Aristocrat Slots

Aristocrat Slots: Best Aristocrat Slot Machine Games to Play in 2022

Slot games produced by Aristocrat are consistently ranked among the most popular options at any traditional casino in Las Vegas.

You may also play them on the internet at certain online Casinos. This list of the greatest Aristocrat Slot games was most recently updated in the month of May 2022.

Aristocrat Slots

Aristocrat is recognized as one of the world’s largest and most reputable providers of slot machines. Since the year 2010, this Australian firm has been producing video Slots of the highest possible quality.

They have so much experience that they never fail to produce exciting slot machines that are both well-crafted and full of features. This is because they have so much expertise. When I learn of new Aristocrat Slots, I always make it a point to check them out as soon as possible, and you should follow my lead and do the same thing.

The Top Aristocrat Slots That Can Be Played in 2022

You’re looking to play some free Aristocrat slots, but you just can’t decide which ones to play.

You can view our list of the top slot machines produced by Aristocrat right here. Because each submission features an in-depth analysis of the game in question, making a selection that is worthy won’t be difficult at all.

Learn as much as you can about the bonus’s graphics, music, and other features. On the other hand, you can choose a slot machine to play at based solely on its appearance.

You can play any of the games on this list at either this online casino or the Aristocrat Leisure Limited website, both of which offer access to the company’s whole catalog.

This compilation of the greatest games that you can play online from Aristocrat provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test out all of the best games that can be played in 2022. The revised version of this page features additional games, brand-new bonuses, and in-depth analyses of each of them.

Check out the games that are available to play at the best online Aristocrat Casino sites, and don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus (but keep in mind that there are usually terms and conditions associated with bonuses) so that you can test out the real money games.

Demos of the game may also be played for free. Create a free gaming account and verify it with the list provided to have access to all of the Aristocrat Slots games that are available without charge on this page. To play, you do not need to make a deposit.

Queen of the Nile II

A wonderful slot machine game with an Egyptian theme, Queen of the Nile II, is available to play online for free from Aristocrat. Queen of the Nile II is the crown jewel you have been searching for if you are interested in playing the part of an intrepid traveler in pursuit of the old traditions of Cleopatra.

It is a straightforward slot game, yet it manages to be rather exciting and entertaining at the same time. The game has a layout of three rows by five columns and has a total of 25 paylines. When you acquire a winning combination, the Cleopatra symbol will substitute for any other symbol, and it will also double the reward you win for that combination.

Keep an eye out for the pyramid since it represents the scatter symbol.


Not just on the internet, but Buffalo is one of the most popular slot machines ever produced by Aristocrat.

We are excited to provide you with an online version of the slot machine game that is played in land-based casinos. It is one of the Aristocrat slot machines that has the greatest rapid-fire action.

Prepare to have your expectations exceeded by the all-new Xtra Reel Power function. You will feel as though you have entered a world with 1024 different winning combinations once additional visible symbols have been introduced to each reel.

The Buffalo is, without a doubt, the most important symbol. The sun setting in the distance serves as the game’s wild symbol, and it may appear on reels two, three, and four. The gold coin serves as the game’s scatter symbol, which can activate bonus rounds (you need three or more of these to trigger the bonus).

Mr. Cashman

It is possible that Mr. Cashman is the most well-known figure from a slot machine in both Australia and New Zealand. Aristocrat is responsible for the creation of this riveting slot machine game, and we are thrilled to inform you that it has made its way into the world of online Slots.

The Mr. Casgman figure appears in a number of slot slots produced by Aristocrat. These games include Jail Bird, Jewel of the Enchantress, African Dusk, and Magic Eyes.

These different online Slots share a few key characteristics in common. These slot machines have five reels and twenty different pay lines to choose from when playing. The abundance of random elements in Mr. Cashman Slots that may be activated will contribute significantly to the game’s meteoric rise to fame.

The bonus round, which is the most popular mini-slot machine, the “choose one” type games, and the random spins are among the particular characteristics of the game. All of these games have the potential to lead you to big scores if you are lucky enough to play them.

African Big 5

If the phrase “Safari” causes your pupils to dilate and your heart rate to quicken, then the African Big 5 online slot is a game that you should try. It’s an Aristocrat slot machine with an African animal theme that comes from their games kitchen, which is always bustling.

This game adheres to the three-by-five standard and utilizes the Reel Power Plus mechanism that was developed by Aristocrat. This method gives players 243 different opportunities to win out on top.

Diamonds are used as the game’s wild symbols, and trees are used as scatter symbols in African Big 5. The fact that African Big 5 has a progressive jackpot contributes to the game’s widespread appeal.

50 Dragons

Have you ever tried your hand at playing the 50 Lions slot game? Now, 50 Dragons are very much like its identical twin brother.

