High Stakes Casino Sites

High Stakes Casino Sites

The provision of casino games via the online has a number of advantages, one of which is that, as there is no need to pay for and stock a physical location with gaming tables, there is the opportunity to offer games with extremely low stakes, thereby making the activity of gambling accessible to a completely new demographic. You would be very fortunate to locate a Blackjack table in a land-based casino that had a limit of less than $10 each hand. On the other hand, you can discover Micro Games on the internet that enable you to play for as little as a few cents per hand. This helps generate excitement about a game by providing players with the opportunity to win real money while also providing them with the limits to improve their skills, gain more playing, and work their way up to a level where they are more at ease.

However, there are players that want to gamble for far bigger stakes, and they do so because they desire the rewards that come with bet larger amounts of money. Where do they place their bets? What characteristics do they search for in a site? If they win, do they receive any compensation?

If you are a player who is seeking for an online casino where you may play your favorite game for high stakes, then you have come to the right place since we are here to assist you. This page is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you want in order to select the appropriate site and to begin playing at a high limit table.

Let’s begin with the High Stakes gaming casino sites that are highly suggested by our team. These sites have all passed our testing, and we have faith that they will be able to accommodate the amount of money you deposit and the number of games you play:

  1. Jackpot City Casino
  2. Spin Casino
  3. Wintingo Casino
  4. Playamo Casino
  5. Drake Casino

What exactly does “High Stakes” mean?

Before we begin explaining what to look for in a site that offers high stakes online gambling, it is essential that we first clarify what we mean by the term “high stakes.” You can discover that the definition is a changing target depending on what you are doing, such as what game you are playing or what product you are utilizing.

The minimum bet required to enter the “High Stakes” section of a land-based casino is often set at $100 per hand for table games and $5 per spin for slot games. You may presume that those figures would hold up exactly the same as they would in a land-based casino even if every casino that operates online has its own interpretation of what constitutes high stakes.

If you are playing poker, a high stakes cash game may be something like a $100-$200 No Limit Game, in which you would be required to sit down with a minimum of $20,000. There are even higher tables, but because to the changes that took place on Black Friday, it is now quite difficult to locate them online.

To be considered high stakes gamblers, sports bettors often need to clear a greater barrier than other types of gamers. Instead of placing a high bet on a single game, it is sometimes more important to maintain a consistent bet volume throughout the course of the day or week.

If you want to be deemed a High Stakes player at the online casino site you choose to use, you will need to make a deposit of at least five figures. This is true regardless of the game you decide to play.

What to Search for When Visiting a Casino With High Stakes?

It is time to move on now that we have provided you with an idea of what it will likely take to be deemed a High Stakes player. It is time to move on because it is time to move on to what you should be searching for when you are looking for a site to make your deposit and start playing on. When evaluating different online gaming sites for this website, our team of gaming industry professionals follows a predetermined set of criteria to decide which sites are appropriate for high-stakes play. Take a look behind the scenes at some of the things that we do (and what you can look for as well).


First and foremost, you have to determine whether or not the site you are working with can be trusted. This refers to the ease with which you may get in touch with the site, the promptness with which they answer to requests, particularly those pertaining to payments, and the appropriateness with which they handle your account.

Be wary of websites that only get paid to produce advertorials despite the fact that there are many other websites similar to LegitGamblingSites that evaluate online gambling sites. Sites like LegitGamblingSites and others like them exist. Our team takes great delight in providing you with the most trustworthy and forthright assessments of online gambling sites to assure that your money will be kept secure. You can also examine online forums for lists of complaints about particular websites. Once again, you need to be careful about what you read since a player who is losing might frequently go to the radio to complain about the fact that they are not winning.


