Weirdest Laws Las Vegas

15 Of The Weirdest Laws In Las Vegas

The proverb “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is something that every single one of us is familiar with, but have you ever considered that it may pertain to something other than simply your nighttime transgressions? The world of Las Vegas is in a category all by itself, and as such, it has a peculiar legal system of its own.

With our helpful guide by your side, you won’t have to worry about breaking the law and will be able to blend in with the natives in no time. Continue reading to learn about some of the most unusual behaviors that might put you in jail; you’ll be able to thank us once you’ve made it back home safely.

1. It is against the law to give food or water to any wild animals.

Since November 2017, it has been illegal to feed the pigeons, and those of you who are lovers of Mary Poppins will have to reenact the song sequence somewhere else. The penalty for breaking this law is a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind pigeons (neither do these folks who campaigned to abolish the hostile restriction), but I’m not ready to face incarceration for attending to some of their uncomplicated dietary requirements.

After another three years, the restriction was broadened to cover all wild animals, such as rabbits and community cats, and the punishment was reduced to a more manageable ten dollars.

Even if there is only a marginal relationship between wildlife and human sickness, the protection of public health was a driving motivation for the creation of this law.

However, there were some worries about the overpopulation of pigeons in a certain parking lot, which gave the impression that a new version of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was being filmed there.

In a nutshell, you should reserve your inner Dr. Jane Goodall for another city.

2. It is permitted to keep exotic animals as pets in the United States

In keeping with the topic of animal cruelty, the next strange law that enters our list is one that allows people to keep a variety of exotic creatures as pets. This law is, to put it bluntly, one of the awful laws in the world.

It’s not just in The Hangover that you have the chance to stay in a room in Las Vegas that’s also occupied by a tiger. It is possible for it to become a legal reality if you associate with the wrong crowd.

The list of animals that you are permitted to keep in your home includes, to name just a few of them: lions, elephants, camels, and zebras.

If it is giant toads, skunks, or foxes that you are interested in taming, you will need to travel to the next village over.

3. Riding a camel on the highway is a violation of the law

While it is possible to have a camel as a pet in Las Vegas, you should avoid getting yourself and your steed into any sort of problems by riding on the freeway.

This law was established in the 1800s, during the time when camels were used to move goods through the deserts of Nevada.

What is the result? Because there were too many camels, the legislators made sure that the population was cut down.

4. It is a violation of the law to flag down a taxi on the Strip

It is against the law for taxi drivers in Las Vegas to drop off or pick up passengers anywhere along the Strip.

But don’t worry; getting around isn’t going to be too difficult for you because just outside the majority of casinos and hotels are designated areas where you can get your vehicle serviced.

The same guidelines are applicable to taxi ride applications as well.

5. The use of bath salts is against the law

If you are not already in Las Vegas and staying up all night partying, then you are most likely traveling there to indulge in some opulent leisure.

A relaxing soak in the tub with some scented bath salts is a common choice for many people. But wait on, you’re telling me that’s not an option?!

Don’t freak out; this is a different kind from the others. Phew.

We are discussing synthetic cathinones, often known as bath salts, which were formerly considered a “legal high” because of their status as a less expensive and more potent alternative to cocaine.

Because of the harmful effects that continued use can have, it became illegal in 2012 to possess, consume, or sell these substances.

6. Using a hula hoop on Fremont Street is a violation of the law

If you’ve ever gone to Las Vegas, you’re probably familiar with Fremont Street, which is known for its lively atmosphere and abundance of street performers.

You’ll also be aware of how busy it may get, which is important to note because hula hooping is an activity that requires a significant amount of room. It requires the type of space that is difficult to come by on a street that is constantly bustling.

Due to the danger that it poses to pedestrians in the area, the local council has declared it illegal to behave in this manner since it is considered to be a public nuisance.

On Fremont Street, the same law that outlaws unicycling also prohibits skating and skateboarding, so if you need to blow off some steam, do it someplace else.

7. It is against the law to pawn your illegal teeth

Pawning dentures, whether they belong to your grandmother or to yourself, is illegal in Las Vegas, so those of you who want to earn a fast buck should know this.

The most peculiar aspect of this law is the requirement that it be put down in law.

How many grins without teeth did it take for them to realize that things were getting out of hand? Who exactly was purchasing them, though?

When you’re inebriated, it’s not a good idea to try to pawn anything, either. You guessed it: it makes it illegal as well.

You won’t be let in, but when you come to your senses, perhaps you’ll reflect on how much you appreciate your dentures… or your wedding ring… or any one of your other priceless possessions. You won’t be allowed in.

8. It is an illegal offense to be without a place to live

Since it went into force in November 2019, one of the strangest laws in Las Vegas, which criminalizes homelessness, has become one of the most contentious issues in the world.

