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Presently, mobile devices are more prevalent than ever, with Apple’s iPhone commanding a sizeable share of the smartphone industry. The annual sales of smartphones and tablets by the California-based technology giant produce billions of dollars. According to statistics, the company sold over 90 million iPhones in the United States alone in 2016, and its popular operating system ranks second in the country, behind only its chief competitor, Android.

Owners of iOS-based smartphones and tablets have the opportunity to download more application programs via the brand’s official app distribution channel, the App Store, which as of 2016, was home to over 2.2 million applications and had around 140 billion downloads. There are various apps in the App Store that allow users to play popular casino games such as slots, poker, and blackjack without leaving their homes.

iPhone Casino Apps

Casino enthusiasts using iOS-based smartphones often have the option of downloading either a real-money casino app or one of the so-called social gambling applications, which allow users to play common casino games for entertainment reasons exclusively without risking their own money. In reality, mobile-compatible casino games are gaining in popularity, with more and more online casinos adopting mobile platforms to meet demand.

If you are interested in placing bets on your favorite casino game while on the go, we recommend reading the article below. We expose iOS users to the major distinctions between real-money and social casino apps, clarify the App Store’s restrictions regarding real-money gambling content, and list five of the best casino games available on the popular app platform. Have a peek.

Best Real-Money Casino iPhone Applications

Some players believe that nothing compares to the excitement of winning real money, which is why they choose to install real-money casino applications on their iPhones or iPads. The majority of reputable online casinos provide free iOS applications that can be downloaded via the App Store or the gambling operator’s website. To make things easier, we present concise descriptions of the five top iPhone applications for real-money gambling.

Differences between Real-Money and Social iOS Casino Apps

As said, there are two sorts of gambling content available on the App Store, the first being social casino apps. Inasmuch as gambling has long been viewed as a primarily social kind of amusement, they were given a name that is very appropriate. App Store users may download social casino applications for free or for a nominal fee.

In addition, they provide players the chance to play a variety of casino games for free, i.e., without wagering real money. The fact that iPhone users can typically share their results on social media or even invite their friends to free slot or poker tournaments enhances the social nature of these games. These casino games are quite engaging and carry no financial danger to the players, making them the ideal solution for iPhone owners seeking casual gaming play.

Downloading apps, including social casino games, is nearly usually free. However, its developers must also create a profit, and one of the simplest ways for them to do so is by incorporating adverts into their free goods. This implies that your betting session may be interrupted often by advertisements, which might get tiresome after a while.

IOS users should also exercise caution while downloading social casino programs that feature microtransactions, sometimes known as in-app purchases. When you download a free casino program from the App Store, you are often given a certain quantity of virtual credits with which to play. However, if you run out of credits, you will be required to purchase more with real money unless you are ready to wait until the app is refreshed. Players in social casino games are often given a minimum daily number of chips.

However, there is more to in-app purchases. Many social casino applications provide a variety of exciting features, but in order to access them, the user must pay real money. A player might unlock new casino rooms within the app or pay for a slicker in-game avatar to set themselves out from the pack.

In addition to purchasing in-game credits to play with, social slot applications in the App Store offer iPhone owners the opportunity to purchase coin bundles that unlock special slot games that are otherwise unavailable to regular users of the free app.

There is, of course, the opportunity to unlock the “secret” slots by playing and collecting in-game credits, but in most cases, this would need hundreds of hours of your time. Due to this, many social slot enthusiasts would prefer to acquire enough coins to unlock the complete suite of games simultaneously.

In addition, these premium features might occasionally win the player’s odds of winning while betting on a particular social casino game. Some may claim that these games are prejudiced, and to some degree, they are. Due to the absence of real-money stakes, however, this is typically not regarded as a significant concern.

All of the aforementioned factors beg the question, “How much is a social casino player prepared to invest in these free iOS applications?” However, the answer may surprise you tremendously. Evidently, social casino app developers gain millions of dollars in income via in-app sales.

In 2017, KamaGames, one of the world’s largest developers of social casino games, claimed a revenue rise of 63.4% year-over-year, generating over $57 million.

