Tipping In Vegas

Your Guide To Tipping In Vegas: Who, How Much & When

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas for high-stakes entertainment, the last thing you want to worry about is making a casino tourist faux pas.

Tipping etiquette can confound even the most knowledgeable individuals. There are several factors to consider: who should I tip? How much is sufficient? What if the service was unsatisfactory?

Sometimes it seems like every city or even every venue has its own laws, and every tipper has a different idea on how much to leave.

However, no one wishes to be recognized as a lousy tipper or, worse, a miser.

And a favorable customer-server interaction may make or break a trip, particularly if you visit the same casinos, bars, or restaurants during your stay.

Read our guide on why, when, and how much to tip in Las Vegas if you are a rookie, a newcomer, or simply unaware of how things work in Sin City.

Why You Ought to Tip?

When you travel across the world, particularly in Europe, you will notice that tipping is typically left to the discretion of the customer.

However, things are different in the United States. Tipping may not be required by law, but it is anticipated.

It is more than a sign of appreciation or acknowledgment; it is a cultural standard that is regarded seriously.

The primary reason for this is the minimum wage.

According to reports, service sector workers in the United States may expect to make around $7.25 per hour without tips or $2.13 per hour with a minimum of $30 per month in tips.

If you earn as low as $2 per hour, you will rely largely on gratuities to make up the difference in your revenue.

From greeting possibly hundreds of clients every day to order, serving, remembering regulars and promotions, and resolving inquiries and complaints, working tables is difficult. Therefore, remember to tip.

Even though it may damper your holiday mood, tipping is required in Las Vegas, where it is on the decline.

What Should You Tip in Las Vegas?

The normal tipping range in Las Vegas and the rest of the United States is between 15 and 20 percent.

So long as you keep to those amounts while paying the bill in the casino restaurant or bar, you will be secure.

However, if you received exceptional service, there is nothing preventing you from giving more tips.

You may even become known as a “George,” which is slang for a generous tipper. It is far preferable to be referred to as “stiff.”

Should You Leave Different Tips For Various Services?

As previously said, a visit to a casino will put you in touch with a variety of employees that rely on gratuities to supplement their income.

So, although the 15-20 percent guideline applies to servers, bartenders, and hostesses at casino restaurants and bars, what about the remainder?

The rule of thumb is as follows:

  1. Casino Hosts

Check the casino’s policies and regulations prior to tipping the host.

Some venues have strong policies about cash presents, so your generosity might land someone in hot water if it seems to be a bribe.

However, if you have permission, it is typically better to do so at the conclusion of your stay, with gift vouchers, bets, and bonuses being common options.

  • Dealers

As you play or as you leave, tip your dealer.

Two to five percent of your total wins is the norm, but you are free to determine the amount based on your performance and enjoyment.

For poker dealers, a $1 chip is the bare minimum, while the size of the pot might be used as a guide.

Without gratuities, the majority of Las Vegas casino dealers would be earning minimum wage. How much should you tip Las Vegas dealers?

When I’m playing table games, I prefer to tip the dealer $5 to $10 after a huge hand or a string of good cards. Generally, I do not wait till the conclusion of my session since I am less inclined to be giving when I am down. Reward the dealers that provide you with a FANTASTIC experience and reduce your tipping when their service or demeanor falls below your standards. Tipping for excellent service while playing will enhance your pleasure of the game.

  • Service in the room

Tip 10-20 percent. Due to often more expensive bills, less service,’ and hotels’ tendency to tack on additional fees, there is probably a bit more freedom here.

  • Buffet Service

Use the price of the buffet and the level of service provided as a guide.

Usually, a bit less than in a restaurant, the usual tip is between $2 to $5 per person or 10 percent of the meal.

  • Spa Staff

Some casino and hotel spas automatically add 20 percent to the price of every spa service.

If not, go for the tried-and-true 15-20 percent rule, depending on the efficacy of your treatment.

  • Drinks Runner/Drinks Service

When someone gives you a beverage on the casino floor or at the slot machines, it normally costs $1.

If you’re feeling flush or relying on consistent and attentive service, you might choose to spend a few extra bucks or adhere to the 15 to 20 percent rule.

  • Housekeepers

The average cost each night is between $1 and $3.

However, exercise judgment and consider variables such as the size of the room or suite, the number of visitors, any special requests, and your level of messiness.

Remember to include a letter with the cash so that it is not lost.

  • Bellhops

Go with $2 to $3 for each bag and increase the price for expedited service or heavy lifting.

  • Limo Drivers

If you travel in style, a $20 tip is suggested.

If your driver has extensive local expertise and goes above and above, you may choose to pay a bit more.

Other Drivers and Servants

As a general rule of thumb, 20% of the price for taxi and Uber drivers.

$5 for a hotel shuttle driver who will assist with your bags or $2 to the airport.

$2 to $5 is the typical amount for valet service.

Just be cautious not to tip a driver that took you the long way around!

What Happens If a Service Fee Is Already Included in the Bill?

With mandated service charges on drinks bills, escalating costs, and other levies, it might be unclear if you should also tip on top of these expenses.

It’s usual for restaurants to add a service fee to the bill, especially if it’s the holiday season or you’re dining with a large group.

However, if the bill indicates that a gratuity has been included, you are not required to add anything additional unless you so want.

And the same reasoning applies if you believe the rate to be excessive and prefer to pay less.

Should You Tip Despite Poor Service?

What should you do if the service has been unreasonably sluggish, unpleasant, or simply terrible?