In the event that you haven’t already, be ready to plunge into a fast-paced and intriguing game that features five reels and fifty paylines. If you can cover the entire screen with Golden Dragon symbols, you’ll be entered into a drawing for the grand prize, which is equal to fifty times your initial wager.

Wild and scatter symbols are included in 50 Dragons, just like they are in many other slot slots produced by Aristocrat. The emblem of a pearl serves as the wild symbol. It has the potential to appear on reels two, three, four, or five and can take the place of any other symbol in the game (with the exception of the scatter symbol, of course).

The gold ingot is the symbol used to represent the scatter. If you acquire three scatter symbols, you’ll be taken to a bonus round, where you may win free spins.

Where’s the…Gold

It’s possible that Where’s the Gold is the online Slot with the most vibrant graphics and the most exciting gameplay on this list.

This “gold digger”-themed slot game with five reels and 25 paylines comes with a ton of fun animations and other interactive extras as standard.

During the bonus round, the primary feature will become active. In order to trigger it, you must first obtain three scatter symbols, which are denoted by the emblem of dynamite.

You will have the opportunity to select whatever character you would want to employ at the beginning of each game. Your options are Happy Lucky, Marry Money, Professor Gold, Peter Panner, and Nugget Ned. Wild symbols are shown as gold icons, and they may take the place of any other symbol with the exception of the scatter symbol.

Can Can de Paris

The Aristocrat slots category has a game suitable for players of all skill levels. This one was developed especially for those who are admirers of the Moulin Rouge. This wonderful slot machine includes graphics that are of high quality and colors that are eye-catching.

The game slot reel Can Can de Paris has five reels x five reels and a total of one hundred paylines. The number of paylines might go as high as 500 if players make use of the bonus bonuses.

The most interesting bonuses are those that are activated at random. If you acquire three or more scatter symbols, which are represented by the love heart icon, you will trigger the love wheel bonus.

A dancer with a red headdress serves as the wild symbol in this game. The “wild reel” feature causes all of the other symbols on the reel, including those above and below it, to likewise go wild.

Big Ben

The Big Ben online slot will whisk you away to London, where you’ll have just a few short seconds to put your luck to the test.

Big Ben is unquestionably the best option when it comes to the overall caliber of the game. There’s no cause for a surprise there, given that it’s only one of the numerous Aristocrat Slots.

This online slot machine with a London theme provides a high level of pleasure as well as several opportunities to win big. In Big Ben, the Queen’s Guard serves as the game’s wild symbol, while the Big Ben Tower itself acts as the game’s scatter.

The illustrious Big Ben feature can be triggered in the event that the Big Ben Tower symbol appears simultaneously on reels one and five of the slot machine.

The multiplier of your investment will be determined based on the number of chimes that are rung throughout this round. In the event that you obtain the maximum number of chimes, which is 12, the multiplier will be increased to 500.

Choy Sun Doa

Choy Sun Doa is one of the Aristocrat Slots applications that is considered to be among the most advanced, and it has garnered a lot of attention from online players. The name Choy Sun Doa literally means “God of Wealth” or “God of Prosperity.”

Players have the option to wager on any one of Choy Sun Doa’s 243 lines. The bonus round is activated when the scatter symbol, which is the Gold Ingot, in this case, appears on the reels. Before beginning the bonus round, you will be given the opportunity to select the total amount of bonus spins you wish to get.

The multiplier will decrease proportionately to the number of spins that are taken. The Choy Sun Doa serves as the reel’s wild symbol, and it appears exclusively on the second, third, and fourth reels.

Double Happiness

The slot game known as Double Happiness has a total of 25 paylines and five reels. The game’s makers found that drawing inspiration from Chinese culture enabled them to create such an engaging game for the players. The Roaming Wild bonus, which may provide players with up to 25 free games total, is without a doubt the most alluring perk that this game has to offer.

Players receive this bonus if they land between three and five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The tiles that represent the scatter symbols in this game are those that have the Chinese characters for “double happiness” written on them.

The wild symbol is a fearsome ceremonial golden dragon, and it may replace any symbol except the scatter symbol, which is shown as two people smiling at each other.

Goblin’s Gold

It is imperative that you play Goblin’s Gold if you place a high value on the Aristocrat gaming experience and everything that it has to offer. The developers of the game included a naughty goblin in order to maintain the players’ interest at all times.

There is a new slot machine game called Goblin’s Gold that has a lot of potential and will probably stick around for a while. If you are lucky enough to land a goblin on your reel, you will be rewarded with up to 40 free triple spins.

The goblin serves as the scatter symbol, while the large red diamond acts as the wild.

This game is unquestionably well of your time due to the engaging gameplay and graphics that are of a very good standard.