Apps for Real-Money Gambling in the App Store

Despite their flaws, free casino applications are a terrific solution for iPhone users who are adamant about enjoying casino games while avoiding the financial dangers connected with gambling. Nonetheless, there are casino enthusiasts who wish to wager real money while on the road since nothing compares to the rush of adrenaline one experiences after scoring a massive real-money win. Numerous gambling aficionados would claim that roulette, blackjack, and slot slots are quite simple to play; therefore, earning real money is one of these games’ primary draws.

There is also the opportunity to play classic table games such as craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Typically, real-money gambling apps provide a multitude of exciting video slots and video poker variations to keep you engaged for hours. But it just gets better from here. Some real-money gambling applications also feature live dealer games, which means you may compete against a professional dealer as the action is streamed right to the iPhone or iPad’s touchscreen.

Real-money iOS casino applications offer more than just a broader selection of world-class games and the chance to win genuine cash. The vast majority of programs allow users to replenish their accounts in a matter of minutes owing to their user-friendly cashiers, which often accept a variety of safe payment options. In addition, you can participate in promotional incentives and, if required, obtain support through live chat.

It is also important to know that avid gamblers may occasionally play on the fly by loading the casino’s website directly into the Safari browser on their iPhones. Numerous gambling providers provide in-browser play and mobile-friendly websites, enabling you to enjoy their real-money games without installing extra iOS applications.

All respectable gambling companies have created iOS-compatible programs that are available for free download from the App Store. These applications will provide you access to a plethora of casino games you may play for real money, as well as the ability to pay out your winnings.

How to Play Real Money Mobile Casino Games?

Playing real money casino games is not all that different from betting on social casino games, but you will need to do some research and select a reputable iPhone casino before you begin. Valid license, a variety of games, a variety of payment options, and good customer service are a few features to check for. If your chosen casino meets the aforementioned standards, you can feel comfortable that you have chosen a reputable gambling provider.

After making your selection, you must register for a real-money account at the casino. You may accomplish this using the operator’s iPhone app or by visiting their website on your mobile browser. The registration procedure is rather streamlined and takes only a few minutes to complete.

You proceed by picking an on-the-go depositing payment option. Cards by Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard, e-wallets such as those given by Skrill and Neteller, internet banking, and prepaid methods like Paysafecard are the most popular banking options among iPhone players at real-money casinos.

Even if you’ve never processed a deposit before, it’s not a very difficult task. Simply visit the casino’s cashier and select your preferred payment method. Then, you input your financial information (such as your card number or e-wallet credentials) and the deposit amount. After confirming the transaction, you are essentially finished. Deposits at iPhone casinos accepting real money are often processed instantly, and players are rarely penalized for topping off their accounts.

After making a deposit, you may play the different casino games and perhaps win real money along the way. You select a game, and after it loads, you set the bet size to your liking, make your wager, touch the Spin or Deal button, and cross your fingers. Unlike social casino games, real-money gambling games are not prejudiced, meaning that everyone has an equal chance of scoring regardless of the magnitude of their win or the amount invested.

Real-money casino games utilize Random Number Generators (RNGs) to assure random results, as this is essentially gambling. This software undergoes thorough testing and is reviewed by independent testing bodies to avoid conflicts of interest.

This takes us to the procedure of withdrawing your winnings, which is identical to depositing. You return to the cashier, complete the required details, input the desired amount, and request a withdrawal. Due to the fact that each payment must be validated by the iPhone casino’s finance department before it is delivered to the player’s account, withdrawals are more time-consuming.

This often takes between 24 and 72 hours; however, the timing varies for every mobile casino. Some casinos provide reverse withdrawals, meaning the player can cancel the transaction while the gambling operator is still processing it. In this instance, the money will be restored to the player’s balance, which may then be used to place more bets. However, this method is only ideal for individuals who can exercise self-control when gambling on the move.

The payouts of all accessible games at a particular iPhone casino are often provided so that players may compare them.

The App Store’s Policies Regarding Apps for Real-Money Gambling

Android may have the largest market share, but iPhone users would benefit from less restrictive App Store standards regarding real-money gambling content. Until recently, Apple’s greatest competitor outlawed any types of casino applications involving real-money bets; thus, Android users could only download such apps straight from their preferred mobile casinos‘ websites. Google has recently begun to soften its regulations regarding real-money gambling material, although this is limited to only three countries (the UK, Ireland, and France).

