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ALL of the Most Outstanding Facebook Games to Play in 2022

Want to play the finest Facebook games with your friends or when you’re bored? This list is sufficient.

This list does not include every Facebook game in existence. Instead, the article focuses on the top Facebook games of 2022.

Facebook Games

You can play these games both with your buddies and by yourself. Only an internet connection, a web browser, and time are required to go on a new trip.

This list of Facebook games contains exclusively free-to-play games, as it is possible to have fun without spending money if you know where to seek it.

Don’t overlook our best picks!

WSOP Poker App is the official poker app of the World Series of Poker, where you can play real poker games with other players and receive 1,000,000 free chips with no deposit required.

Slotomania is the most downloaded social slot machine collection in the world, with thrilling multi-player tournaments, objectives, and more.

House of Fun is precisely what its name implies: a location where you can discover a variety of exclusive games that are a lot of fun to play alone or with others.

A number of the games that can be found on this page have previously been played by millions of Facebook users and continue to do so thanks to the high quality of their graphics and gameplay.

Many of them demand intellect, while others require reflexes and rapid decisions. Others, as you might expect from a website such as ours, include playing cards and are an excellent method to learn how to play poker.

Like our best selection of Facebook Games to Play in 2022

1. WSOP Poker App

On a site such as ours, beginning this list with the official World Series of Poker (WSOP) app seems nearly inevitable.

Start the game and select from the greatest poker games available on Facebook.

Are you able to play? Work your way through the application and compete at the tables to earn a genuine WSOP bracelet in the only online game permitted to do so.

And if you prefer faster-paced action, you may play Texas hold’em and Omaha in the site’s free cash games. With over 3.4 million registered users on the game’s Facebook page alone, there is always someone available to play.

Play Now with Your Friends!

The amazing thing about the WSOP poker Facebook game is that you can play online with your pals!

To begin a free ‘virtual home game,’ simply sit down at a cash game table and click the plus symbol next to an empty seat.

After that, you and your friends will be able to play poker in this amusing, fascinating, and surprisingly realistic Facebook game.

When you register to play WSOP Poker on Facebook, you are also given daily objectives to perform, each of which rewards you with more chips for later use.

The game’s unique Multipliers, Momentum, Active Effects, and other components make it the most action-packed poker game we’ve seen on Facebook in quite some time.

Total Recalls may be utilized for more chips while joining a Club acts as the game’s leaderboard. Upon attaining Grand Master level, you would be prepared to compete in WSOP tournaments.

You can play WSOP Poker on Facebook (on this website) or by downloading their mobile apps.

In such a circumstance, the appropriate connections are:

  • WSOP Application for iOS
  • WSOP App – Android version

You receive a big welcome bonus (i.e., free chips with no deposit required) the moment you sign up, and there are additional bonuses every day to replenish your bankroll without paying any money.

2. Slotomania

Slotomania, a genuine icon in the world of free slots, is the next game on our list of the best Facebook games to play in 2022.

This popular Facebook game and extensive free-to-play mobile app from Playtika collect titles with a wide variety of subjects.

Whether you’re looking for fairytale-themed slots like Despicable Wolf or timeless classics like Rapid Fire, you’ll undoubtedly find your match.

With daily missions, level-ups, and a ton of stuff to unlock as you play, this application is never dull.

You will continually acquire free chips from a variety of sources, so even if you’re a high-roller, you’ll always have enough to play.

Slotomania operates well on PC via Facebook and mobile via its own dedicated mobile applications, making it one of the year’s greatest additions to the list of Facebook games to play.

3. House of Fun

To end the podium, let’s examine House of Fun, an additional big smash from Playtika’s kitchens.

House of Fun is a collection of unique slot machines accessible via Facebook and mobile devices. These games cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

This game focuses on a completely distinct experience that, as the name suggests, is a lot of fun rather than providing the same old Vegas slots.

Similar to Slotomania, there are objectives and milestones to achieve. Each of them increases your account’s volume, and let’s face it; it’s a lot of fun to constantly spin and collect collectibles.

You can even challenge your Facebook pals to see who can advance quicker.

This game is completely free; therefore, there is no need to spend money on it. You may purchase extra coins if you choose, but we found that the daily freebies were sufficient to keep us entertained for years.

4. Clash of Clans

This Facebook game is both easy and addicting: you establish a settlement, assemble a clan, and engage in spectacular clan warfare with other players.

With an average of 10 million monthly users, you will never run out of opponents to defeat.

