Blackjack – Basic Strategy Guide

Blackjack is a great strategy game with the best balance in history. It is a card game where the luck factor plays a huge part in the game. However, there is a key tip to remember in order to win the game. Once you have a large amount of money in the casino, you can’t afford to lose it and so your strategy should be to minimize your losses by maximizing your profits. If you are losing money, you should immediately leave the table and look for another table where you will not be paid off immediately.


Lucky Number 19

To get a lucky number in Blackjack, make sure that you are wearing green. For example if you were wearing yellow, and you were playing against an opponent who wears green, you would have a 50% chance of winning. So wearing green will give you a huge advantage. However, these things are just things, these are not reality.

Blackjack – Introduction to Heads Up

The hand we will look at in this tutorial is a fairly standard two dealer game that you will see in casinos and is known as Heads-Up Blackjack.

Blackjack – Basics of two dealer games

In blackjack, two dealer games are used to conduct the game. This means that two players are using two decks to play a game of blackjack. In this game, the dealer turns a card face down that belongs to one of the players and then the next card is turned face up. Then the player is allowed to lay the top card on their opponent’s side and follow with the next card.

The dealer may then also lay one card face up to finish the process. This is the basic game of blackjack, but each dealer usually has a few house rules which might be different to the actual game. In addition, different cards are dealt at each table.

  • The Card Phase

The first phase of the game is called “card dealing”. Here, the dealer holds the cards and lays them face down to show the other players. A player can see a particular card that belongs to their own hand, but cannot look at other players cards. When the dealer turns a card face up, all players can see it.

  • The “Collar” Phase

Next, a second phase of the game occurs where one player can win, called “covering”. In this phase, the dealer spins three cards that have the highest card value. One card with the lowest card value is now hidden from view. It is possible for the player to then say the “spot” card that this card has and the player that said it is then allowed to lay the card face down. However, if the player turns his or her card face up, then the player has to pay a stake of 5 to 6%. The player has to pay this money in order to win this card.

  • The “Bets” Phase

Next, the card dealer spins one more card and the players decide whether they want to take the deal. In this phase, if the player takes the deal, he or she must pay the bet that was placed on the card. In the example above, the player that chose the lower card of the three faces down, has to pay £5 which goes to the house. The player who chooses the higher card, now faces the same £5 but has to pay the stake of 2 to 4.

  • The “house calls” phase

The final phase of the game is called “house calls”. In this phase, the dealer holds the cards and will flip them over. The dealer will then say “house calls”, which means he will put a card in his pocket, and everyone has to pay.

Best Blackjack Strategies

Ok, that might be enough about the basic game of Blackjack. It’s time now to talk about strategies for playing in this casino game.

The 21

The 21 is a famous blackjack strategy, where the player must play only blackjack cards in a game of 21. This means that when there are 12 cards left in the hand, only playing 21 of those cards is legal. This means that the player can play a minimum of 5 cards, before laying one of their cards for the final 11.

The player must always count up the remaining cards, after each hand. If they count them to more than 21, the player has to add to his or her stake. For example, a player with a pair of clubs, in a hand of 14 cards, counts the three cards he is holding in his hand. The player needs to add them all up to 21. That’s why the most important aspect of the 21 strategy, is the counting. If you make a mistake counting, you risk losing money on the stake you’ve paid.

That’s why, one thing that this player must pay attention to, is to avoid putting the card that has a higher card value. Playing a jack of spades into a pair of queens, will lose you a lot of money. In addition, the player must understand that the cards have a potential range of 1 to 21. There’s no exact number when it comes to the range of the possible outcomes. The 21 strategy is basically perfect for the players that like making odds.

The 21 strategy – Pros

  • The player does not lose money when he or she is bluffing.
  • You can see every card
  • You don’t have to worry about incomplete combos.
  • You don’t have to worry about unplayable hands.
  • You can play any strategy in a maximum of 21.

The player doesn’t have to play his or her “deck” in a particular order, since he can also keep drawing the cards.

