything within this hotel chain from Malaysia is so impressive that it will take your breath away. The ambiance, the selections in the food court, and of course, the nightclub known as Zouk.

Zouk has LED light displays that are worthy of being photographed and offers DJs and musical acts that are unique in comparison to those shown at other clubs on the Strip. Customers like not just the music system and sights but also the fact that the club is typically not as packed as comparable clubs.

Even though the drinks at Zouk tend to be on the more expensive side, if you are more into house music and less into Top 40 EDM and hip-hop, you should definitely check out this club. In addition, they have one-of-a-kind activities each week during the week, so make sure you check out their schedule.


No, you did not see a typo there. When we said that Commonwealth had both a hip lounge and a rooftop with DJs blasting electronic dance music, we truly did intend to say both of those things. This location in the heart of downtown Las Vegas genuinely offers the very best of both worlds.

At first appearance, it appears to be a dimly lit lounge with imaginatively titled beverages. However, if you head up the steps into the rooftop patio, you will find yourself in another universe. Electronic dance music is played here till the early hours of the morning by DJs. In addition, on Fridays and Saturdays, they keep the enthusiasm level up by having live piano music or DJs play there.

You may enter the hidden speakeasy that is linked to the venue and is known as The Laundry Room for an experience that is really special. Because reservations are necessary and need to be made in advance, you shouldn’t put it off any longer. The Commonwealth is almost like going to three different pubs in one because it has a lounge, a rooftop club, and a secret speakeasy!

APEX Social Club

Although this club is currently closed due to COVID-19, it is still considered to be one of the top nightclubs off of the Strip in Vegas. That indicates that customers are looking forward to its comeback with great anticipation. This lounge can be found within the Palms Casino Resort, and it has both a dance floor and background house music. On the rooftop, revelers party and dance while taking in the breathtaking view of the illuminated city below them.

To sit down, you will need to purchase bottle service as well as a table, which is standard practice for all clubs located on or near the Strip. Please be aware of this. Despite this, a good number of customers are content to get up and dance around while taking in the scenery rather than sit for the whole of their visit. We believe that you will enjoy spending a warm night here very much!

Foundation Room

After spending the day in the magnificent pool at Mandalay Beach, consider staying for supper and drinks at the equally magnificent Foundation Room, which is located on the hotel’s rooftop. At 63 storeys above, high above the Strip, the atmosphere begins as romantic before ramping up the pace with live DJs playing under the neon glow.

On the terrace, there are a number of different vantage points that look out over the city. In addition, there is a restaurant on the premises serving delicious cuisine. Indulge in mouthwatering main courses such as excellent center-cut filet, vindaloo tacos, or fresh seafood. After that, finish your meal with a glass of your go-to after-dinner bourbon, a Ginza Fashioned, or a Good Karma Margarita.

On Friday and Saturday nights, there is a good night that it will be packed, but with this view, you might not mind the crowds too much.


This alternative nightclub in the downtown area of Las Vegas is well-known for hosting one-of-a-kind events and billing itself as “a dance club for individuals who don’t like dance clubs.” There aren’t going to be any famous DJs playing here. On the other hand, you won’t have to spend more than $5 to get in, you won’t have to wait in a huge line, and you won’t have to dress to impress. Their themes range from “Taylor Swift night” to “emo night,” and they regularly offer drinks for as little as $3.

Oddfellows is the nightclub for you if you’re the type of partygoer that doesn’t care what other people think about what you dress and would prefer not to spend a lot of money when you go out. Want to get something to eat before you spend the night dancing your heart out at Oddfellows?

Oddfellows gets the top spot on our list of the finest nightclubs and lounges in Las Vegas, and it is an easy choice for anyone who likes a club that is less chaotic.

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