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Royal Partners Affiliate Review 2022: Should You Join This?

Royal Partners is well-known for the adaptability of its affiliate program, prompt payment of commissions, and high commission rates for webmasters.

Royal Partners is one of the numerous advertisers operating in the online casino industry, but it manages to distinguish out as a rare and valuable find. By participating in the affiliate program offered by Royal Partners, webmasters are able to take advantage of high commission rates and flexible terms.

Their online casinos own licenses, and they provide their services in-house. A high conversion rate is not related to the fact that affiliate applications are reviewed; rather, it is connected with the fact that they have a retention system of high quality.

By reading this post, you will learn the many reasons why you should sign up for the Royal Partners affiliate program right away.

Since 2019 Royal Partners has been actively involved in the gaming market, and ever since that time, the company has maintained a great reputation. Working on behalf of an advertiser are over 500 affiliates who collectively provide thousands of new leads every single day.

The marketing of Sol Casino, Jet Casino, and Fresh Casino is the responsibility of Royal Partners, the official casino affiliate program. Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, and Yggdrasil Gaming are just some of the gaming software developers whose titles can be found at this particular online casino. The website is available in both Russian and English, and it may be accessed immediately through a computer browser or while the user is on the move. They have been granted permission to operate by the Government of Curacao.

There are now seven GEOs across Europe, the CIS, and the rest of the world that are taking part in the Royal Partners program. These GEOs are as follows:

  1. Finland
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Russia
  6. Germany
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Canada

In addition to the affiliate partnership programs, live streamers who have at least one thousand subscribers on either Twitch. tv, or YouTube are eligible for the advertiser’s collaboration program.

On the streaming channel, it is essential to emphasize that viewers must be at least 18 years old in order to participate. Because the Royal Partners website is available both on desktop computers and on mobile devices, it is in an even better position to serve the needs of each affiliate.

The interface of the platform is simple and straightforward, it is built with yellow, black, and white as the primary colors, and it has lively drawings. The platform supports communication in both Russian and English.

Where Can I Find The Instructions To Sign Up For The Program?

Affiliate Manager will get in touch with each candidate personally through email in order to explain the specifics of their iGaming experience and evaluate which compensation model would work best for each application. After the affiliate has been linked to the offer, the manager will, if necessary, assist in configuring the URLs for the offer.

When an individual signs up to become an affiliate, they are granted access to the advertising platform. From this platform, they are able to construct promotional campaigns.

Affiliates have the ability to develop campaigns on the dashboard, make changes to the settings, use filters to produce high-quality promotional materials, and integrate tracking tools from third-party vendors.

The advertiser gives in-depth analytics and offers specialized filtering options for monitoring player activity, deposits, and traffic.

Commission Structures And Various Withdrawal Alternatives

Payouts that are made in a timely manner, several models for partnership, and a variety of withdrawal choices are all signs of a trustworthy advertiser.

  • CPA

The CPA model is a type of commission structure in which you are rewarded monetary compensation for each and every qualified player that you direct to one of our brands. We are always ready to have a conversation about the financial arrangements that will be most amicable for both of the involved parties. If you suggest more players, you will receive a higher amount of money for each player. You will earn money regardless of whether the person that you referred ends up winning or losing; it does not matter. Never be afraid to inquire about further information on the matter with your affiliate manager.

The Royal Partners Affiliate program satisfies all of the conditions that have been described in the previous section. It offers the three most typical models for affiliate agreements, which are as follows:

  • According to the commission structure that is being used, the webmaster is eligible to receive payment for the lead that made the initial deposit.
  • The webmaster is able to generate a profit for his customer at every stage of the client’s life cycle. They suggest that there should be no bundling, as well as no negative carryover, as part of this commission model.
  • Under the hybrid business model, the partner is entitled to both a set CPA and a share of the online casino’s overall revenue.

Affiliates that sign for the Royal Partners program and identify the geographic regions, traffic sources, and areas of expertise in which they excel are eligible for one of many different compensation structures.

A personal manager will talk about everything with partners after going over the information that was supplied by an affiliate.

The website of Royal Partners has a variety of various compensation model schedules, each of which is determined by the type of commission plan used by the affiliate.

The payments for CPA 1 are due on a weekly basis, on Mondays specifically.

When it comes to RevShare, payments are sent out on a monthly basis, namely on the 5th of each month over the past several months.

When it comes to the payment plan for the Hybrid model, payments are made once a week as they are with the CPA model, but they are done on a monthly basis like they are with the revenue sharing model.