The good news for iPhone users is that Apple’s restrictions regarding gambling material are far less restricted. Third-party developers and gambling operators are permitted to sell real-money casino applications to App Store users so long as they adhere to Apple’s guidelines.

One of the conditions is that the applications be accessible for free download from Apple’s official store. In addition, the suppliers of real-money casino applications must possess a valid license allowing them to lawfully offer these services to users. The iPhone applications that handle real-money wagers should not provide in-app purchases for betting credit. In nations and jurisdictions where interactive gambling is outlawed, real-money gambling applications should be restricted.

This implies that you may not be able to download such an app and play casino games for real money if you live in a region that prohibits putting real-money wagers online.

If you own an iPhone and wish to play real money casino games on the move, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your country’s online gambling rules.

The Positives and Negatives of Playing Casino Games on iOS Devices

When mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads are used to play casino games, the experience is significantly enhanced. The most notable advantage of iPhone casino applications is, of course, that they allow players to enjoy their favorite casino games at any time and in any location, with greater accessibility and flexibility.

Essentially, the only need is that your iPhone must be linked to the internet through a 3G/4G or wifi connection. So, you may place bets while sitting on your couch on a Sunday morning, while commuting to work (provided you are not driving), or while waiting for a pal for a date. This improved degree of flexibility is the primary reason why iPhone casinos are so popular among gambling enthusiasts worldwide; you are never more than a few clicks away from having a fantastic time and maybe winning a substantial amount of real money.

A further advantage of playing real-money casino games is that mobile iOS casinos typically provide a variety of promotional perks, some of which are specific to mobile-phone users and cannot be claimed on a desktop. This essentially increases the value of your bets, as you will be eligible for various deposit match bonuses, free spins, and cashbacks. And the greatest thing is that you may withdraw your bonus-related gains as long as you match the iPhone casino’s promotional requirements.

iPhone owners who are concerned with gambling but yet want to play casino games on the move have options. As previously described, it is always possible to download one of the social casino applications from the App Store for free and use in-game credits to place bets. This is not genuine currency, so there is no need to be concerned about the inherent financial hazards of gambling.

In addition, many iPhone casinos enable you to register an account and play the majority of games in practice mode, which functions similarly to social casino games. You will not be needed to pay in-app purchases for more game credits in order to play. If you run out of credits in practice mode, you may simply reload the game to receive additional free money to play with.

The extra benefit of downloading a real-money casino app for the iPhone is access to a greater variety of games. Typically, real-money iOS casino applications would have a variety of fantastic slots to pick from, including 3D titles with improved animations and graphics, as well as helpful bonuses like additional symbols, bonus mini-games, and free spins.

In addition, you will be able to play more typical casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, casino poker, and roulette. Bingo and video poker are frequently accessible for iPhone play. Some mobile casino applications would even feature live dealer games, with real dealers serving the tables, and the action is transmitted in real-time to the players’ smartphones.

Few disadvantages are associated with playing casino games on an iPhone. Despite the fact that casino games are not particularly demanding, you may wind up depleting your smartphone’s battery. Obviously, if you are an avid casino player, you have the option of bringing a portable iPhone charger with you at all times. Typically, such iPhone chargers are priced between $15 to $50, which is fairly cheap.

One of the greatest downsides of installing a real-money casino app on your iPhone is that players have access to a smaller range of games. Generally speaking, not all desktop casino games have been designed for mobile play. This is a slight setback, though, as an increasing number of gambling businesses are adopting mobile and continually adding new mobile games.

It is not difficult to recognize the disadvantages of various social casino applications. When playing ostensibly “free” games, players can occasionally build up enormous expenses. However, after downloading and installing the app, it comes out that certain functionalities need payment. Due to this, we advise care while utilizing App Store applications with in-app purchases.

Keep in mind, though, that live-dealer play on a mobile device is only available for real-money wagers; there is no practice mode.

