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23 Free Casino Video Games to Play in 2022

During the course of this month, you will play video games for a total of 2,028 minutes.

Numbers are not deceptive.

If you believe that is excessive, you should blame, not me. In 2021, they polled 4,000 individuals from eight nations about their gaming habits; 44 percent of respondents played for more than seven hours per week.

Casino Video Games

In other terms, that is considerable time.

Because of this, the video game business is growing, and e-sports are finally well-known. Since virtually everyone plays video games.

There has never been a better time for the gaming business, from the magnificent new games available for the PS5 and Xbox One to the incredibly popular MMORPGs that draw thousands to e-sports events.

Future Casino Video Games

Casino video games are no different.

A glance at the most recent Slots and what’s in the works for the next months will leave you dumbfounded.

Never before have the graphics been so incredible, the music so immersive, and the features so cutting-edge.

Casino video games in 2022 will have free multi-directional winnings, wandering wilds, sub-games, and Easter eggs.

The age of traditional Slot machines is passed, as casino games have evolved into casino video games designed to combine gambling and enjoyment.

There are a growing number of free casino video games from which to pick in order to unwind and have a good time.

In addition, a large number of free casino games allow you to play with real money, so you may not only thoroughly enjoy your hobby but also win real cash.

It’s the icing on the cake if you ask me.

A-List of the Top Free Online Casino Video Games to Play in 2022

After conducting comprehensive research, we identified the top 23 free video Slot Casino games that are likely to please and keep you coming back for more.

After registering at the Casino referenced in this post, you are able to play each of these games for free.

You must make a cash deposit if you wish to win real money.

Check out our list of the top free Casino video games, then set sail for some thrilling adventures.

The Finer Reels of Life

Enter the opulent realm of Finer Reels of Life, one of the greatest free Casino Slot games you can play for fun.

This one-of-a-kind free Casino video game will help you live the high life, as it offers 243 ways to win in addition to a spectacular jackpot and bonus bonuses.

There are no standard paylines in this game, so all you need to do is keep an eye out for the symbols on the game’s five reels.

Now, the Wild symbol is where Finer Reels of Life shines: it also functions as a multiplier!

You may also play free video slots with bonus rounds, with up to 25 free spins, and the Wild Celebration feature can turn all the reels entirely Wild, resulting in incredible rewards.

Crystal Rift

The remainder of the globe finds Crystal Rift to be a difficult horror video game. For those of us who follow the latest developments in online gambling, this 2022 Casino video game is a must-try.

The Slot was created by Rabcat Gambling and features a five-reel, three-row layout with 25 chances to win. The gameplay’s symbols are crystals, and the action takes place in a dungeon.

Although there are no creatures in the dungeon, the game is intriguing due to the chance to earn real money and exciting bonus features.

The Bonus Falls function is very advantageous for players. Whenever a winning combination is triggered, the winning symbols are paid out and vanish from the reels. Old symbols fall to the ground and are replaced by new symbols.

Thus, you can trigger an additional victory without placing a further bet.

Also, this is not everything. The Wild Grid feature consists of a grid on the reels that can transform all symbols inside its boundaries into wilds. It may include many symbols. If Lady Luck is on your side, you may see eight symbols at once, which is more than half of the reels!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword

The Tomb Raider video game became 25 years old last year. Even though the gadgets have changed dramatically and the game can now run nicely on a mobile phone, many players continue to play the old game.

Tomb Raider did not just appear in the shape of a video game and several movies over the past twenty years. You guessed correctly; there is also a free video Slot Casino game.

Microgaming ensures that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Slot and a few additional Tomb Raider-themed free casino video games are available.

This game features five reels and thirty paylines. You get access to the standard wild and scatter symbols, as well as a random chance to win five free games.

If you’re more fortunate and land Passport symbols in the middle reel row, you unlock the pick-an-object game round. Find hidden sword fragments to receive a multiplier, cash rewards, or access to further extras.

Terminator 2

There are no modern Terminator-based video games or at least none that are any decent. Or until Microgaming introduced the Terminator 2 video slot casino game.

Although the name does not require an introduction, several Slots aspects may.

Initially, the structure. At first appearance, the game consists of five reels and three rows. And it remains thus until you trigger free spins. Then, an additional row is added, increasing the number of chances to win from 243 to 1024.

