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How To Get The Most Out Of Casino Comps

Comps elevate your casino experience to the next level. The abbreviation ‘comp’ stands for ‘complimentary,’ which in the realm of casinos refers to free services and goods for players to utilize during their trips.

These gifts are distributed by the casino and vary from player to player. They might range from drinks, concert tickets, and fine meals to airfare savings, hotel stays room upgrades and limousine service.

Utilizing Comps Profitably

Thus far, so good, correct? But how can you receive casino comps?

Each gambling venue is unique, and your entitlements rely on a variety of circumstances. Visitor ‘gifts’ will be generally estimated depending on variables such as how much you bet, for how long or how often, how much money you lose, and what games you play.

All of the information is often recorded by your player’s card, which feeds back a plethora of data to the casino’s analysts.

Therefore, it is up to you to make use of the evaluation criteria.

Most casino patrons can anticipate receiving a free drink; however, remember that casinos dislike freeloaders. 

As a general rule, casinos like consumers who enjoy playing slot machines. They contribute significantly to the casino’s revenue.

Slots attract regular and middle-income players, who are inclined to play their favorites for extended periods of time, so providing a stable cash stream alongside the more glamorous weekenders and high-rollers.

Therefore, if you put in the effort at the slots, you may be able to move up the comp levels more quickly than if you were a poker player.

Comps are essentially proportional to the amount of money you put into the casino through your play.

Conduct research and choose your best bet. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you should examine which casinos are the most accommodating to players who put in long hours.

In contrast, if you’re short on time but have a bigger budget, you’ll want to find a casino that rewards you more for every dollar you spend. If you are not a high-roller, determine which casinos take your holiday spending into consideration.

What You Get With The Various Compensation Levels?

Each casino has its own unique comp system. And there are several sorts of compensation. However, we have provided a basic outline of what gamblers receive as they climb through the levels.


Even if an opulent casino whale will anticipate a gratis beverage upon arrival, new or casual players will still appreciate the novelty of a free drink.

Free drinks are often offered on the casino floor to slot machine players, but if you spend enough on other games, you may also enjoy this reward.

Remember to tip your hardworking waitress liberally if you want prompt service with a smile. If you are unclear about what is suitable, our tipping guide will assist.


You will go from discounted beverages to free food.

Your food freebie will often come in the form of a coupon redeemable at one of the on-site restaurants or caf├ęs or, more usually, at a buffet.

In certain casinos, though, high-rollers may receive reservations at prominent fine dining establishments or even gourmet meals.

Buffet tokens are a very typical casino perk. 


Free rooms are among the most sought-after comps.

Even if your casino does not have a hotel, it may put you up in other area accommodations if you prove to be valuable. To qualify for free lodging, though, you must have earned your stripes at the slots or tables.

The next level up is receiving a room upgrade or possibly a suite. You may have a better chance of obtaining one during the week when there is a greater possibility of unoccupied rooms.

Despite appearances, it will not cost the casino much to distribute them, particularly during the off-season.

However, they must assume that you will spend or have recently spent more than the item’s value on the floor.

High-Stakes Comps

The holy grail of casino perks are the perks enjoyed by high-rollers. You will have to invest a substantial amount of time and money to achieve this level, and the perks will reflect that.

Comps for high-rollers or whales may include airport transfers in private vehicles and limos, as well as flights or an upgrade in ticket class to transport the gamblers to the casino floor. These comps are often customized and personalized, based on the data that casinos collect on their most promising customers.

Live entertainment can be provided to persuade high-spending customers to extend their stay or possibly bring the entire family.

Music concerts, magic shows, theater, dance performances, and athletic events, which are frequently staged within the casino complex, maybe comped via free or discounted tickets, or access to the finest seats in the house.

Wait, How Do Casino Comps Work?

On the surface, giving away things for free appears to be a poor business option.

In spite of the fact that offering free drinks to guests or comping a night in a luxury suite would cost the casino money in the short term, it will help them save money in the long run.

It is vital to keep in mind that the retail price of the complimentary item may not reflect its actual monetary value to the venue, which may purchase its components and alcoholic beverages in bulk or at a discount from wholesalers.

Consider the Matter Carefully

You intend to visit the Strip briefly while in Las Vegas for business.

However, a few free drinks or a meal may encourage you to play for a few extra hours and spend more money. And a complimentary accommodation might encourage you to extend your vacation to a weekend getaway.

The casino comp system also fosters client loyalty and fosters a bond with the casino.

The present retailer’s players with incentives to make them feel special and encourage frequent visits. It is a very competitive market; maintain your customers with tempting extras or risk losing recurring business to a competitor.

This results in guests choosing a casino depending on the hotel they like staying at the most. It makes much more sense to play at one or two casinos to perhaps earn an extra night’s stay on your future trip than to spread your time over numerous casinos with no additional rewards.