If you are discovered to be ‘lodging’ on sidewalks (or even just sitting or resting!), you run the possibility of facing six months in jail or a fine of $1,000, as stipulated by the law that was passed by the city council and voted into effect.

Despite the fact that many area homeowners and business owners agree with the reasoning behind the law – that human feces are left too frequently outside of people’s homes and places of business – they are troubled by the lack of help that has been offered.

It is one thing to criminalize something that is an avoidable offense, but many people find themselves living on the streets as a result of dire circumstances, which are very often related to mental health issues and addiction. Criminalizing something that is an avoidable offense is something else entirely.

The overwhelming number of people who find themselves without a place to sleep in Sin City cannot be accommodated by the local shelters since they are not large enough and do not have the necessary resources.

The sentiment shared by many members of the police force may be summarized as follows: they do not wish to “arrest a community issue,” preferring, rather, to concentrate on the prevention of violent crime.

9. In residential areas, it is against the law to rent out your property for a weekend stay

You might rethink your idea to rent your property out over the weekend to some raucous visitors since it could turn into a nightmare. It is possible that you may be required to pay a fee of one thousand fines every day.

The law went into force in 2012, and only two years later, in 2014, a single homeowner was the first to be hit with such a hefty charge, which put them back a staggering $29,000.

Although it is still feasible for rolling contracts to run on a month-by-month basis, anything less than that is not permitted. Rolling contracts can still work on a yearly basis.

10. Consuming alcohol in a public setting is an illegal offense

Given all of the raunchy antics that go on in Las Vegas, the law that it is illegal to consume alcohol in public people comes as quite a surprise to us.

It goes without saying that this does not allude to bars, clubs, restaurants, or any other establishments of that nature; rather, it is referring to places outside of those categories, such as strolling along the street or hanging out in the park.

Therefore, those of you who enjoyed drinking and were looking for a rowdy stroll along the Strip should reconsider their expectations. Keep it confined to the places serving alcoholic beverages.

It is also against the law to be in a moving vehicle with an open bottle of alcohol on your person and to drink from it, regardless of whether or not you are the driver of the vehicle.

I have no doubt that there are a great number of Uber drivers that are thankful for the law!

11. It is against the law to pay money in exchange for illegal services

Although in some counties of Nevada, it is legal to acquire or provide sexual services; Las Vegas is not one of those counties; hence the city itself does not come under this category.

Only those counties with a population of less than 700,000 are exempt from this regulation, and even then, it can only be done in brothels that have a license from the state.

If you are discovered engaging in illegal sexual time in Las Vegas, whether it be trying to pay for or offer sex, you will risk sometime in jail in addition to fines of up to $1,400 if it is your first offense.

If you have a time of being arrested for this offense, you should probably steer clear of it together because the fines escalate with each new jail.

12. It is against the law for people who call themselves “Cat Fanciers” to keep and exhibit more than six adult cats at a time

“Cat fanciers”?

Yes, that made us nervous for a moment as well.

However, there is no need for alarm because this is only the official name that is given to people who take their cats to at least one cat show every year.

Therefore, there are limits on the number of cats that may live in their house at one time (it may appear like there are an infinite number of kittens, but they mature at such a rapid rate!). If they want to get them engaged in some cat-walk (*wink wink*) shows, they may as well get started now.

13. It is an illegal offense to swear on the Las Vegas Strip

Although we are all aware that after a few drinks, we are more likely to replay the highs and lows of the gambling games in our heads, it is important to check what terminology you use when on the Strip.

Would I say this in front of my mother-in-law? It is a question that might be helpful to ask oneself.

14. It is against the law to go hunting for illegal purposes

In spite of the fact that hunting is permitted over nearly 48 million hectares of the huge state of Nevada, the Las Vegas Valley is not one of those limits.

Clark County sealed off any land that was within 500 feet of a private road or within a half-mile of a public roadway.

It is reassuring to learn that you won’t have to worry about being shot in the head by stray gunfire as you make your way to the next casino.

15. It is against the law to employ a communist

This law, which dates back to the time of the Cold War and seems to lose its constitutional standing and relevance with each passing year, is maybe the most outmoded on this entire list.

There was a lot of anxiety about communism when it was first introduced, and even if it’s given rise to some horrible governments throughout the world, one’s political leanings certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to employment in the free world, should they?

It has not yet been removed, despite the fact that there have been discussions about how it violates the First Amendment and the freedom of Americans to free expression…

It’s possible that they’ll devote more time to it in the years to come.

It’s also possible that America’s antipathy for communism may never change.

Now you know everything there is to know about the peculiar legal world in Las Vegas. With any luck, using this helpful guide will keep you on the up and up with the law and ensure that your stay is a memorable one.

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