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Responsible Gambling Organisations You Can Turn to for Help

Whether you favor casino games or sports betting, gambling can be a lot of fun. At various periods of the day, millions of players throughout the world engage in gambling as a way to waste time or blow off steam, while others bet professionally.

On renowned online casino sites such as the Ice Casino, casual players may enjoy games like the Cash Pump slot machine and other entertaining titles. On the other hand, more competitive professional players like strategy-based games like poker and may even compete in tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

As with any other activity or habit in life, excessive consumption is harmful. A tiny number of gamblers, often fewer than 5 percent of a region’s population, develop a gambling addiction (pathological gambling and compulsive gambling). The fact that gambling is frequently accompanied by an adrenaline surge or euphoria upon winning elicits emotional responses in the brain, making it somewhat addictive for some players.

There are organisations across the world that assist in compulsive combat gambling in order to aid those affected. Typically, the operations of these organisations involve giving free information about the hazards of gambling addiction, in addition to counseling and advice. In the event that you or someone you know exhibits indications of compulsive gambling, the following are some of the most respected organisations in the world known to provide assistance for gambling addicts:


GamCare is the nation’s premier source of free counseling and assistance for those with gambling addiction. The organisation, which is situated in the United Kingdom, assists anyone who wishes to work on themselves and overcome their gambling addiction. GamCare has built a variety of communication methods, including phone, live chat, group chat, email, and a forum, to make it simple for anybody interested in contacting its professional agents to do so. Additionally, the organisation has many physical places where aid may be obtained.


As its name implies, BeGambleAware assists persons who are dependent on gambling so that they can recover from their bad habits and regain control of their life. BeGambleAware, which is also located in the United Kingdom, works tirelessly to raise awareness about problem gambling and advocates responsible involvement in the activity. There are several materials on the organisation’s official website that explain the specific definition of problem gambling and what it means to be addicted to gambling.


In many countries where gambling is a popular habit, GamblersAnonymous-affiliated groups have been founded to anonymously assist problem gamblers in regaining their regular lives. Typically, these are free-to-join groups with frequent consultations and conversations where addicts share their challenges and what they’re doing to get their lives back on track. In addition, there are online forums and chatrooms for Gamblers Anonymous where compulsive gamblers may share their stories and support one another.


ChoiceNotChance is an anti-gambling website in New Zealand that educates and sensitizes people about how harmful gambling can be if you’re not careful. ChoiceNotChance has posted a large number of interactive information visuals on their website to educate the public about the addictive potential of gambling. In addition, there are numerous chapters that outline the procedures to take if you feel that someone you know is suffering from a severe gambling addiction.


If you dwell in Australia and believe that your gambling is out of control, you can utilize GamblingHelpOnline. GamblingHelpOnline is an organisation comprised of several action points that collectively fully address gambling addiction. Whether you’re the one afflicted or you’d like to help a friend or family member, Australia’s GamblingHelpOnline provides everything you need.

Canada Safety Council

When compared to other gambling assistance organisations, Canada Safety Council is not a true anti-gambling organisation. Nevertheless, compulsive gambling is one of its primary topics. Specifically, the Canada Safety Council organisation addresses anything, including gambling, that may pose a hazard to the public’s safety. It focuses on education, prevention, and increasing awareness about the consequences of gambling addiction.

NCP Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling is the primary source of information about problem gambling for Americans. NCP Gambling provides aid on a national scale and undertakes frequent efforts to educate the public about the very addictive nature of gambling when it is performed carelessly.


GamblingHelpline in New Zealand is a resourceful platform that connects problem gamblers with addiction-fighting specialists. The organisation provides communication channels, such as a toll-free telephone number, SMS messages, and online forums, so that anybody may reach them anytime necessary. In addition, the Gambling Helpline provides a wealth of relevant information about the effects gambling addiction can have on people and their loved ones.

Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF)

The Problem Gambling Foundation, based in New Zealand, offers free support to anyone impacted by gambling addiction. From the ‘Get assistance’ area, a selection of health clinics in New Zealand’s major cities are easily accessible. In addition to information, you will also find many other useful data, such as statistics on slot machines and gambling in general.

Gambling Therapy

It is an organisation devoted to assisting people with mobile gambling addictions. There is an app available for download for Android and iOS devices. You can phone their open customer service number whenever necessary. Their application is available in several languages, making it accessible from countries across the globe.


Obviously, there are organisations that can assist you, but have you ever considered self-exclusion?

Almost every casino includes a self-exclusion feature that allows you to exclude yourself from the site for a period of time, whether it is a day, a week, a month, or a year. You may just self-exclude yourself from the casino, barring you from ever spending money there again.

Simply locate the “Responsible Gambling” section, which is often located at the bottom of the online casino’s webpage.

This is typically one of the most effective techniques to get control over your gambling, stopping you from losing track and providing you a break when you need it most.

You may also establish deposit limitations, allowing you to deposit more per “a certain time period” if you so want.