If you play a lot of money at a casino, they can offer to fly you there as part of your VIP host service at no additional charge.

How to Benefit from Casino Comps

Many players are unaware of how to maximize the value they receive in exchange for their company. If you fall into this category, read on for advice on how to obtain the finest casino comps.

The best piece of advice you’ll receive is that comps are often only worth the time and money investment for regular players or those wanting to spend a lot. Spending modest amounts rarely will yield little to no actual benefit.

Only utilize your player’s card if you want to make a substantial wager. Otherwise, your value to the casino decreases.

This casino employee on Reddit explains how casino value works and why you should only track time while spending money:

Some things casino gamblers should know about comps.

Use your reward card only when spending a substantial amount of money, with slot machines offering the most value for your money in terms of comp points.

If table games are more your style, though, ensure that you only log in when you’re prepared for a lengthy session of craps or a large wager on blackjack.

Or, even better, select a game with a reduced house advantage.

Remember that a losing streak might potentially work in your favor in terms of comps if you’re on one. Losing is never desirable or desired, but if you ultimately receive a room in exchange, it may not be all bad.

Six strategies for obtaining higher casino comps:

1. Give the impression that you’re spending more than you really are

As casino employees will be evaluating your play, make an impact by putting larger bets on your first three or four wagers and then rotating between larger and lesser amounts as discreetly as possible. Appearances are everything, so perhaps yours will stick.

2. Act like you’ve been playing longer than you have

Play at busy tables at peak hours, such as weeknights and holidays. This makes it difficult for pit bosses to monitor your gameplay. Retract your wagers every third or fourth time you place chips or credit down immediately before the bets close. This works even better with a linked card, mate.

3. Make sure you give yourself plenty of opportunities to use the restroom

When playing table games, if you participate in fewer rounds or hands than the casino predicts, it stands to reason that you will lose less while the casino predicts that you would lose more.

4. Play with a friend

Couples are awarded reward cards. You may play it safe by offsetting your bets, which entails placing twice as many wagers but, in principle, losing less of your shared budget if you bet in opposing directions, e.g., on red and black. Many casinos also permit couples or members of the same household to link their card accounts, allowing them to split spending and prizes.

5. Make it appear like you are losing

The casino will grab on to a large spender who also appears to be a huge ‘loss,’ so play the role and let everyone know when you lose. A little more cynical “trick” is to hide chips in your pocket when you leave the table so that the dealer believes you are departing with less staff than you actually have. Be cautious with this one, however. Despite the fact that you are not cheating, you do not wish to compromise security.

6. Be generous

At some casino resorts, but not all, all of your expenditures, including those at restaurants, bars, and hotels, can be credited to your reward or players’ card. If you are in a group, appear to be a big spender by purchasing a round of drinks or food. However, keep in mind that calculating these charges towards comps is always at the discretion of the particular casino.

Identifying Casinos Offering the Best Comps

The casino comps industry is competitive. Therefore, look around for the greatest value.

There is little use in accumulating points in a particular casino’s rewards system if you dislike the adjacent hotel or restaurant.

Choose the complex that offers the best service, the best drinks, the most comfortable accommodations, or one of your favorite restaurants or spas.

When it comes to Las Vegas casinos in particular, certain establishments specialize in particular comp categories, such as rooms or food. Therefore, it makes sense to pull up a stool where you’d be glad to spend time anyhow, and to develop a rapport with the staff so that they become familiar with you, your playing style, and your preferences.

This might also result in you being assigned a casino host if you are a frequent, local, or high-spending customer who merits the attention of a dedicated member of staff.

Maintaining a solid relationship with your host might make obtaining those desired comps easier each time you come. And you will feel a lot more comfortable asking someone you trust what your rights are. Ultimately, they desire your time.

Which Las Vegas casinos give the best comps is totally dependent on your budget.

You would have to wager more than a few dollars on penny slots to receive a free hotel for the night.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino and Wynn Las Vegas are ranked highly for their comps, with the latter being especially popular for its rooms; but, unless you’re a high-roller, it will likely take you significantly longer to obtain them.

If you will be gambling with a companion, be they housemates, siblings, or lovers, you may discover that the MGM Grand’s M life card facilitates the pooling of points and incentives. The casino also receives high marks for its food, drinks, and lodging amenities, making it an alluring, if pricey, all-around option.

Try the incentives at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino or Flamingo Las Vegas instead if you’ll be on a tighter budget.

Spend More, Get More

The quickest method to obtain comps in Las Vegas is to spend money. Casinos are businesses that want you to bet, and all comps are designed to reward you for doing so and encourage you to spend more.

Enjoy your well-earned freebies, but always be cautious, stick to your budget, and keep in mind that nothing is actually free.

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