Affiliates can search the Royal Partners website for the withdrawal option that best suits their needs owing to the availability of several withdrawal choices. The following are some of the choices:

  • WMZ;
  • Capitalist;
  • bank transfer;
  • USDT;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Skrill.

What You Ought to Do and What You Ought Not to Do With Regards to the Royal Partners Affiliate Program?

In order to achieve consistently high conversion rates, the material that is produced by Royal Partners’ affiliates is subjected to stringent quality control.

As a consequence of this, the affiliate program for the advertiser does not permit the following sorts of content:

  • The traffic that is created by the cheating tactics used by online casinos;
  • An online casino might provide players with misleading information on the bonuses and the rules of the promotions;
  • Traffic that comes from the Telegram server;
  • Advertising in context, search engine optimization, and branded content;
  • There is an activity from phony accounts of the brand on social media and in instant messenger, in addition to official logos and signs that might be identified with the brand of the online casino.

A more Customized Service together with Competitive Commission Rates

After registering with Royal Partners, an affiliate is assigned a personal manager who guides them with the commission model and provides support throughout the process.

Deep Retention

The organization has a one-of-a-kind retention strategy that is multi-tiered and designed to cover the maximum number of casino players. Webmasters are unable to improve earnings; rather, a retention strategy is required in order to ensure that the leads brought in by webmasters continue to be played. As a consequence of this, the webmaster continued to get paid for their services.

Materials for Promotion

The advertiser makes available to its partners a comprehensive set of marketing tools with the goal of assisting them in developing the most effective promotional effort possible. The creatives, including banners and landing pages, are offered in a variety of sizes and may be tailored to the demographics of visitors coming from specific regions or types of websites.

There is no negative carryover, and payouts are made quickly

Royal Partners exercises the utmost caution while managing financial transactions. Affiliates may select whatever commission model they like to use with this program, and they don’t have to be concerned about carrying over negative balances into the following month.

Generous bonuses Offered to Affiliates

Affiliates that work for Royal Partners are eligible for a number of different bonuses, and the company often hosts contests for its partners in which they compete for cash prizes to incentivize referrals and foster circumstances that are beneficial to clients.

24/7 Support System

The support provided by Royal Partners is especially valued by affiliate firms that are actively engaged in working with the platform. Users have access to a variety of assistance options, including the following:

  • personal manager;
  • Telegram – @royal partners;
  • Email –
  • Skype –
The Good And The Bad


  • Payments are processed immediately and are never late.
  • Several currencies exist
  • The minimum payment for a CPA is twenty dollars.
  • There were no unfavorable carryovers from the previous period.
  • Profit and Hybrid models both provide RevShares and CPAs as monetization options.


  • The royalty charge is now set at 17 percent. A ten percent commission fee is charged by payment processing systems. Admin Fee 8 percent
  • There is not a separate affiliation available.
Reviews From Customers
Mr Gamble

At Mr. Gamble, we are pleased to be able to recommend Royal Partners’ SOL, JET, and FRESH Casinos to our customers. We are observing a very good player value, and we can unequivocally state that the retention offers being made by that organization are functioning quite effectively. The affiliate team always provides a quick response to queries, and we can anticipate that our connection with them will continue to develop for a very long time.


The dependability and trustworthiness of Royal Partners as an affiliate program has been demonstrated on several occasions. Excellent conversions and receptive management are only two of the factors that contribute to the overall value that our partnership provides, and we are optimistic that it will continue to grow in the years to come.

Editor Review

2017 is the year that Royal Partners made its debut in the iGaming sector. Since then, the website has formed partnerships with a number of different online casinos. At the moment, it supports a total of six distinct online casinos located all over the world.

The brands are well-known for providing players with access to a diverse selection of games across a variety of genres. In addition to that, they frequently provide bonuses and special deals to the customers who utilize their service. These online casinos also have a variety of limitations. As a consequence of this, Royal Partners maintains a list of the particular nations that are acknowledged for each of them individually.

The territories of Finland, Canada, and Russia are examples of those that are recognized. Because diverting traffic from banned regions might result in the termination of their accounts, webmasters have a responsibility to be aware of the nations that are prohibited access to each brand’s website.

Because there are six different brands that may be promoted, some affiliates may have feelings of exhaustion when faced with the prospect of having to sponsor all of them. To our great relief, this is not the case since the partners have the opportunity to promote any number of brands that they like, even just one of them if that is what they so choose.

Marketers that opt to sponsor many online casinos do not have anything else to worry about either. This is because each balance is segmented according to the brand that is being pushed, which has contributed to this result. In this manner, even if the webmaster has poor statistics for one brand, it will not have an effect on the overall balance for the other brands.