The straightforward response is to speak with the restaurant or bar management.

If you believe the service was unworthy of a tip, it would be unwise to remain silent.

Attempting to depart without explaining the absence of a tip can generate unpleasant inquiries.

In case of uncertainty, a 10 percent reduction in the tip for restaurants and bars will also convey the message.

Can You Leave a Tip With Chips?

It does occur, albeit technically, no.

Even when in your possession, chips remain casino property. They were never truly yours to give away.

Make sure you always have cash on hand and read our guide to ATMs in Las Vegas to avoid harsh penalties.


Tipping in Vegas. It might be difficult to choose who to tip and how much, particularly for individuals from countries where tipping is not traditional.

Not considering gratuities in advance might create an awkward scenario or result in subpar service.

We wish to assist you in avoiding that judgmental look and care for those who care for us. It is vital to plan ahead for tipping so that you are not caught off guard and have the necessary information and money denominations to confidently tip in Las Vegas.

Our Las Vegas tipping guide details the appropriate minimum amounts. Feel free to go above and above to brighten someone’s day and, more importantly, to accrue positive karma. We are certain that slot machines know how much you tipped… or did not tip.

How Much to Tip Slot Attendants in Las Vegas for a Handpay Jackpot?

You won big at a slot machine in Las Vegas. Congrats! Now that the slot machine attendant is calculating your handpay, you’re experiencing a mini-panic attack over how much to tip. You should not overdo it, but you should also not be miserly.

We recommend tipping roughly 1 percent ($20 on a $2,000 jackpot), although it is usual for people to tip up to 2 percent on smaller jackpots, depending on the level of service received.

The challenge here is to avoid feeling compelled to overtip, particularly as the prize sum climbs. It would be ludicrous to tip 1 percent on a $10 million MegaBucks win, for example. That would be a tip of $100,000!

Plan your slot machine play. Know in advance how much you intend to tip the attendant for both minor and large jackpots, should you win.

How Much to Tip in Las Vegas for Free Drinks?

One of the nicest elements of Las Vegas is the availability of free drinks while gaming, but how much should you tip the cocktail waitress? Ensure that the drinks continue to flow by tipping your server at least $1 for each drink, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic.

If I’ll be at a table or slot machine for a while and have had excellent service, I’ll leave a few $2, $3, or $5 tips every few drinks as a thank you, to demonstrate my gratitude, and to encourage the server to continue providing excellent service.

How Much to Tip Las Vegas Casino Dealers?

Without gratuities, the majority of Las Vegas casino dealers would be earning minimum wage. How much should you tip Las Vegas dealers?

When I’m playing table games, I prefer to tip the dealer $5 to $10 after a huge hand or a string of good cards. Generally, I do not wait till the conclusion of my session since I am less inclined to be giving when I am down. Reward the dealers that provide you with a FANTASTIC experience and reduce your tipping when their service or demeanor falls below your standards. Tipping for excellent service while playing will enhance your pleasure of the game.

How Much Cash Should You Tip Street Performers?

You are not required to tip street performers in Las Vegas. They cannot establish a price for their services, even if they labor for tips. Tipping a few bucks to a maximum of $5 is reasonable if you wish to pose for a memento photo. Frequently, you will be subjected to intense pressure to pay up to $20 per person extra. Don’t feel compelled to give more than you can comfortably afford.

How Much Should You Tip Ride-Share Drivers?

Your first encounter in Las Vegas will be with the driver who will take you to the Strip or downtown. It is appropriate to tip between 15 and 20 percent of the base charge amount.

What is an Appropriate tip for Shuttle Drivers?

Typically, it is sufficient to slip a few singles into the tip jar as you depart the bus at your destination.

How Much to Tip at Las Vegas Buffets?

Because buffets are self-service, you may reduce your tip to a few bucks per person.

How Much to Tip Hotel Front Desk Personnel?

There is no need to tip when checking into a Las Vegas hotel unless you receive an exceptional level of service or an unexpectedly upgraded room. Some visitors to Las Vegas will employ the $20 scam by giving the front desk clerk $20 in advance in an attempt to receive an upgrade.

How Much to Tip Vegas Tour Guides

We recommend tipping your tour guide between $5 and $20, regardless of whether you are going on a tour of the haunted places in Las Vegas or a full-day excursion to Bryce Canyon or the Hoover Dam.

The tip amount can be determined by the expense and duration of the expedition, as well as the guide’s expertise. You can’t go wrong if you choose to tip, even if many do not.


We encourage that you do not “tip” or offer money to the homeless persons with “Need Money for Weed” or similar placards bordering the strip. Donate instead to a local organization that supports that population.

Nightclub Personnel

I do not belong there. I would have no idea what to do in a nightclub. Specifically, what are you to do with your hands? I’d resemble one of those oddballs with the balloon arms you see at auto showrooms. I’d rather spend the night throwing dice. Here, you’re on your own, but I’m sure tipping is involved.

Prior to tipping Las Vegas’s nightlife, it is crucial to be prepared for circumstances requiring gratuities. One of the most common errors made by vacationers is feeling obligated to tip excessively. Visit Las Vegas with the knowledge and exact bill denominations needed to tip correctly for the service you get so that both you and the service provider are satisfied.

Your last Vegas tipping lesson. Give the recipient’s hand a tip. Don’t be as weird as the man who used to slip a tip into my back pocket while I packed his goods. This is currently frowned upon except while in a strip club.

Tipping in Las Vegas need not be difficult. Simply anticipate your probable contacts and bring an abundance of tiny dollars. Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas!

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