Old Vegas Slots

Old Vegas Slots: Free Casino Classics on iPhone and Android

  • Old Vegas Slots, which was developed by DGN Games and is one of the most popular apps for playing vintage slot machines online, now available.
  • The mobile download may be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.
  • Download Old Vegas Slots to get this exciting new casino journey started off right!

DGN Games is a multinational video game developer with headquarters in Austin, Texas. The app that we are going to go through today was developed by the company.

Old Vegas Slots

Old Vegas Slots, free software that has an exceptional variety of slot machine games, was developed with the intention of providing users with “the ultimate downtown Vegas experience.” This app shows great promise as a potential product.

Nevertheless, we must make one thing quite clear: it is not the greatest that the industry has to offer.

During the course of our evaluations, we discovered that Old Vegas Slots is an excellent and free application that possesses a significant amount of potential. But despite its improvements, it cannot compete with Slotomania and the other leading games of its sort.

Is this the free Slots software you have been searching for all along? Should you download the Old Vegas Slots app on your phone?



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You may link your Facebook account to play Slotomania on your PC, or you can download the free Slotomania app for iOS and Android to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet. The procedure has been streamlined and made extremely easy, which means that you will be able to start playing free slots in a matter of minutes.

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Dragon Lore, Despicable Wolf 2, Ghost Motel, and the high-limit version of Nashville Nights are just some of the free slot slots that can be played at Slotomania. There are hundreds more. When it comes to playing slot machines online for free, Slotomania players have a wide variety of options available to them.

The first version of Slotomania was released in September of 2011, making it over ten years ago. It was just one year after Playtika was established that it first went live, making it the flagship free-to-play online casino for the brand.

Because online gambling is perfectly legal in the United States, about half of Slotomania’s user base is comprised of players from that country. Each and every day, millions of players sign in to their Slotomania accounts and begin spinning the reels, all in the vain hope that they may spin one of the game’s several jackpots.

Players of Slotomania have their choice of more than 160 different free online slots to play whenever they choose. When you first start playing, some of the slots will be unavailable to you, but you will rapidly unlock them as you play and accumulate experience points. These points add up rapidly since they are granted after each spin, regardless of whether or not the spin results in a winning combination.

Slotomania, like the majority of goods made by Playtika, is a lot of fun owed, in part, to the fact that the experience you get is story-driven. You start out on a journey that is littered with free gifts, free spins, bonuses, and other perks as you climb the various levels of your account and progress through the Playtika Rewards loyalty program. This journey begins when you sign up for the Playtika Rewards loyalty program.

Slotomania Recognizes and Appreciates Your Loyalty

Playtika Rewards, Slotomania’s excellent player rewards program, is available to all players. The plan has a total of seven different levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, royal diamond, and black diamond. As players go through the levels, they become eligible for better bonuses, larger multipliers, and a greater number of free coins.

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You are in luck regardless of the social media platform you like to use, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. To get your free Slotomania coins, all you have to do is visit the Slotomania page on each of their websites.

Always keep in mind that you have the opportunity to gain free Slotomania coins whenever you play!

Keep reading to find out not just the answers you want but also extra information.

Old Vegas Slots App in Detail

You receive a mobile app that lets you play a variety of free slot machine games when you purchase Old Vegas Slots.

Old Vegas Slots includes an in-app point system, just like the majority of other social casinos. When you play a slot machine and spin the reels, you accumulate a certain number of points.

You may advance through the game’s many levels by collecting points and using them to do so. At each successive level, you get better bonuses, fresh games, and exclusive offers.

In addition to the standard games, Old Vegas Slots offers a substantial number of exciting slot machine tournaments. These are multi-player tournaments in which you face off against other players who play slots in an effort to earn jackpot rewards.

You do not need to spend any money to participate in the Slots tournaments because they are free, just like everything else on our application. However, in order to participate, you will need to pay a buy-in fee.

The ‘credits’ that are used within the app serve as its kind of currency, and each buy-in will set you back a certain sum of those credits.

This app’s name gives away the fact that all of the Slots it contains are faithful recreations of classic slot machine games found in Las Vegas. This is an excellent program for locating games that have the artwork, symbols, bells, and sounds of classic Vegas slots machines.

More than a hundred different video games are available to play within this app, and brand new games are added to the library on a monthly basis.

Old Vegas Slots is the only place where you can play any of these games, which means they are all DGN Games’ original creations.

15,000 Credits Absolutely Free Upon Registration

Your journey on the Old Vegas Slots app kicks off with a welcome bonus of 15,000 free credits to get you started.

The freebie is a no deposit bonus, and all players are eligible to get it because this is free social gaming software.

Although the bonus is not as sizable as those found on other applications of the same kind, it is a respectable beginning with which to become acquainted with the slot machine games that are part of the Old Vegas Slots collection.

Featured Advantages

The finest features of this software are the wide variety of games it offers and the meticulous attention to detail that the program’s creators paid when making Vegas Slots compatible with mobile devices.

All of the games bring back memories of some of the most iconic slot machines in Vegas, and it is fantastic that you can play any and all of these games on any and all mobile devices.

This is due to the fact that Old Vegas Slots is free software that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. You may easily download it by going to either Google Play or the App Store.

You also have the option of playing on a desktop computer if you want. In order to accomplish this, navigate to the Old Vegas Slots page on Facebook and connect your social account to the game using the provided instructions.

When you launch the game for the very first time, you will receive the following:

Unrestricted access to a curated selection of high-quality, free slot machine games

15,000 free credits to start off with

Currently, one of the most enjoyable and rewarding multiplayer slot experiences available

Old Vegas Slots is an excellent free program for both novice and seasoned players because of its high-quality visuals, authentic noises, and overall experience that is comparable to that of the oldest and most traditional Vegas Slots.


What are the betting minimums and maximums for Old Vegas Slots?

The Old Vegas Slots app offers free access to its slot machines. As long as you have credits in your account, you can continue to play your game without incurring any further costs. Multiple times a day, new players get free credits as a welcome bonus.

What is the bonus to play that’s being offered?

Old Vegas Slots provides every new player with 15,000 free credits that may be used to play a variety of games. This bonus requires no investment and is completely free.

Do you accept actual money for the purchase of more chips?

Yes. If you run out of credits while playing, you have the option to purchase more. Old Vegas Slots gives you a number of various alternatives to choose from, each with a unique pricing point so that you may use either your actual money or a credit card to buy more credits for your games.

Is it possible to download the Old Vegas Slots app for free in the United States?

Yes. All of the games that are available on the Old Vegas Slots free app may be played by players from the United States.

When playing Old Vegas Slots, is it possible to earn actual money?

No. The Old Vegas Slot app does not let users exchange their winnings for cash or any other type of award. All of the credits that a player earns by participating in games within the app may only be utilized for purposes that are specific to the app and have no external monetary value.

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