Best Social Casino Games iPhone Applications

The App Store contains hundreds upon hundreds of social casino applications that cater to a vast array of preferences and play styles. Many of them may be loaded and played for free, even if they contain in-app purchases, while a few need the payment for the download. With so many options, it might be tough to choose, which is why we have produced a list of some of the finest social casino applications available in the App Store.


Playtika, one of the most notable providers of social casino games in the world, developed Slotomania, which ranks second in the Casino area of the App Store in terms of popularity. This good rating is well-deserved since the app provides iPhone users with more than 100 top-tier slots, like Silver Lion, Magic Trixie, Grand Phoenix, and Vegas Cash, among others.

In addition to its vast assortment of games, Slotomania provides a number of other benefits. As they spin the reels of their favorite slot slots, players receive daily free credits to bet with and may earn a variety of enticing bonuses. Four seasonal albums with Sloto Cards are one of the most intriguing elements of this app. To collect cards and complete albums, players can spin the reels of slot slots. In addition to hourly bonuses and coin boosters, iPhone users may also receive presents from friends or engage in slot tournaments against them.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

This iPhone app is ideal for those card sharks who aspire to compete in the WSOP, the most prominent poker tournament series in the world. As this is yet another product of Playtika, you can be confident that the graphics and user interface will meet your highest standards.

The app allows users to choose between Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker variations. There are several unique elements you will like, beginning with the free chips you receive every four hours. You may compete in multiple-level events and earn WSOP rings, while those who amass the whole collection of Collector’s Chips receive the coveted WSOP bracelet.

You may invite your friends to play with you or engage in daily assignments. The statistics function also allows players to keep track of the biggest stakes they have played and the tournaments they have won. You may select from a variety of global places, such as Sydney, Atlantic City, and Paris, but you must play them in a set order since they are unlocked at various levels.

21 Pro: Blackjack Multi-hand

Fans of the game of 21 who wish to assault blackjack tables without danger will be quite delighted with this Avalinx LLC invention. With its realistic graphics and acoustic effects, the app gives a genuine experience on the move. The UI is fairly intuitive, so you will have no trouble navigating it. Less-experienced blackjack players will benefit from the app’s included training and advice.

As implied by the name of this app, it is possible to play many hands simultaneously for even more furious betting activity. Additionally, you may personalize the game to your personal tastes and preferences, as the cards and table arrangement are customizable. You will be able to keep track of your performance at the virtual blackjack tables thanks to the extensive statistics. You are awarded bonuses consisting of free in-game credits for your participation. Even though the progressive jackpot comprises virtual credits that can only be spent for free play, players can win it.

Big Fish Casino

Due to its relationship with Betable, Big Fish Casino is the first social gambling application for iPhones to enable both free play and real-money bets. It should be noted, however, that only consumers downloading the app from the UK App Store may place real-money wagers, which can be explained by variances in online gambling regulations between jurisdictions. Players visiting the App Store from a country other than the United Kingdom will only have access to free in-game credits. Players from the United Kingdom who are prepared to wager real money must register up for a Betable account and make a real-money deposit.

In terms of games, the Big Fish Casino app provides a selection of virtual slots in addition to blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker for card game games. Players who are interested in games of chance have the choice to bet on roulette.

Each participant receives 100,000 free chips to begin play. If you run out of chips, do not worry since app users receive more free credits every 30 minutes. The app also permits personalization; players may receive various free presents, pets, and power-ups.

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino is without a doubt one of the most popular social casino applications in the world, with a massive following of millions of players from various nations. The app is distinguished by its own content, which includes over 100 alluring slot slots, video poker varieties, blackjack, and roulette. On a regular basis, new slot variants are added.

Moreover, some of the free-to-play slots in the game collection are provided by the renowned developer IGT, so iPhone users will be able to experience top-tier titles like Siberian Storm, In Bloom, and Crown of Egypt. The slot slots will have you on the edge of your seat due to their thrilling features, such as free spins, unique symbols, and interactive bonus games.

Daily bonuses are provided to players in the form of free spins that might possibly win them up to 2 million free game credits. You can also join the app’s Diamond Club, which functions similarly to a loyalty club; members receive higher bonuses and access to exclusive new slots. There is the option to play as a guest, but you can also link in with your Facebook account to share your successes with your friends and swap additional presents.

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