Everything You Need to Know About The BIGGEST Casino in The US

Have you ever been curious about the size of the largest casino in the United States?

The WinStar World Casino and Resort can be found in Oklahoma.

There is a lot more to the WinStar World Casino and Resort than just your normal spot to play slot machines since it is the largest casino in the United States and has a good claim to being one of the largest casinos in the world. In fact, it is the largest casino in the world. As a result, here at, we’ve decided to devote some of our time and energy to present a profile of this gaming and gambling world behemoth.

In the following paragraphs, you will obtain all of the information that you want on the vast casino, hotel, and entertainment complex that put a little town in Oklahoma on the map approximately 16 years ago.

Do you want to discover how many different table games there are available to play at the world-class casino? If you could, could you bring the kids? Who is the next major band to appear on stage? Or do you have any idea where you’ll be able to get anything to eat? We’ve got you covered in every way…

Chickasaw Nation, the property’s owners

Open since: 2003

Size: Approximately 600,000 square feet of the area dedicated to gambling, with eight separate plazas featuring table games, slot machines, a poker room, a bingo hall, and betting parlors.

Where: 777 Casino Avenue, Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States of America Both Oklahoma City and Dallas can be reached within about an hour by car.

The town of Thackerville, which is found in Love County and is barely five miles from the Texas state line, is home to less than 500 people, according to the most recent population estimate. So, the most expansive casino in the United States may be found in one of the smallest cities in the nation…

The hotel has a total of 1,495 rooms, about 1,395 of which are located within the main complex, while the other rooms are located off-site.

Restaurants and Bars

At the time of our most recent inspection, pre-or post-casino snacks included classics like pizza, fries, pies, and burgers, and customers were able to indulge in a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from upscale steak to Mongolian meals and buffets.

WinStar has a wide variety of alternatives to satiate your hunger, including the following:

The following are types of restaurants and bars, ranging from upscale to more informal dining:

  • Vino’s Italian Kitchen
  • Chips N’ Ales
  • NYC Burgers & Dogs
  • Matadors Pizzeria
  • El Fenix
  • Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill
  • Capisce Ristorante Italiano
  • Le Paris Bakery & Cafe
  • Legends Bar & Grill
  • IHOP Express
  • Panda Express
  • Gran Via Buffet
  • The Rotunda Bar
  • Dairy Queen
  • Kirby’s Steakhouse
  • Khan’s Fire Mongolian Grill
  • Palladium Sports Lounge
  • Terrace Cafe
  • Red River Grill
  • Cafes & Quick Bites
  • Mist Nightclub
  • Skyline Lounge

Is WinStar suitable for families with children?

In order for customers to enter the gaming area or play any of the casino games, they need to be at least 18 years old. Nevertheless, children are only permitted to consume food in the resort’s restaurants and watch programs at the events center if they are accompanied by an adult and cannot be left unattended at any time.

What kinds of activities are offered at WinStar?

According to reports, the gaming part of the casino features more than 7,000 slot machines and almost 100 table games, some of which include crowd-pleasers and classic favorites such as blackjack and roulette. The bingo hall can accommodate up to 800 people, while the poker area has more than 46 tables.

Away from the casino, WinStar features a Global Events Center with 3,500 seats and an outdoor stadium for concerts with 7,700 seats, making it a popular destination for those who enjoy live music.

A championship golf course and academy, a spa, a gym, hot tubs, and a swimming pool with cabanas and a pool bar are available for those who would want to combine the excitement of the gaming floor with some pampering and a focus on their health and well-being.

Mist Nightclub and Palladium Sports Lounge are just two examples of the many establishments that are available to guests who choose to continue the festivities well into the early morning hours.

The Positives:

WinStar became the official corporate sponsor of the American football powerhouse, the Dallas Cowboys, in the autumn of 2018, marking what is believed to be the first-ever collaboration between a casino and a National Football League (NFL) club. Touchdown!

Kelly Clarkson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Taylor, and Maroon 5 are just a few of the well-known musicians that have taken the stage at the resort since it first opened its doors to the public.

The hotel provides guests with a genuine vacation resort experience throughout all of its four distinct lodging zones. In addition, the hotel features round-the-clock room service, workout facilities, and a luxurious pool.

Each of the casino’s eight gaming zones is themed after a different world-famous city, such as Cairo, Paris, Rio, or London, and they each bear the city’s name.

Because neither the poker room nor the gaming plaza at the Rio allows smoking, the casino floor is a pleasant environment for all guests.

I’m curious about the appearance of the gaming plazas. Take a stroll through the Rio portion of WinStar’s casino:

The Negatives:

No canines are permitted on the premises. If you plan on staying in the hotel attached to the casino, you will be required to find another location for your pet companion. On the premises of the casino, only animals that provide a necessary service are permitted. Even if it may be the largest casino in the United States, your dog won’t be able to join you inside.