Also, this is not everything.

Whenever you land a high-paying symbol, a random T-800 Vision (bonus) will penetrate the reels and present you with a mysterious prize.

However, three or more scatter symbols are not required to trigger free spins. Only one scatter is required on the reels.

When it comes to the T-1000 symbol, it may morph into any other icon on the screen to help you construct those eagerly anticipated winning combos. However, this feature is only available during free spins.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Microgaming slot machine if the game didn’t have movie clips.

Forsaken Kingdom: The Path of Valor

Forsaken Kingdom: The Path of Valor, a slot machine game from Rabcat Gambling inspired by the middle ages, is once again on the list.

What can we anticipate from this Casino video game?

First, a well-thought-out background tale and video clip about King Arthur and his problems. Then, a free slot machine game featuring five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines.

You will see knights engaged in combat, renowned symbols such as Excalibur and the Round Table, breathtaking medieval castles, and equally gorgeous individuals.

With enough scatter symbols, free spins are triggered. And if your landing symbols match King Arthur with the Black Night, you win the Epic Battle Bonus instantly.

However, not everything here involves combat. If you land the King Arthur symbol adjacent to the Lady Guinevere symbol, you will also receive an immediate payout. This time, everything is due to Eternal Love (Bonus).

Dragon’s Myth

Rabcat Gambling does adore video games. And yet another developer’s free online slot machine appears to be the same. Or better.

Dragon’s Myth is a video game and casino slot set in a distant realm. Also, one with dragons. This game’s protagonist is a girl with fiery-red hair and the guts to capture dragons.

This online slot machine features 20 paylines, five reels, and three rows. The standard bonus symbols, scatters, and wilds are there, and wins are rewarded both ways.

During gameplay, you can earn up to twenty free spins. But your primary objective is to capture all four dragons.

Why? Obviously, to collect the Dragon Bounty!


The Vikings are a classic and popular theme in casino games. And the video Slot machines where you may win actual cash.

However, the Viking-themed slot you should be playing in 2022 is the newest of its kind: NetEnt’s Vikings slot.

It was released in December 2018 and utilizes an overdone topic to create a kickass-free Casino video game. It begins with a backstory, similar to a movie or video game. Then, there are five reels with matching symbols to spin and win on.

The symbols can occupy many spaces to boost your chances of obtaining stacked wilds and triggering paylines. And you may always trigger free Raid Spins to win further prizes.

During the free spins bonus round, the reels morph, allowing you to spin seven reels and five rows simultaneously. There are 78125 ways to win.

Super huge winnings assured.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red

The subject of fairytales is prevalent in free Casino video games. And it fits rather well. Players must be at least 18 years old in order for the fairytales to take on their real evil form. Just as Red Riding Hood did when Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot was created by Triple Edge Studios.

The little girl who became lost in the wilderness has disappeared. You receive a mature woman who can take care of herself and slay the wolf if necessary.

However, given the character’s appearance, this may not be necessary. The wolf may continue to assert that his mouth is large because “The better to devour you with!” However, he may now have other intentions.

This casino video game features a unique Slot layout, with three reels and four rows that move and appear on the screen with each spin. And the two remaining reels have only three rows.

Symbols that can occupy up to three by three spaces include the Red, the hunter, the wolf, and a pendant with a photo of granny.

There are few bonus features, but they are sufficient if you enjoy multipliers and free spins. Furthermore, who doesn’t?


Explore the thrilling world of reel spinning in Cashville and play the free Slot machine with bonus rounds.

Cashville contains five reels and twenty paylines, along with four separate bonus rounds, Wilds and Scatters, that may result in several winning combinations.

Choose one of the four Cashville characters to earn the most cash, and trigger an eye out for the unique game symbols that activate bonus features.

The Wild W doorknocker is going to be of great assistance to you in creating winning combinations since it can replace any other symbol, and the Bonus coins are going to be of great assistance in opening up the bonus rounds and helping you win some amazing prizes.

As soon as you start the reels spinning, you will undoubtedly fall for Cashville.

Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a retro-styled, free Casino video game with a simple and clean UI that will thrill you.

Couch Potato’s single payline features three reels that offer a number of winning combinations when the game is initiated, and the Spin button is pressed.