Dragon Emperor

This Slot will lead you on a journey where you will interact with irate and hostile dragons. This game has a lot to offer novice players, including the Reel Shuffle Feature, Free Games Bonus, Wild Bonus, and Scattered Bonus, in addition to its immersive sounds and graphics.

In this particular online slot game, the Golden Square symbols function as scatter symbols. The Free Games Feature will become active once you have collected three or more of these items. Wild symbols are represented by images of a golden dragon.

If you get a golden dragon symbol on reel 5, it will boost your wins while you are playing the free bonus round. When playing the game in standard mode, the Reel Shuffle Feature is activated when a golden dragon appears on reel 5. This causes all of the reels to spin once.

Lucky 88

Lucky 88 holds a unique position among the various Aristocrat Slots available for personal computers. In the culture of China, the number 88 is associated with good fortune and luck, in case you were unaware of this fact. Even the typefaces and the music on this slot machine with an Asian-themed theme are crafted in a way that is traditional to China.

This particular online slot game features 5 reels and a total of 25 paylines. In the slot game Lucky 88, the scatter symbol is represented by a red lantern, while the wild symbol is a Chinese guy dressed in traditional garb.

The free game bonus is activated if there are at least three red lanterns remaining in play. The tried-and-true principle holds true in this scenario as well: the fewer free games you select, the bigger the multiplier will be.

Red Baron

The term “Red Baron” is legendary throughout the annals of world history. During World War I, he was a renowned pilot who dominated the airspace above the battlefield. The aesthetic of the game harkens back to the time of World War I. It features 243 different paylines and 5 reels.

The wild symbol is represented by the cross made of iron. Obtaining it will trigger free rounds that come with an 8x multiplier if you want to play them.

If you acquire a Target icon on the second, third, and fourth reels simultaneously, you will trigger an additional round of free spins. Red Baron has become one of the most well-liked games among fans of slot machines, mostly as a result of the many different symbols and bonus rounds it offers.

Werewolf Wild

Werewolf Wild is one of the greatest Aristocrat Slots for PC players, and it features a one-of-a-kind werewolf theme. If the legendary werewolf lore is something that captivates you, and if you also like playing online Slots, then you should check out this game. This slot game has a total of 25 paylines and 5 reels.

The head of the werewolf serves as the game’s wild symbol, and a howling werewolf howling in front of a full moon serves as the scatter symbol.

The bonus round known as the mystery coin is triggered when both the gold coin emblem on the first reel and a wild symbol appears simultaneously. The outcome of a Claw Swipe is determined at random, and it can transform up to five symbols into wilds.

More Chilli

More Chilli is an upcoming online slot game from Aristocrat Gaming that features a Mexican-inspired theme. Because it is another free Aristocrat Slot that can be played online, you have the option of playing it for real money or testing it out without incurring any costs.

Players have a lot of options to choose from, but one of the best ones in this game, which combines a high level of pleasure with a low learning curve.

It offers 25 different paylines and 5 reels. Because it is a scatter symbol, the Money Bag has the potential to trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature. The Sombrero Man serves as the game’s wild symbol.

The Big Bang Theory

The success of the television program The Big Bang Theory served as a motivating factor for the creators at Aristocrat Gaming to design this slot game.

The symbols are, in reality, images of the cast members, while the names of the bonuses are taken from some of the show’s most memorable phrases.

To provide one example, a Bazinga Feature will cause a massive wheel of fate to revolve. Players have a chance to win a number of prizes by spinning this wheel.

Players will feel as though they are a part of the performance at certain points throughout the gameplay, owing to the clips that are triggered by the game at various times.

The Walking Dead

This is another game from Aristocrat Slots that was developed with the intention of appealing to people who watch the popular television program “The Walking Dead.” T

This game contains two wheels: one represents the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the other represents Atlanta.

The players are thrust into a true battle against zombies as they start spinning the wheel, unlocking grenades, and detonating them in order to earn bonus rewards.

Sons of Anarchy

This slot will take you on the journey of your life if you have a passion for motorcycles and are a fan of the cable television series Sons of Anarchy. In addition to the captivating graphics, this Slot machine offers a number of fascinating features to offer its audience of players.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is an excellent example of a slot. This Slot will make all of your fantasies come true and take you on a journey through Britney Spears’s professional life if you are a fan of both Britney Spears and her songs.

The names “Oops! I Did It Again,” “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” and “Toxic” have been given as bonus games for your convenience.

Miss Kitty

Among all of the other Aristocrat Slots applications available, the one that feels the most like a cartoon is Miss Kitty. This online slot game has a total of 50 paylines and 5 reels to play with.

You will be transported to the Miss Kitty environment, which is a night skyline of a major metropolis. Here, you will have the opportunity to activate the Free Spins bonus or the gamble feature, in which you will attempt to identify the color or suit of the next card that will be drawn.

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