Combating other clans, fortifying your stronghold, or just recruiting allies are all presented with amazing visuals and fluid action in one of the greatest Facebook games of all time.

5. Throne Rush

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring pleasant and intuitive gameplay that is simple to play.

If you are a fan of strategy games and want to deliberate over every single move, Throne Rush is a game you should consider.

This game, hailed as one of the finest Facebook games ever for strategy fans, requires you to construct a town center and many other structures, train an army, and then battle players from across the world.

The graphics are really well-designed, and the combat simulations are quite exciting.

6. Zynga Poker

Returning to card games and casino-related material, Zynga’s Hold ’em is one of Facebook’s most complex poker games.

The software is meant to offer a wide selection of games and fair poker action, whether you’re looking to test your skills or just win chips.

You can accomplish objectives and milestones, play at High Roller tables, and compete with a large number of other players to determine your skill level.

Zynga Poker versus WSOP Poker: Which Game is the Best?

If you have used Facebook for more than 15 years, you are familiar with Zynga poker. This game was an early innovator in the realm of Facebook games, introducing free poker to the people.

In the past, PokerStars and partypoker appeared to be on the verge of extinction due to Zynga Poker’s prominence and widespread popularity.

The future then turned out to be distinct.

Today’s Zynga Poker is a somewhat less ambitious Facebook game with a good fan base but nothing else.

In terms of functionality and features, the Zynga app is inferior to the WSOP Poker app and Facebook game. Zynga’s games are less realistic, and Zynga players have no access to the WSOP bracelets and rings in the WSOP Poker game.

7. Criminal Case

A fantastic and wildly popular Facebook game, Criminal Case, brings crime-solving closer to internet users.

If you usually figure out who the killer is in television thrillers, this may become your new favorite.

Following CIA and FBI-style investigations, this Facebook game allows you to become a detective and apprehend criminals without leaving your seat.

There are some in-game purchases, but none are required to complete the game. In addition, you may collect in-game cash and enhance your equipment while you play.

8. NCIS: Hidden Crimes

Another crime-themed puzzle game, NCIS: Hidden Crimes, requires a sharp mind to progress.

Once you reach the upper levels, the game’s cases get extremely difficult, and its visuals are realistic.

In comparison to Criminal Case, the NCIS game is a bit more difficult to solve; therefore, you may not enjoy it if you’re looking for simple entertainment.

Aside from that, it’s an excellent Facebook game that will keep your mind occupied!

9. 8 Ball Pool

Departing from the casino and crime-solving genres, 8 Ball Pool is now the most popular pool game on Facebook.

In addition to its 10 million monthly players, the game features exceptional visuals and gameplay. You can opt to use your skills to aim at the balls, or you can depend on the guiding indication for guaranteed accuracy.

Even if you’ve never played pool before, it’s easy to understand and follow the rules.

You may gain levels, challenge random opponents, or run the game with pals for a friendly match. In any event, the title is highly recommended!

10. Trivial Crackup

Trivia Crack is an all-encompassing Facebook question-and-answer game. You may challenge your Facebook pals and immerse yourself in an ocean of information.

Similar to the popular board game, this Facebook trivia game is divided into six categories: Arts and Literature, Entertainment, History and Geography, Sports, and Science and Technology.

Whether for pleasure or to determine who among your friends is the sharpest, the game is worth trying.

11. Top 11 Football Manager

Sports, strategy, and innumerable efforts to achieve excellence. If you enjoy these kind of games, Top 11 Football Manager is a good choice for your competitive gaming session.

In this game, reaching the top of the leaderboard is difficult.

The app will keep you engaged in acquiring and training players to compete against the hardest opponents in real-time. If you’ve always desired to lead a football squad to the biggest successes, give it a go!

12. Glow Hockey

One of the simplest yet most enjoyable Facebook games ever created.

Similar to the well-known Air Hockey game, the objective of Glow Hockey is to score in your opponent’s goal while protecting against their advances.

It is the epitome of a time-wasting game. Certainly, you may challenge your friends and become the neighborhood’s finest glow hockey player!

13. Hero Wars

Hero Wars is a revamped 2D fighting game for iOS and Android that harkens back to the history of action game games.

You are a valiant hero attempting to save the so-called Guardians from demons and bad spirits. It is simple to play and advance, so you will not spend hours completing a level.

If you enjoy engaging in fast-paced combat hour after hour, this is an excellent option to explore.

14. Global Strike

Global Strike, a classic example of a first-person game (FPS), is a respectable alternative for playing games on Facebook.