Obviously, there is a Wild symbol that may help you form even more winning combos by replacing the standard reel symbols.

Moreover, the symbols are nearly identical to those seen on standard slot machines across the world, which makes this free casino video game much more attractive.


If you enjoy classic game design, you will adore the five-reel, nine-payline Kathmandu slot machine.

It will transport you to a foreign land where you may enjoy 15 free spins and a bonus round with a Gamble feature that can double or triple your wins.

Keep an eye out for the Prayer Wheel and the Temple, which are Wild symbols that can enhance winning combos, as well as the Bell scatter symbol, which can trigger the bonus round and award prizes.

The jackpot in the regular game of the real-money Kathmandu slot machine is 6,000 coins, which the 5x multiplier in the bonus round may increase to a staggering 450,000 coins.

Battlestar Galactica

If the game’s title does not entice you, its graphics, effects, animations, and audio certainly will.

If you are a fan of the aforementioned television series, you will be blown away by this Slot, which is one of the greatest free Casino video games now accessible.

As you progress from Civilian to Admiral, the battles between the Cylons and the Colonials unfold on the five reels.

Select Normal, Run, or Fight mode and take advantage of the additional winnings from the FTL (Faster Than Light) symbol, 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and the Ion Storm feature that may turn all the reels entirely wild.

All these incredible features, 243 chances to win, plus a 7,500-coin jackpot – what’s not to like about Battlestar Galactica?

Titans of the Sun Hyperion

Set off on a mission to claim the Titans’ treasure, and you may win up to 2,000 times your initial game.

Trigger Free Spins and win up to 5,000 times your wager in 15 free spins!

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking Mediterranean backdrop and be on the lookout for Mega Symbols, which can provide great rewards.

The Mystery Symbols function can transform all mystery symbols into a single symbol, resulting in enormous payouts.

The Sun’s Titans Hyperion is a great classic that you should not overlook, so be sure to check it out and have a fantastic immersive experience.


Hotline is certain to be one of the most well-liked free casino video games due to the fact that it appears to be a video game, with immersive clips playing throughout.

Join the detectives of Miami in this five-reel, 30-payline slot machine that is reminiscent of Miami Vice.

Each spin and re-spin offers the chance to win up to 400 times your bet (including seven free spins).

Start the game, travel back to the 1980s, and experience old-school excitement.

Temple Quest

Visit the enigmatic jungles of Latin America and embark on a quest packed with perilous exploits and great riches.

This five-reel, four-row, 40-payline slot machine has excellent features, and its free spins (including the Mega Free Spins Scatter) and Wilds may result in highly lucrative prizes.

Be wary of the Aztec Temple, which is a Mystery Symbol that always exposes a Mega Symbol that completes a winning combination. The highlight? The free spins may be retriggered indefinitely and cover every reel with Mega Symbols.

Fortune Girl

Fortune Girl is a manga-style video game featuring symbols and things that instantly transport the player to lovely China.

The Fortune Girl emblem is the lucrative Wild symbol, but it’s all about the Mystery Symbols in this five-reel, 15-payline slot game, as they may transform into any symbol outside the Scatter and award you with massive payouts.

During the Free Spins feature, Mystery Symbols can convert into Scatters, and you can earn up to 1,200 times your wager!

Fortune Girl is certainly a jewel worth discovering, given that you can possibly earn up to 6,000 times your wager on each free spin. How incredible is that?

Jurassic World

Based on the iconic blockbuster, the Jurassic World Slot contains all you need to remember about the movie and visit Jurassic Park. Join Owen, Vic, Claire, and Simon and set sail with six of your favorite dinosaurs on a wonderful journey.

Enjoy the five-reel slot machine with 243 chances to win, plenty of free spins in the Gyrosphere Valley, Creation Lab, and Raptor Den, as well as a variety of Wild symbols and several bonus features.

You may win almost 14,000 times your bet with a single spin on Jurassic World.


Consider again the notion that slot machines lack the thrill of video games.

Few things are as exciting and perilous as the world of assassins. And you get to experience it in Microgaming’s masterpiece slot machine Hitman, based on the same-named video game.