What individuals are stating:

According to the words of one reviewer on TripAdvisor, “I come at least once a month for a two-day break of fun, relaxation, and gaming.”

“We enjoy how the casino is separated into different sections of the world and the shuttle service that will transport you from one end to the other,” remarked one recent visitor. “Awesome slot machines, many of which are interactive,” added another recent visitor. The variety of delicious food options is wonderful.

One traveler’s review on TripAdvisor referred to the establishment as a “fun location to visit and play” and praised the “great” quality of the meals.

According to yet another review that can be found on TripAdvisor, the “hotel accommodations were superb,” “gaming was entertaining,” and “overall, the visit was a delight.”

“Enormous casino packed with every kind of exciting sensory stimulation you could possibly hope to find. A patron commented on the Facebook page the casino that it was a wonderful experience.

Winstar vs. Foxwoods

It’s important to mention that Foxwoods Resort Casino describes itself as “The largest resort casino in North America,” so let’s look at that.

This boast is technically accurate because it uses the phrase “resort,” which refers to the enormous amount of area that the hotel and casino offer for activities other than gaming. The WinStar Resort and Casino only has 1,400 hotel rooms, while Foxwoods has 2,200. In addition, there are more than twice as many restaurants at Foxwoods.

The enormous Foxwoods complex contains over nine million square feet of interior space, which dwarfs the overall size of WinStar. This space is comprised of hotels, clubs, conference space, recreation amenities, spas, restaurants, and retail shopping sections, among other establishments.

On the other hand, the six linked casinos that are part of Foxwoods Resort have a total casino-only square footage of 344,000. It is still only the second largest casino in the United States despite the fact that it is now enormous due to this fact.

In terms of gaming machines, which can include slot machines, video poker machines, electronic blackjack games, and a variety of other options, WinStar is superior to Foxwoods.

WinStar Casino boasts 8,600 different slot machines, but Foxwoods only has 4,800 machines to choose from at its casino.

However, Foxwoods offers more than twice as many table games as WinStar does. They have 250 different table games, including blackjack, Let It Ride, and many more. WinStar only has 100 table games.

How did WinStar grow to be the most successful casino in the country?

The casino may be found in a desolate area about two miles north of the Red River, which serves as both the state line between Oklahoma and Texas and well as the boundary between the two jurisdictions. This is an unexpected site for the gambling industry leader in the United States.

But why is it that in a country with over 300 million people, the largest casino in the United States is located in a town as small as Thackerville?

The fact that a casino located in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country is the largest gaming establishment in the whole country is the primary (and really the only) explanation for this.

The WinStar is located less than 100 miles from the heart of Dallas, Texas. And a recent estimate by the United States Census Bureau placed the population of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area at a little less than 7 million people (6.95 million, to be more specific).

The WinStar is one of only two casinos located within 100 miles of this rapidly expanding urban region, and its advantageous location allows it to take advantage of the competition. (The other one is the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, which is located around 91 miles distant).

Other than the Choctaw Casino, which is located around 60 miles to the east, the WinStar Casino does not have any local competitors. This is in stark contrast to virtually every other casino in the United States. There are no other casinos just across the street from the WinStar, nor any farther down the road, which means they have no competition for the gambling cash of people in the Dallas region.

When you’re the only casino within a driving time of an hour and a half for seven million people, you’re going to do pretty well for yourself. That’s what I’m trying to say, anyhow.

In point of fact, more than three million of WinStar’s 3.5 million yearly guests arrive at the resort via automobile from the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan region. According to estimations provided by several industry analysts, around 90 percent of WinStar’s clientele hails from the Dallas/North Texas region.

The WinStar World Resort and Casino, located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, has the distinction of being the largest casino in the United States. This is despite the fact that Foxwoods earns points for its sheer overall size, and the casinos along the Las Vegas Strip earn points for their pizazz.

The WinStar World Casino and Resort Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is the WinStar Casino located?

A. The WinStar may be found in the very southwestern tip of Oklahoma, directly across the Red River from the state border that divides Oklahoma and Texas in the far north. In point of fact, the southernmost part of the enormous WinStar complex is located less than two miles from the sign denoting the state boundary between Oklahoma and Texas. The distance from Oklahoma City to this location is 133 miles.

In order to gamble at the WinStar Casino, what is the minimum age requirement?

A. The minimum age to gamble at the WinStar is 18, but there is no upper age limit.

Who exactly is the owner of the WinStar?

A. The Chickasaw Nation Indian Tribe is the owner of the resort and also manages it, as well as five other casinos, one of which being the Riverwind Casino near Norman. The property held by the tribe spans more than 7,000 square miles and is located in southern Oklahoma. According to the most current data compiled by the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, there are more than 70,000 people who identify as Chickasaw Nation members. Their headquarters may be found in Ada, Oklahoma, which is situated around 145 miles to the north of the WinStar.

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