Realistic weaponry, a rich setting, and several game types give this game a great level of variation.

The app works efficiently and may be started immediately from a web browser.

There are app games with superior graphics, but GS is compatible with all mobile devices, regardless of age.

15. Lies of Astaroth

Lies of Astaroth is a card-based app that mixes intelligent deck-building with strategic battle decisions.

Combatting other players is not as interesting as, say, Hearthstone, but the game has positive aspects.

For example, it is so lightweight that you could definitely play it on a smartphone from ten years ago. Check it out if you want a traditional card game experience.

16. Agent Elf

Agent Elf is the only infinite runner that can be played on Facebook.

If you have ever played such a game (or if you have ever been without an Internet connection), you are aware of its objective.

Run as quickly as possible, traverse obstacles, and collect multipliers for your progress.

The graphics are impressive, you are wearing sunglasses, and everything appears so light that you can nearly feel yourself floating.

17. Subway Surfers

Similar to Agent Elf, Subway Surfers is a sophisticated infinite runner game.

You are a cool youngster who is attempting to evade an inspector by leaping over trains and other obstacles. The animations are very captivating, and you may sprint in 3D while collecting cash and advancing to more difficult levels.

One of the greatest Facebook games in the category incorporates game-related events that occur at various times; these events allow you access to bonus features and more material.

18. Monster Legends

Monster Legends has developed into a modern classic. It is a multiplayer RPG where the main objective is to create a monster powerful enough to beat your opponents.

Each monster has unique powers, and you may augment them as you see fit.

Increase the level of your formidable army in order to annihilate even the most formidable foes. You engage in turn-based combat, have access to equipment, and may even return to a field after improving your animals.

19. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is an excellent option for free games that can be played with friends.

It contains a series of drag races that may be explored alone or against other players. The greater your victories, the more cars you will add to your collection.

There are upgrades, like nitrous oxide, bigger engines, and improved tires. Whether it’s a story-based session or a random PVP race, you’ll like this one.

CSR Racing is an excellent option for free games that can be played with friends.

It contains a series of drag races that may be explored alone or against other players. The greater your victories, the more cars you will add to your collection.

There are upgrades, like nitrous oxide, bigger engines, and improved tires. Whether it’s a story-based session or a random PVP race, you’ll like this one.

20. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity Develop

It is a fantastic Facebook game in which you are given a whole town to build and create your own. It resembles a traditional SimCity game but has aspects from other popular Facebook games.

Your characters’ primary objective is to acquire resources and utilize them to create various structures.

Wood, steel, plastic, timber, and other materials are available for your companies, commercial businesses, and residences.

21. MMA Pro Fighter

The objective of MMA Pro Fighter is to engage in full-on combat for the Championship belts.

You can opt to play against random opponents or ask your friends to participate. The app’s combat simulations are realistic and highly engrossing. You are free to personalize your character, train, and test your progress against increasingly formidable foes.

22. Bejeweled Blitz

This advanced edition of Candy Crush challenges players with more difficult puzzles and shorter time limits.

It’s ideal for brief gaming sessions, but extended play may cause dizziness.

However, this does not appear to prevent over 120 million monthly users. You can engage them all while pursuing the maximum possible score for each challenge.

23. Mob Wars

Mob Wars, a mobile game played by over 12 million people, opens the door to thrilling mob-themed events.

Join a crime family, do nasty deeds, board airplanes, and engage in intense confrontations amongst mafia bosses. Additionally, there are bounties for notable characters and players.

Unquestionably one of the greatest Facebook games to master!

24. Farmville 2

Although this is definitely not the kind of game you would expect to see on , it our site, would be surprising if you were unfamiliar with Farmville 2.

This 3D game became one of Facebook’s most popular games a few years ago and has since swept Facebook players off their feet.

The game designers have ensured that even the most devoted virtual farmers have plenty of space to explore.

Approximately 5 million players log into Farmville 2 monthly. You may raise animals, gather crops, prepare delectable meals, and do a great deal more.

Being a free game allows players of all ages and from all over the world to play it seriously; the enhanced graphics and additional missions make it a worthy ancestor of the original Farmville!

25. Candy Crush Saga

A real legend in the world of Facebook games comes in last.

With more than 50 million monthly users, Candy Crush Saga features almost a thousand levels to finish.

Various puzzles demand a smart intellect and nimble hands to solve. You get free access to the first few levels — there is nothing more amusing than defusing explosives and matching candy.

Once you ask friends to join you, you will be able to progress to higher levels in your quest.

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