The Player’s Hand

Another popular blackjack strategy, is the player’s hand. Basically, the player’s hand is determined by his or her winning hand. The player plays his or her winning hand, or hand cards, with any hand size. You must always keep in mind that a player cannot make combos with their cards. For example, if your cards are a king of hearts and a queen of spades, it doesn’t mean that you can make a three of hearts.

This means that if the dealer deals a three of hearts, you have to play a three of spades instead. The player that played the three of hearts, will have to add it to his or her hand. A player cannot play the same card three times in a row. He or she must also make sure that the card that he or she played was in a different suit.

What this player must do, is not worry about whether or not he or she can win a hand. This is the easiest way to lose money in a casino game. Instead, the player needs to focus on the statistics of winning hands. This player needs to figure out, what are the chances that he or she can win the game with his or her hands.

The player can then combine the strategy, of keeping a certain hand size with the concept of your cards. The player cannot put a hand strategy into a game, that he or she can’t win. If you start with a hand strategy that you know you can’t win, the player will be losing a lot of money.

The Player’s Hand – Pros

  • A player gets his or her winnings in a more efficient manner.
  • The player can be more relaxed
  • No need to change his or her hand.
  • The player does not have to pay attention to possible combinations.
  • The player can concentrate on other aspects of the game.

All players have to remember that a player cannot play the same cards three times in a row. For example, if a player has a three of clubs and a three of spades, he cannot play a three of spades. It doesn’t make sense.

The Card Count

The third best blackjack strategy is the card count. Basically, a player with this strategy can make use of the dealer’s hand. The player has to know that the dealer’s hand is a random hand, and therefore is the weakest one. The player should also know that the dealer’s hand is different for every game. Therefore, it will be difficult to calculate the exact percentage.

If the player uses a very smart strategy, he can try to make his dealer’s hand lose. In this way, the player can collect a good portion of chips. It won’t be easy to win chips in blackjack. However, it is possible to win the game. The strategy, of calculating the percentage of possible winning hands, is called “Critical Value.” Basically, the player should know the percentage of losing hands, and he should know which percentage of winning hands he can win.

The player needs to do this, so that he or she can use the strategy, of calculating a Critical Value. The player will want to keep a certain percentage, so that he or she will know how many chips he or she needs to win. You can calculate the Critical Value, by adding up the total number of chips, and the total number of cards, for each hand.

For example, if a player has a three of clubs and a three of spades, and he has a 10-sided die, and the dealer has a six-sided die, then the Critical Value, is 25. The player knows, that if he or she can make a 6 on the six-sided die, then the Critical Value, will be 25. That means that if the player plays a six on the dice, he or she will win a hand, if he or she plays a hand of 21.

Since the player knows the critical value, he or she can calculate how many chips he or she has, and how many chips he or she needs to win. A player has to keep in mind, that he or she cannot put a hand strategy into a game, that he or she can’t win. If you start with a hand strategy that you know you can’t win, the player will be losing a lot of money. The player can concentrate on other aspects of the game.

What is a reasonable critical value?

The correct Critical Value is defined as follows:

The Critical Value is defined as the number of chips that a player needs to win a hand. For example, if you play a hand of 21 in blackjack and you have 21 chips and a 10-sided die, then your Critical Value is 21.

That is, for each hand, it will be an important percentage.

The Card’s Count – Pros

  • This is a fast and effective strategy for a player who is losing a lot of chips.
  • The player can make use of the dealer’s cards.
  • It is not necessary to have a lot of information about the dealer’s cards.
  • It is very easy to use this strategy.

Card Count – Cons

  • You will have a very hard time with this strategy.
  • It is not very effective.
  • Many players don’t know the Critical Value.
  • It takes a lot of time.
  • You need to study the rules, to calculate this Critical Value.
  • You need to have a lot of chips.


We have discussed three main strategies for Blackjack. These strategies have to be combined in a way, that you will win the game. The most important factor is, how you will do it, when the game starts. A lot of people lose a lot of chips, if they can’t figure out the best strategy, when the game starts.

If you want to win a lot of chips in blackjack, then you should concentrate on this strategy. If you are interested in the strategy and tactics, to play blackjack, then you will enjoy this. It shows a lot of strategies to play this game, but it also shows the very important Critical Value.

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