This five-reel, fifteen-payline slot depicts the life of a mercenary known as Agent 47. Or to be him specifically. Weapons, cash, and notebooks with target information are all included in this casino video game.

You may even select your targets and weaponry for the Contract Bonus. When you do, you get rewarded with a sweet bonus for your efforts. Or your kills, to be exact.

Add captivating music and superior graphics to the mix. And there is a fantastic casino video game for you to play.

Given that it is a Slot that can be played for real money, you can genuinely tell others that you are a hitman. At least towards those you dislike.

Forbidden Throne

Microgaming’s Forbidden Throne is another exciting video slot game. It offers not just a world of battles but also a world of magic.

This five-reel, forty-payline slot offers a grand journey. It may remind you of the Game of Thrones television series, and you would be correct. It is a continuation of the developer’s Game of Throne Slot.

But it’s even bigger. And better.

You begin your trip when the wheel begins to spin, and it might take you to the throne. And you would not be the leader of a country. However, the ruler of magic.

The reels are mesmerizing. Inundated by ice and fire. Full of crystal symbols, magnificent magical crystals, spell books, armor, knights, and princesses. Incredible HD graphics and 3D creations. All of this, together with the plot, may compete with other fantasy video games.


Frequently, video games are based on comic books and movies. And slot machines are the same.

Thus, we obtained the Hellboy slot. Before the 2022 movie relaunch, join the ranks of Hellboy in this online slot video.

Again, it’s a Microgaming slot machine. Microgaming appears to be synonymous with high-quality casino video games.

In addition to its popular premise, Hellboy has five reels and twenty paylines. In addition, the Gamble function and Underworld Bonus game are noteworthy.

You may use the Gamble function whenever you win. Then, a playing card appears in front of you. You have two possibilities: color and suit. If you correctly estimate the color, your prizes are doubled. And if you guess the outfit – triple it.

The Underworld Bonus Game is more interesting than ever. It is activated if three or more Right Hand of Doom symbols trigger on the reels. To locate your colleagues in the game, you must traverse four underground passageways. Each of the five tunnel doors conceals one of the following symbols: a random bonus sum, the Win All symbol, or the Blocked icon.

I cannot think of anything that sounds more like a video game than this.

Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder is the game to play if you enjoy racing-themed video games with a focus on cars.

It is a three-reel, nine-payline video slot with a jackpot of 100,000 coins. Reel Thunder is filled with many symbols, like road hogs (pigs with helmets), speedometers, alcohol, and a motorcyclist on fire.

Five roadhogs will provide a jackpot, while the fast-food symbols, ranging from hot dogs to fried eggs, will leave you hungry. You should have food handy when playing this slot machine.

Reel Thunder slot is both classic and contemporary. There is no distracting soundtrack, the reels spin rapidly, and you may select the number of active paylines. Therefore, you could care less if it’s only one. The backdrop is likewise somewhat typical, consisting of brilliant blue lights.

The game is straightforward yet funny. It gives the impression of an American rider on the road. While listening to rock & roll and stopping for quick food.

Cricket Star

A sizable portion of the gaming market is comprised of sports-themed video games.

But whenever I played any of them, it seemed like something was missing. Until I began playing Slots and discovered Cricket Star, I had never heard of Cricket Star. Then I realized there was no gambling to provide excitement.

Cricket Star is a slot with five reels and 243 paylines. For everybody interested in cricket, it will be a delight to play a game filled with great cricket players.

Three or more scatter symbols award free spins, while the Wild Wickets bonus game transforms the reels into wilds. Completely.

Obviously, none of this matters if you cannot bear cricket. However, if you like other sports, that is not an issue. Microgaming has “stars” from every sport imaginable, including football, basketball, and ice hockey.

Lucky Little Gods

Join the Gods of Fortune and their sage apprentices in traditional Chinese temples where free spins are everything.

There are 243 chances to win, up to 10 free spins are available during the Free Spins feature, and two of the five reels go entirely wild!

There are three bonus features in which you may win up to 100 times your wager in cash; three scatter symbols and, of course, the Wild symbol, which is always advantageous.

Try your luck in Lucky Little Gods to see whether the Gods of Fortune are smiling upon you; they may reward you generously.

You may be certain that you’ll have a great time playing these free Casino video games.

Prepare yourself for an abundance of wonderful activities in January!

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