Here is Some Advice

You have the right to feel emotionally and financially secure, as well as protected. It is essential to protect oneself from any harm that may result from a family member or friend’s gambling habit.

To explore your alternatives, seek legal, financial, and other professional advice. Contacting a gambling counselor is an excellent first step.

You are not to blame

Managing the gambling behavior of a family member or close friend can be taxing. Utilize your energies to improve your own condition, not theirs. It is essential to recall:

  • You cannot compel a family member or close friend to admit they have a gambling issue.
  • They cannot be compelled to quit gambling.
  • No matter what you say or do, the gambler is ultimately the only person who can quit gambling.
  • Problem gambling, not the gambler, is the issue.
  • You are not responsible for their actions.

Your connection to the gambler

Gambling problems can damage relationships. Among the suggestions are:

  • Inform the gambler of the detrimental effects their gambling has on you. Communicate your emotions with care and candor.
  • Do not attempt to manage the gambler’s life. It will fail and make you miserable.
  • Let the gambler know you are willing to assist. They could feel helpless, humiliated, or ashamed. You might express your readiness to assist them.
  • Communicate with them as an equal. Avoid attempting to shield them.
  • Assist them in their battle, but do not assume their responsibilities. Choose to reply, “I cannot accomplish this for you, but I will be with you as you do the task.”
  • Permit them to accept responsibility for their conduct. Let them deal with creditors and their workplace, for example. Do not aid them in lying and deception.

Practical measures to prevent monetary harm

People with a gambling issue typically have trouble managing money when gambling chances are available. Take precautions to safeguard yourself and your loved people from financial harm. General advice includes:

  • Seek expert advice on how to safeguard the assets and income of your family.
  • Do not lend money to the gambler.
  • Avoid paying the gambler’s debts.
  • Determine if you are able to manage the gambler’s funds. If not, you may need to keep your bank and credit card accounts separate.

Avoid inheriting the gambler’s debt by removing your name from joint accounts. If you have shared credit or loans with a gambler, a gambling counselor can help you prevent a poor credit history.

  • Take charge of the money, such as by setting up direct debits for bills, mortgages, and other recurring payments and limiting access to cash.
  • Create a budget and allocate spending money to each family member, including the problem gambler.

Check the mail for your own bills

  • Maintain financial records of all assets, income, spending, donations, and gifts.
  • Photocopy and store in secure location copies of essential papers such as the deed to the property, marriage and birth certificates, and tax file numbers.
  • Do not sign anything that you do not fully comprehend or are not willing to pay for.
  • Do not lend EFTPOS or credit cards, share PINs, or leave such information where it can be discovered.

Confide in dependable people

Oftentimes, friends and family members feel alone and lonely. It may be beneficial to seek the assistance of others. Communicate with dependable people who will not judge you or the gambler. Consider speaking candidly with other impacted family members so that you may assist one another.

Socialize Yourself

Spending time socializing with others might reduce stress. You are not required to discuss your concerns if you choose not to. Taking time for enjoyable activities might prevent you from becoming absorbed by another person’s gambling. Maintain your connections, pursue your interests and hobbies, and engage in fun activities.

Take care of your health

A nutritious diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest can enhance health and raise stress tolerance. A gambling counselor can provide you with further self-care advice.

Making relationship-related decisions

You might need to emotionally and physically separate yourself from the gambler. Your connection with them may end or radically alter in the near or distant future. If taking action endangers your safety or the safety of others, you may require expert assistance.

If there is a communication breakdown between you and the gambler, relationship counseling and mediation might be a safer alternative for addressing issues and seeking solutions.

Seek assistance for yourself

Dealing with a loved one’s gambling addiction may be quite upsetting. If you are experiencing extreme despair, worry, or rage, you should consult a specialist who understands problem gambling. Counseling or self-help groups might assist you in making crucial relationship decisions.

Gambler’s Help is a free service for those whose people have been impacted by gambling. Gambler’s Help services are accessible throughout Victoria and offer:

  • Free, professional, and confidential counseling for those whose people are affected by gambling
  • Counseling for the family and friends of gambling-affected people
  • Financial counseling to assist people with gambling-related financial difficulties
  • Counseling on self-exclusion programs and additional support services
  • Community education to lessen the harmful consequences of gambling on communities.

To maintain the balance and provide a safe and secure gambling environment for the global population, these organisations contribute significantly to the rehabilitation and healthy living of gambling addicts. Moreover, they provide much-needed information about the activity as a preventative measure to promote responsible gambling.

Final Remarks

You may believe that this struggle is insurmountable, but there is support available to assist you.

The majority of casinos devote a significant amount of time to gambling awareness and prevention, with organisations such as BeGambleAware and Gamblers Anonymous doing their utmost to assist those who suffer from gambling addiction.

You are always welcome to share your comments with Lucky Mobile Slots, and we will always do our best to point you on the correct path if you are having trouble. You are not alone, assistance is available, and it is preferable to leave totally rather than go into financial problems.

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