The revenue sharing plan that is offered by Royal Partners is calculated based on the total amount of money won by the referred players throughout their gaming sessions. As a result of this structure’s provision of a number of different rates, affiliates can get the compensation that is commensurate with the achievements of their respective businesses. The concept allows for revenue sharing of up to fifty percent on a monthly basis.

It is also possible to make special agreements inside this affiliate program, which enables the partners that demonstrate the most dedication to earn up to 60 percent on revenue sharing. On top of that, CPA transactions and Hybrid plan requests can be made through Royal Partners.

When it comes to the CPA agreements, this affiliate program gives up to one hundred dollars for each player that qualifies. However, the amount of the set charge will change depending on a variety of circumstances, including the quality of the traffic that will be redirected by the webmaster.

The CPA rates offered by Royal Partners are, without a doubt, the most alluring of the several plans that are accessible. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the high fixed fees that are given, the CPA payments are handled on a weekly basis. This allows the affiliates to get their profits more frequently than when they are producing additional money through the revenue sharing plan.

In every circumstance, the payments for the revenue shares are processed and sent on a monthly basis.

Marketers now have the ability to have more than one commission structure active on their accounts, thanks to hybrid plans, which offer this flexibility. Both the rates and the set fees that are provided by this kind of plan are one-of-a-kind and differ from one partner to the next.

Affiliates of Royal Partners have access to a wide variety of payment options, including a number of cryptocurrencies, to ensure that they are able to collect their commissions in the most secure and hassle-free manner. This affiliate program has a relatively low minimum barrier, making it easy to participate.

Commission Details

Affiliates that sign up for the program will be enrolled in a net revenue sharing plan that is consistent with market standards. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a percentage share of the total net income generated by their players at the casino on a monthly basis via the use of this program.

This is a standard example of a structure with many tiers, and it is determined by the number of customers who are making their initial deposits at the online casino during any given calendar month. Affiliates will move up through the levels of the affiliate program as they generate more money and, as a result, will receive a larger proportion of the overall profit.

Royal Partners provides lucrative opportunities for partnership in the form of RevShare and CPA, along with additional advantages and bonuses for ongoing partners.

Finally, there is no unfavorable carryover into this situation. At the conclusion of each month, this implies that any profits that were less than zero are canceled out, so there is no need to worry about making up the difference.


At the time of this writing, there is no sub-affiliation program that can be utilized on this site, which is, unfortunately, the case.

Payment Details

The amount of the commission is determined on a monthly basis, and payments are sent on or around the 10th of each month. There are no set minimums for the amount of money that must be paid each month, and payments can be made using either WebMoney or a bank wire transfer. There are no withdrawal limitations, and the commission may be earned in any currency you choose: euros, Russian rubles, or US dollars. However, affiliates need to be informed that there will be administrative expenses involved.


Royal Partners makes use of proprietary software, which enables affiliates to log in to their own personal dashboards and monitor the number of players they have referred as well as the amount of commission they have accrued. Affiliates will also have access to certain marketing tools that can be utilized to assist with player retention as well as the recruitment of new players that deposit funds.

Questions and Answers Concerning the Royal Partner Affiliate Review

What are the steps to become an affiliate?

After you have registered for an account on the website, the next step is to choose the deal that most appeals to you, obtain a link to it, and then begin writing about it.

Is there any cost associated with taking part in the program?

Participation in the affiliate program does not incur any fees. Signing up will only take a few minutes of your time. There are no admission fees, and there is no minimum amount of play required.

What factors determine whether or not a lead qualifies?

When a player meets the project’s minimal requirements for CPA programs within seven days, they are immediately qualified for the program. After that, the players are enrolled in the program.

Which forms of transportation are strictly forbidden?

The following forms of vehicular traffic will not be tolerated: Motivational. Casinos that allow cheating actually attract more customers. Transmissions received from Telegram The working conditions, bonuses, and other aspects of a casino have been misrepresented (knowingly false information). Visitation to several brands (contextual advertising, SEO) Traffic originating from phony official pages on social networks and instant messengers, as well as traffic originating from pages that mislead players into believing they are legitimate (such as sites that use logos or official branding, or those that appeal to players on behalf of a casino).


As a result, I have a very positive impression of Royal Partners as a whole. There is no question in anyone’s mind that it is an undiscovered treasure. Royal Partners is well-known for the adaptability of its affiliate program, prompt payment of commissions, and high commission rates for webmasters.

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