Before you make a significant payment with a gambling website, the next step is to check and see whether it satisfies all of the safety requirements that you have set for yourself. A security measure can be implemented in the form of having a third-party company perform an audit on the software to check that all of the games are in line with the standard set by the industry. You should also check to verify where your casino has obtained its gaming license. Ideally, you should opt for a casino that has obtained its license from a country such as the United Kingdom or Malta, since these nations have the strictest due diligence standards for businesses. In all honesty, if the site you’ve chosen to use has a license from anyplace other than the Caribbean, you should have no need to worry about using it.

Betting Limits

There is no use in sending a huge number of money to a site that will not enable you to play at the limits that you wish. Many casinos simply do not want to take on the danger of dealing with players who do this. Contacting the casino directly is the quickest and fastest approach to find out this information. If the VIP host is savvy, they will do whatever it takes to convince you to become a depositing player once you describe your circumstances and what games you would want to play. If you explain your situation and what games you would like to play, you will likely be passed off to a VIP host straight immediately.

Payment Options

The process of playing money to and from the site is nearly as significant as actually participating in the games itself. The majority of online casino sites will accept bigger payments made using a wire transfer; however, the costs associated with this method may be rather steep. We strongly advise that you educate yourself on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and search for a site that will accept payments made using this method. Not only is it quick, but it is also incredibly safe, and the majority of sites reserve their greatest deposit limits for people who want to use Bitcoin because they incur the minimum amount of fees using it. Bitcoin users also have the advantage of having the lowest overall transaction costs.

VIP Program

Even if you haven’t even played a single hand at the casino yet, you should still seek to be awarded VIP status if you plan to make a significant deposit and are demanding high-stakes tables. You should go on the phone to the site and ask to be put at a higher level as a result of your possible play as a result of your potential play at an online casino. We analyze all of the different VIP programs that are available at online casinos. Being a member of a high roller VIP level enables access to a multitude of benefits, such as an improved comp point rate, additional deposit bonuses, and a customer support team that is only devoted to their needs. You should definitely go on to another site if the one you are contemplating does not offer an open and honest VIP program that they appear to be proud of. Considering how often you are going to be playing, you want to take advantage of every additional benefit you can receive.

Games in the Casino With High Stakes

One of the advantages of playing at the top high-stakes online casinos is that you will have access to games that are optimized for the format of the casino. Those who enjoy placing large bets and winning substantial sums of bet should win an eye out for certain games that work well inside a big-bet framework. If you intend to be a player who engages in high-stakes activities, the following are some of the games that you should search for.

Blackjack with Extremely High Stakes

Blackjack is a game with relatively moderate levels of volatility, which is beneficial if you want to be able to play for a long period while just wagering a little amount of bet. But if you want to win a lot in a short amount of time playing this specific game, you’ll need to follow that way of high stakes blackjack. The casinos that do this will also often have more lax restrictions regarding things like splitting and doubling, which are strategies that increase the possibility of making large sums of money in a short amount of time.

Games with High Stakes

Let’s be honest: not everyone is going to like playing the penny slots. When you play slots for high stakes, you typically have the opportunity to bet more per line than you would if you were playing at the most fundamental level. You should also look for those online casinos that provide you the option to buy access to slots bonuses. This is an additional strategy for increasing both the amount you bet and the amount you may potentially win.

Playing Roulette with High Stakes

Roulette is an interesting game since the level of risk you take on is determined by the type of bet you place. However, if you play high-stakes roulette, you may maintain that level of control even while playing the total stakes of the game. If you bet with higher limits and the digital wheel spins in your favor, you have a far better chance of winning a significant amount of money much more quickly than you would have if you had gambled with smaller limits.


SO, are you still frightened after all this? It is my sincere hope that this is not the case since, if you are considering making a sizable deposit at an online casino site, it is essential that you maximize the money that you receive on your money while also ensuring that your funds are both secure and easily available. Your best bet is to get in hold of their customer service team by telephone or Live Chat and explain your situation. The majority of the larger online gambling sites are willing to accept your high stakes action. You will then be able to make an educated decision as a result of this since you will have gained insight into the potential benefits and pitfalls of the situation.

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